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Baby is growing rapidly

Sep 17, 1997

 Baby is growing rapidly

The baby is growing rapidly. Tonight I found the parents out and the baby home alone, so I took opportunity to bring him out to play for the first time. It appears to be a male. He has started growing hair, has a very long tail, and hasnt opened his eyes yet. He crabbed a few times, but seemed to start enjoying the freedom. I have a feeling it wont be much longer until he is running around on his own. It seems he is just a tad too large for the mother's pouch. When I had him out, he attached himself to my finger and I couldnt get him back into his nest. The mother came and started licking him and then started licking me. I am still amazed at how well adjusted these creatures are to human contact. I think the mother actually enjoyed me giving attention to the baby so she could have a break. Everything I learn about these animals makes me want to think they are much closer to being human then we would all like to think.


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