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Piper has glided from my heart to God's...

Jan 11, 2024

 Piper has glided from my heart to God's...

Piper has glided from my heart to God's... joining her love Aerrow at the Rainbow Bridge, both waiting to join me after I've passed on.

Piper passed away lying next to her daughter Starling in their nest today at 4PM.

I had taken her to our exotic pet vet Dr. Paul Welch on Monday because she's lost a lot of weight, appetite seemed to have been diminished, and was worried about her... similar symptoms Aerrow, her mate who died on 9/18/23, had gone thru in his last few weeks. He said she seems healthy, but keep an eye on her weight. I ordered EmerAid Intensive Care Omnivore on Tuesday, after getting the prescription from the Doc.

Part probably due to her losing the will to live after losing her mate and part was just old age like Aerrow (both were probably 7-9 years old)... she was lethargic this morning, so I called the exotic pet vet who was out today, but able to see me and Piper in the morning at 11:30am which I was praying she's be OK until then. So, I syringe fed her some water, and place her next to Piper in the cube nest...

My Darling Starling her daughter, and Terrific Radarr her boyfriend, miss her the most... but I miss her so much as well:

Having fun in the glider tent with the rest of us ;-)

She's being cremated tomorrow at Angel's Pet Funeral Home and Crematory and then will be placed in Aerrow's urn, with her name and today's date engraved next to his.

A memorial will be set up soon afterwards and I'll copy here with it



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