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Gulf Fritillary

Aug 20, 2009

 Gulf Fritillary

It is summer here in Texas and we have been experimenting with new plants around the house. On the patio we planted some butterfly friendly stuff and have been awed over the last few weeks by watching the eggs, larvae, pupae and adults doing what they do.

The passion vine took off up the pergola and looked like it was going to be rather invasive, but then the butterflies came and put a reign on that. Apparently passion vine is for egg laying and the larvae voraciously eat the leaves. You can see them eating with the naked eye.

The chrysalis looks like the dead leaves on the vine, so they can be well hidden.

The butterflies are fantastic to watch as they "play" in numbers and land to feed on the other nectar plants nearby.


Aug 26 2009 : 02:06:31 PM
what are these pic. from?

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