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Meet RADARR - Aerrow's co-pilot!

Oct 17, 2023

 Meet RADARR - Aerrow's co-pilot!

My suggies are all named after the 'Storm Hawks' TV show about the Sky Knights. The Sky Knights drive motorcycles that they drive off of cliffs that then sprout wings and glide/fly. - remind you of sugar gliders?

The Sky Knights were almost wiped out by the evil Cyclonus and her minions led by the Dark Ace (a Sky Knight traitor). The place is Atmos, a planet where the occupiable land masses are these steep mountains rising up above the clouds while below are mysterious hostile creatures and lava beds. The Storm Hawks are led by Aerrow (who my male suggie that recently passed on was named after) - the lone surviving member from the war and still a young teen. He has recruited other teens to re-form the squadron. Piper (who my mama suggie is named after) is the high tech member, then there's Junko, Stark and Finn. Starling (who my baby girl is named after) is an adult Sky Knight from another squadron, only surviving member of that squadron, who gets the Storm Hawks to help her on special missions... Then there's Aerrow's copilot, Radarr, who rides in his cycle's sidecar and takes over the flying when Aerrow jumps out and fights the Dark Ace, etc.

Well, you guessed it - I call my new neutered male white faced sugar glider "Radarr" - newest member of my Sky Knight 'Storm Hawks' squadron of sugar gliders... "fly high, kiss the sky, gotta a mission to fight"!

He's fantastic - gotta get some pictures of him here soon!

Radarr fixin' to jump on my head

Radarr on the left - Starling in middle - Piper on right

He's a bit more silvery than the girls, and only weighs 75g (girls 150-155g) and is four years old like Starling. Kinda 'skiddish' and high strung, but may just be the move to the new family (was part of a quad colony). Seems to like broccoli-cheese quiche ;-)


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