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Unconcerned glider

Feb 26, 2019

 Unconcerned glider

Hi guys so another question I have is on the topic of how gliders deal with the death of their cage mates. So as you would have seen from my previous post my young glider passed away this weekend from what I think was a heart attack or stroke. While he was lying on the bottom of the cage dying my other glider in the cage didn't seem to be worried at all, he was just running on his wheel. I have heard a lot about gliders pining and going into depression over this sort of stuff so I introduced another glider to the cage the next day. The new one and Axl got on fine without any problems but Axl seems to rather sleep in his own house rather than sharing with the new one most of the time although sometimes they sleep together. Is this normal behaviour from a glider who has just lost his mate? He seems very chilled about everything so I don't know if I'm the one dramatising the situation?


Feb 28 2019 : 04:50:40 PM
Sorry for your loss It wasn't a heart attack or stroke, what you described was a predeath seizure and it's not uncommon at all with ill gliders. I would have suggested a vet visit for the survivor before introducing another glider to reduce the risk of spreading anything further, the new pair should be examined and have fecals done in the very least. The survivor seeming unconcerned is not uncommon either, the survivor probably sensed or smelled that the other was ill before you were even aware there was a problem. Often times actual symptoms from an illness are mistaken for "pining or depression" shortly after a cage mate passes. Which is why a vet visit for remaining cage mates is suggested. Even if a glider isn't showing any symptoms doesn't mean there isn't something going on the glider it just may be in a earlier stage and isn't showing clear symptoms yet.

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