A very brief primer on sugar glider cages

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Odds are that the cage which came with your sugar glider(s) is too small for their healthy keeping. Most breeders, flea market sellers, pet shops will offer a cage that is very small. Understanding that sugar gliders are arboreal (tree dwelling), you can realize that their cage requirements might not be the same as they are for common rodents of the same size. Much like squirrels, sugar gliders live in the tree tops and commonly leap and glide large distances in the course of an evening outing. There is no real way to duplicate this in a caged environment, but one can at a minimum allow for a very large "flight", "aviary" or "tower" style of cage and then install all sorts of branches, shelves, floors, cubbies, boxes, pouches and anything else you can imagine for them to romp around on and explore. The honest truth to what kind of cage you should keep your sugar glider(s) in is simply the largest one that you can find and afford.

And there are a few simple things you can do to your large bird cage to improve the quality of life for your sugar glider.

    • Thin wire walls and floor grates are not kind to sugar glider feet. You can use cheap fence panels to make simple wood shelves for the animals to perch on. You can use plastic mesh "hardware" or "landware" cloth to cover the floor grate to give their feet an easier and more comfortable grasp.
    • You can use plastic mesh and unused cage hardware such as ladders and shelves to make a second floor in the cage.
    • It is best to use two water bottles per cage and to secure them in a way that cannot easily be dislodged by prying sugar gliders.
    • Exercise wheels are an absolute must for sugar gliders in a cage. A common and low cost wheel to purchase is the Wodent Wheel.
    • Nail maintenance is a very important aspect of keeping gliders in a cage. A popular way to maintain nails is by using a trim track in their exercise wheel.
    • If you have a "budget" cage where the doors slide up, a good thing to do is to modify them to open out to avoid accidental injuries.

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Last Edited November 13, 2010