Wodent Wheel

A cost-effective Exercise Wheels for sugar gliders is the Wodent Wheel. The popular 11" Wodent Wheel Senior is an appropriate size and can be placed on the cage floor or easily hanged using twisties or tie-wraps.

And the Wodent Wheel can easily be modified to trim nails. Nail maintenance is an absolute must with sugar gliders and this makes it easy.

Here is the Wodent Wheel Senior with homebrew nail trimmer track.

Sugar gliders will often run to the Wodent Wheel for a safe place to hide, eat, be alone or even sleep.

  • 11" Wodent Wheel Senior for exercise
  • 12" Wodent Wheel Wobust is larger and wider
  • Tail guard
  • Nail trim track 2" roll 320 grit sand paper covered in mesh to protect feet

There are a number of reported issues associated with the wodent wheel while at the same time there are numerous long-term owners who have never experienced injuries. The following is a list of those said incidents but keep in mind happy customers do not usually bother to make posts exclaiming their satisfaction with a product. When deciding to use a wodent wheel make an informed decision.


Exercise Wheels

Wodent Wheel homebrew trim track nail trimmer

Wodent Wheel Senior gets a makeover

Wodent Wheel mesh track

18 inch exercise wheel

Hang your Wodent Wheel from the cage

Hang your Wodent Wheel

Stealth Wheel

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Last Edited July 4, 2013