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Easter Tent Time

Apr 9, 2012

 Easter Tent Time

I am pleased to say that the kids are getting up earlier now that the weather is warming up. We were in tent time at 9:30pm and they snoozed a little on me before the Bullet shot out like she wants to do and started annihilating all the crickets.

Batman, too, came out, and on his own, much to my surprise. I didn't have to urge him out by turning the pouch slowly inside out on him. Will wonders never cease? He was also checking out all the toys, especially the new ferret tunnels we got! (I am happier knowing that the full set is on its way. Since the pieces that I got were such a hit, we went on Amazon and purchased the whole kit and kaboodle! We always planned on getting them but as it appears to be going out of stock, we put a little fire in our step and got in sooner rather than later.)

He's not doing too good on the hunting aspect of tent time, though. By the time he was nosing around, Catwoman aka Bullet had eaten every darn one! And then a few meal worms we had strategically placed in Easter eggs, etc. (It being Easter and all.)

BUT, he actually sat in my hand for longer intervals than usual, even taking a few cautious nips at my fingers. I couldn't help myself. I said, "Ow" each and every time and I know I startled him but it was a reflex, much like being tickled. He did not hurt me.

CATWOMAN, on the other hand, her "explorative nip" DID hurt. Still hurts today. For not making me bleed, she sure knows how to make me feel like she broke skin. Yowza! And my middle finger to boot! I am sure that part of this pain is due to the fact that I am a massage therapist by profession and therefore have EXTREMELY SENSITIVE fingers. Which is a good thing if you're feeling for a knot in someone's back and trying to get rid of it. BAD if you have nibbly little babies!

Also, I feel like I have to point out that even though we bring their food dish in with us, they didn't eat. Not their supplement, not the yummy fruits and veggies. Idk if they were just milking us for all the meal worms they could get (most likely) but it wasn't until 3 hours later when we put them up in their cage that they IMMEDIATELY came out to where their food dish normally could be found and THEN ate their HPW like it was going out of style and Catwoman ran to the water bottle and drank it like she wanted to empty it.

What's up with that? We had it in the tent with us, but they didn't touch it. I suppose they are like kids: too busy playing to know what they need? I don't know. I shall have to ponder this more later.

Today, I have a Gift Exchange to mail out, and then work on the designs of a new toy. Perhaps for Toy Tutorial #3? Well, I will make the toy and then see if the kids like it and THEN I will post it up on GG.

And of course, I am looking forward to tonight's tent time....I hope I don't get bit again but then again, knowing that that's how they show affection, I hope I only get bit LIGHTLY. I like knowing they love me.


Apr 28 2012 : 06:55:41 AM
Hey, Laura! I actually have some toy making tutorials posted here on GG. I am not sure how to insert links here but you can copy/paste these into your browser or right click and chose "open link in new tab" option. :)

Apr 26 2012 : 11:36:18 PM
Hi,I'm new at this forum stuff but was reading a bit of your journal (stating the obvious) and you were talking about tent time for your gliders and I saw you say you were designing a new toy.Well,I just recently adopted three,8 year old boys and was wondering if you could give me some advice on making my own toys for foraging and such.I would greatly appreciate any advice.Thanks,

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