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Introducing Benji to the Girls

Oct 4, 2008

 Introducing Benji to the Girls

On September 30th, I started introductions....

I used the bathtub as a neutral area to start introductions.

Ive been introducing gliders tonight. Tilly and Benji are doing great together. Tilly immediately ran over to Benji and put her hands on his face, started grooming him and rubbing her head all over his chest. I put them in his cage together for about an hour tonight so they could play. They kind of stayed on opposite sides of the cage and didnt seem to know what they should do - but no crabbing or even an inkling that they wanted to fight. While they were in the pouch, she groomed him and rubbed her head all over him. Benji just laid there like a little glider statue - didnt know what to do. He hasnt been with another glider since he was taken away from his parents - and he is 2 1/2.

I put Tilly away and got Tosca out. Tosca didnt crab at him, but she immediately nipped him and ran away, which scared poor Benji to death. He is such a sweet, timid little glider - I cant imagine he would ever try to fight. Tosca and Benji ended up in the same pouch together. Tosca stayed on one side and slowly groomed herself and didnt really pay any attention to Benji.

The it was Miss Weasel's turn. I was sooooo worried!!! But miracles do happen and Weasel LOVED him. She went right over and grabbed his head, started to groom him and then rubbed her heard all over his chest and under his neck. I couldnt believe it!!! I was prepared for Weasel to give poor little Benji a good whompin!

The girls are all back in their cage and Benji is alone again. Poor Little thing. Supervised play is all he gets for another week.


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