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A type of HLP

May 2, 2019

 A type of HLP

Hi guys,

So my suggie Axl has always been an active glider at night doing flips from one side of the cage to another. I usually take him with me to work as he is comfortable sleeping on me, but the one day I was running late so said hello to him and his roommates and then left. When I got home a few hours later he was dragging his back legs. I took him to the vet who is experienced and he did tests and X-rays and said that there was nothing broken or damaged in terms of bones and his calcium levels were good so he thought maybe he hurt himself in the cage and that's why hes dragging his back legs. I had him on painkillers for 2 weeks but he didn't seem to worry without them. He is still eating and drinking and everything like normal and he still seems active and happy. I also had him on cage rest in a small carry cage so he couldn't get more hurt. Has anyone got any idea what this might be from or if it will heal or not? The vet said it could take any amount of time to heal from 2 days - a year but he has improved as hes able to hold on with his feet.


Jul 02 2019 : 03:52:37 PM
it could be an injury or a stroke, difficult to tell.

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