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Blue birds attack!

Jun 6, 2009

 Blue birds attack!

So it must be that time of year when baby birds fall out of nest and sit on the ground for a few days while their moms and dads watch. Luckily, one of the nestlings fell inside of my fence because it has been protected. The others fell outside of the fence and I found them flattened by cars in the alley.

So this one little blue jay birdie cant fly and mom and dad are watching it carefully. If you go near, they start to screech. I have been hit on the head three times by an angry parent. It is a rather unique experience and I highly recommend it.


Jun 07 2009 : 01:07:08 PM
The first time I saw a baby blue jay on the ground I was fourteen and totally oblivious. Mama and Daddy drew blood! Needless to say ... I learned my lesson that day.

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