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I'm thinking about living in my backyard!

Oct 9, 2008

 I'm thinking about living in my backyard!

I'm thinking about buying a huge tent, getting a tarp and putting over the tent( to make sure there wont be any rain) and I'm thinking about moving out there, taking apart my bed, and dresser and desk and putting it all out there, why? because ( this might be long) i used to have four goldens ( oh ya, I love dogs!, two were a rescue situation)and my youn ger sister ( not living with us now) had one also, well when we left the house, waiting for my dad to get served the restraining orders, he had two of my full grown goldens in the house, my other two, and my sisters where in two big dog runs outside, me my mom and all seven of my siblings where staying in this two room apartment at my uncles, ( he built it over his huge shop/garage), my adult female golden ( patience) had nine pups 8 weeks before, and when we left the house, my dad threatend that if i leave with my mom, he would feed or take care of the pups, ( I already had homes for eight of them lined up, and I didn't want anything happening to them) so I took them with me ( you know how heavy a box of 9 pups are?) and got one of those puppy pens, and put a tarp with cedar sheddings in it, I couldn't take the mother, their yard wasn't fenced and it was right by a highway, and I couldn't lock her in the shop. so I left her at home with the pups dad, and my pathetic exuse for a father. we have a huge fenced back yard, and later my dad told me he would let my dogs out to use the bathroom, when they needed it, my dogs are very well potty trained. well after three days of being gone, my dad was finally out of the house, and we came home to find a ton of dog poop in the family room/kids room. he didn't let them out once! and i left about a weeks worth of dog food in my room, with 3 big bowls of water, because i knew my dad wouldn't feed/water them. so anyways,about a week later my dad called my mom and threatend to call csd, because there was dog crap in the kid's room ( we haden't ripped out the carpet yet, and their were stains, lots of them) so my mom said I need to get rid of two of my dogs and I can keep two, ( my sisters golden was already with my dad. at this point i no longer talked to my dad ( he made me give him $850.00 for allowing me to let my dog have puppies, and for all the trouble he had to go through to take care of them. ( I paid for the food, vets flea meds and everything for the pups and for my dogs, I always have.) soo, had a hard decision to make, and in the end i decided to keep patience and hope ( a 9 month old almost white retriever) and I found homes for my other two, at this point all the dogs were in the two dog runs, pared up patience, and jake, and hope and courage, anyways I found a very loving home for jake and the people were coming in a couple days to pick him up, their kid has wanted a golden, it was a perfect fit. and two days before they came to pick up jake, a nice couple came and picked up courage, that night i went outside to play ball with hope, I was crying really bad, cause jake was leaving in two days. well the next day I take my two younger siblings to the bus stop, and I notice hope wasn't barking, ( she usually barks when I walk out in front, she can see me through the kennel and the side gate) so after the kids get on the bus, I go into the kennel to feed her, and I find her in one of the three dog houses...dead. two of the dog houses had blankets and cedar shavings, the one she was in didn't have either, it was an extra one. I still don't understand why she was in that dog house, anyways we weren't watching any news or anything the last couple days, so we missed the part were it was going to be freezing! she froze to death, and its my fault, I should have thought, that she wouldn't have another dog for body heat, I couldn't of put her in with the other two though, because jake didn't get along with her, but if i thought about it and remembered she was going to be alone I would have snuck her in. I was probably standing there for ten mintues, and then my mom called me cause she was leaving for work, I decided not to tell her, she was already stressed enough, so I wen't and told her good bye, and gave the baby a bottle, ( she couldn't tell anything was wrong, I'm very good at hiding my emotions) and then I went out there and burried her. my cousin, shes 30 told me a month before this happended, if i ever need to get away from the house just to call her, well about 5pm all the kids were home they weren't listening to me, and i couldn't take it, so i called her and she came and picked me up, on the way to my uncles, I told her, I didn't want to, but its hard keeping that to your self, and I told her not to tell my mom, but around 9 when my mom got off work she came to my uncles to pick me up. my cousin was outside when she pulled up, and when my mom got into the house, she new. she was balling, she blames herself, for making them stay outside. anyways she told me I can't tell my younger sister ( liz) at the time she was my best friend, my mom said if my dad heard about it he would probably try and turn my mom in for animal neglect. so the next day I met the people who would take jake, I was thinking about explaning th situation and asking for him back, but i couldn't, their happy faces, I couldn't tell them no, they would be sooo sad. so after he left my mom and i went back to my uncles and he asked were i burried her, and when i told him his face dropped, I burried her in a place, that within a year she would be unburried, it was in sand, and it shifts alot, so I got to unburrie her and reburrie her. Its hard enough burring your dog once, but twice, i almost gave up.
a few months later i saw an ad for a golkden retriever female, it looked just like hope and my cousin, and uncle thought it would be a good idea to get her, it would give me something to do, other than focouse on the divorce. so I got her and named her Promise. Now that we are cought up, my mom said they can be inside dogs, now promise is ten months, she is small for a golden, and so is patience, well know my mom said they have to be outside dogs, cause of the dog hair! I'm soo mad at her, I'm really thinking about packing up and moving into the backyard, the only thing is, I think it would be too cold for the gliders, I need to look into it, cause I'm done, with my mom telling me one thing and not following through, about 5 months ago, she said when she gets a boyfriend I could get a horse ( I would stable it at the local stbale) well she thought she wouldn't get a boyfriend, but she has one, and now there thinking of getting married, I told her I'll have mercy on her and not get a horse and just get a gsd. but I'm not going to get one cause she said no more animals at all. and the two dogs i have our outside! she is breaking two promises, I don't care about the horse promise, cause I don't need another animal, but I do care about making my dogs outside dogs, they are both good dogs, sometimes the puppy get excited, but after I give her a walk she is fine. I have a job, sometimes its full time sometimes its half ( thats how I can barely afford to keep my pets (kids)) it depends on who needs what days off, and I was fine with my dogs being in the kennel outside when i'm at work, but now they are outside when i get home, and I'm not seeing them much except on my days off. i don't know what to do, Ive tried talking to my mom about it, but all she wan'ts to talk about is her bf/fiancee.

the reason I'm thinking about living in a tent is soo, i can spend time with my dogs.

if you read this any opinion on the tent idea with gliders? my cage has a fleece cover i made, and I can make double-triple lined fleece?

sorry this is soo long, my cousin thinks its a good idea if i write stuff like this down. so I am.


Oct 18 2008 : 04:32:47 AM
My heart goes out to you and your situation. Sometimes parents don't realize that you need kids to be Kids. All this isn't your fault, you sounds like a wonderful person, anyone that loves animals is!

Oct 09 2008 : 04:07:05 AM
sorry I meant ot say my dad would NOT take care of the pups. sorry

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