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Tent Time is Awesome!

Mar 29, 2012

 Tent Time is Awesome!

So far, we've had 4 consecutive nights of tent time, looking to be night #5 tonight. I am loving it! They both get crabby at around 10pm (I guess it's still too early for them) but as soon as they are out, they go NUTS looking for mealworms or hanging out and getting massaged by mommy. ;)

Catwoman loves to lick and nip at my ankles. Yowie, it tickles!!! We actually got some decent pics of her this time, too. She's still our Pet Bullet, but she condescended to have her photo taken for once. XD

I am realizing that we need a 3rd wheel--this time for the tent. We have 1 that's wall mounted and sits mid cage level, and then a floor one, but I think having one in the tent might give Babygirl her wheel fix. That's the first thing she runs to once we put them up.

They were making quite a ruckus last night after we went to bed. I don't know what that was all about but it sure sounded like they were throwing a huge party in their cage. So tired...but so worth it.

Gonna see about doing it again tonight. If nothing else, tent time from 10pm to midnight isn't so bad. Not for a work night. Gonna see about staying up later during our "weekend" (Sun & Mon night) and see if we can really plan something fun for the kids. :)

Tonight, I think we'll do crickets. We haven't done crickets in a while.


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