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Robin opossum is in the garage tonight

Oct 23, 2008

 Robin opossum is in the garage tonight

The temp is supposed to be well below 50F tonight so I decided to move Robin into the garage. Took me some hours to collect all of the gasolene, chemical, fertilizer, car oils, most of the paints and other fuming junk and load it onto a large metro shelf with wheels. So when Robin is in the garage, the bad stuff gets parked outside. I also rearranged a bunch of stuff to make room for her large cage.

Last night it got to 50F and the wireless temp probe in the base of her foam nestbox measured 65F so she had plenty enough body heat to keep herself well above 65F snuggled into her box at that outside temp. Nonetheless, 40F is a bit nippy so I figured she'd be best inside.

It's now 54 outside but her garage nestbox is measuring 73 at the base, so she is prolly nice and toasty in her wraps.


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