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A sugar glider cage sings through the night

Jan 13, 2008

 A sugar glider cage sings through the night

A night or two ago I was up around 1:00am or such and noticed a lot of barking coming from the office. I went to check it out figuring that all of the cages were barking at each other and that was not the case. Three sugars from the Sugar Shack colony were packed into a single exercise wheel and were singing together. It was the oddest thing to see and rather unexpected. Watching them bark randomly together it almost appeared as if I was watching a whac-a-mole game in operation.

So far I have yet to ever see a pattern from who barks, when they bark and how they bark. It truly does appear random. Some times some cages bark and some times some cages dont. There really does not seem to be a main barking cage or any specific members that bark.


Jan 20 2008 : 08:44:09 AM
that game is fun. i have seen it as whak a demon. lol

Jan 14 2008 : 04:01:24 AM
Mine have been barking a lot lately too. Right now stimpy is barking.

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