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The cage that came with your sugar glider is most likely too small. Sugar gliders need space to glide and play. The largest cage you can find to buy is probably the smallest they should have. The minimum size your cage should be for a pair is about 32" x 20" x 36". The larger the enclosure the better so long as it is easy to clean. The more gliders in your cage the larger it should be. The bars of the cage should be 1/2" wide or less.

The cage should come with a floor grating to minimize the contact gliders have with old food and feces in the drop pan. It is good to have a variety of washable fabric items hung throughout the cage that allow for sleeping, lounging, and landing areas. Another option is to use perches, shelves, branches, and nest-boxes. It is sometimes nice to cover the floor with plastic square mesh to give the animals more places to hold, rest, and limit their ability to reach through to the drop pan.

A well rounded cage will also include an exercise wheel safe for gliders and toys that encourage natural behaviors such as nesting, foraging, gliding, and curiosity.

See popular tower cages here, visit the vendors page for fabric cage accessories or get inspired by the projects page, and learn more about exercise wheels.

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Last Edited November 21, 2013