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Average Adult Female Weights

Aug 30, 2012

 Average Adult Female Weights

My four adult female average weights.
Out of pouch dates:
Luna November 17, 2008
Ky May 24, 2009
Rory February 26, 2008
Maya January 1, 2010

January 1, 2013
Luna: 100g
Ky: 135g
Rory: --
Maya: 95g

August 30, 2012

Luna: 105g
Ky: 120g
Rory: 85g
Maya: 85g

May 2012

Luna: 98g
Ky: 124g
Rory: 78g
Maya: 91g

December 2010

Luna: 88g
Ky: 102g
Rory: 72g
Maya: 76g

PS. Rory running:


Sep 11 2012 : 03:30:28 PM
THANK YOU viciousencounters ! I will start to weigh them. How often would you say is good to do this? Once a month? Once a week?

Sep 11 2012 : 03:13:34 PM
I would say it is very important to do weigh ins for gliders even when healthy. Why, because weight is the biggest indicator gliders show when something is up. So knowing what their healthy weight is can be good for comparison. It is useful if you think they may be losing weight, gaining weight, or just to prove to yourself you are paranoid :P

Sep 11 2012 : 02:56:37 PM
Is it important to do a weight in for the gliders? Mine are fully grown and are healthy. :)

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