Subject: Re: I Agree, but...
Posted by Melinda on September 12, 1999 at 21:04:27:

In Reply to: Re: I Agree, but... posted by Scott Runnels on September 12, 1999 at 19:34:17:

I know you'll miss her in your shirt, but just hang in there for a little while.
Its much better to have her love to be with you, than having to be there. Sorry about the
differing of oppinions, but what I was getting at was around a week. Either way, the point Bourbon and I where getting at
was to give her time to aclimatise to "her" house. By all means offer her treats, get her use to your hand being near her
so she can learn to associate your hand with "nice things commin", instead of.."Im gunna make you do somethin you wont like"
I noticed you mentioned earlier that your glider use to be with another male glider, but you said they wernt "mates"? If the two
gliders where together for an amount of time, she may be a little more "stressed" than you might think. Gliders can frett terribly
being taken away from another glider they've been housed with. Wether they where mates or not, gliders are social creatures..
.something to watch out for anyways..
Maybe an added reason to give her space to adjust..and more reason for some needed love!
Sounds like she'll be in good hands Scott..its nice to hear someone care so much for their glider. :)


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