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RV Camping at Turpentine Creek

Nov 26, 2011

 RV Camping at Turpentine Creek

This weekend we visited some "hillbilly" relatives in the Ozarks and had a great time with them while rv camping. We set up our telescope and shared some of Jupiter and other stuff with the family.

On the way out we decided to overnight at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge which is a few miles South of Eureka Springs Arkansas. We were the only ones at the camping area so we got choice pick of spots ten feet from a cat cage. Overnight fee includes admission into the refuge in the morning which was very nice. So we drove in before sundown, set up camp and then were serenaded by lions roaring while snuggling next to a very nice camp fire watching deer run by.

Here is a little bit of our experience for you.


Nov 30 2011 : 04:16:52 PM
..and you took the telescope. So cool!

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