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Female always bites me

Jan 30, 1997

 Female always bites me

I have noticed that the animals seem to have opposite gender personalities. The female is the one that never sleeps, is on constant watch for danger, wants to explore, wont trust me, jumps all over the place... Whereas the male sleeps through anything, trusts me easily, accepts food from me, will sit on my shoulder patiently and so on. The male is also the one that barks at night occasionally. I think it is because he wants my attention. When he does bark, I am able to stop it by shining a flashlight at him once... That's all that is necessary. The female has gone to biting me terribly. This morning I got very angry of it and I tried to find some way to scold her, but everything that I tried just made her more and more angry and offensive. Short of beating her senseless, I can think of nothing to tell her 'no', so I have decided to do the opposite and let her bite me to her hearts content through a glove. I am going to over handle her and hold her tight in my hand until the point that she realizes it is going to happen anyway and she doesnt bite. I cant help but wonder if it is her natural instinct since she might be having young soon or something motherly like that.


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