Projects And Tutorials

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This is the place to list project links. Share with the world what can be built at home.

Bonding Pouches

Bonding Pouch How To Video
Bonding Pouch
No-Sew Bonding Pouch


Large Easy To Build Cage
Sugar Glider Cage
Journal with various pictures and links on how to build a PVC cage
How to on building a PVC cage by AUtigers350z
How to modify sliding doors to be safer hinged doors
Mesh flooring is easier on their feet

Cage Furniture

Fringe Vine How To Video
Corner Hammock How To Video
No-Sew Braided Rope
No-Sew Corner Hammock
No-Sew Corner Shelf
No-Sew Mattress
No-Sew Mesh Bridge
Mesh Shelf
No-Sew Shelf Hammock
Small Hammock

Cage Pouches

Cage Pouch How To Video
No-Sew Bow Pouch
Corner Pouch
No-Sew Cube
No-Sew Cylinder Pouch
No-Sew Pouch
Simple Cage Pouch
No-Sew Tissue Box Pouch
Window Pouch


No-Sew Cage Cover
Cage Cover (recommended w/o front)
No-Sew Rept Gear
How To Secure Water Bottles

Toys & Fun

No-Sew Fleece Pom-Pom Ball
No-Sew Ring Toy
No-Sew Trampoline 1.0
No-Sew Trampoline 2.0
No-Sew Water Bottle Tunnel
Fold-up hamper with zipper for hunting bugs.

Wodent/Stealth Wheel Mods

Wodent Wheel Mesh Tracks
Kazko's How to on making Mesh Tracks for Wodent Wheel
Make your own trim tracks for the Stealth
Is your bearing going out in your stealth wheel? Here's an easy fix!
How To Fix a Squeaky Wodent Wheel Video

Tutorial Series by RChurch

#1 Basic foraging cup
#2 Basic swing
#3 Foraging cups
#4 Pirate ship swing
#5 Fleece rope
#6 CLIP-to-maniac
#7 Ball pit guide
#8 Mesh Cube


Gizmogirl DIY Toys part 1
Gizmogirl DIY Toys part 2

Last Edited September 4, 2012