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Stealth wheel needs a trim track

Dec 18, 2010

 Stealth wheel needs a trim track

I inherited a Stealth exercise wheel from Snusie(RIP) along with her Three Amigos colony. The wheel came with those common two tack-on sandpaper strips to trim nails. The boys in this cage had some really mean nails so I dont think the strips were doing any good. I decided to upgrade the wheel to a full trim track and am writing this to show you how.

All you need to do is to cut an inner track, cut a track connector, cut a length of sandpaper off of the roll and then insert all of it. There is no need to modify or disassemble the wheel. It is pretty easy and is no different a process on any of the wheels I have done this to.

The 2-3/4" sandpaper roll can be purchased off eBay . The track connector is cut from an FRP trim piece that you can get at any home store.

You can read my previous post about doing this on the Wodent .


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