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So glider kitchens...

Mar 3, 2012

 So glider kitchens...

For a while now I have heard rumors that glider kitchens effect eating habits. I know glider kitchens bring down the mess and protect the food from flying defecation bombs but I hadn't considered that it would effect eating habits. I have also heard the same about moon phases. On full moons or the night before or after many owners find plates completely full, as if they never touched it all night. I wonder if the nights they seem to have not been hungry correlate to the lunar phases.

Recently I got to lazy to clean my kitchens so they have been eating straight from the bowls. I have noticed two things, one they almost always eat all their food and two the drop pan is full littered with food. So my theory is that glider kitchen's hinder eating because the closed quarters create anxiety. Shortly, I will be designing an experiment that will test my hypothesis to check for it's validity but I want it to be as scientific as possible. Measurements, amounts, moon phases, temp, food items, and anything else I can think of should all be kept track of.

UPDATE 3/31/12:

So I have been keeping track of how much my girls have been eating by weight for the past 3 days now. I decided to go simple and only record the weight of the food before and after they eat it and whether or not it was served open or in a kitchen. I will be doing this for a month and I hope to see results to whether or not Glider Kitchens effect eating behavior. I hypothesize that the use of a glider kitchen hinders eating activities thus decreasing possible food intake.


Jun 02 2012 : 10:08:25 PM
UPDATE: I have to get a new glider kitchen so the project has been put on hold. :/

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