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The "WINK" and the "NOSE-BUMP"

Mar 17, 2021

 The "WINK" and the "NOSE-BUMP"

The first time I got winked at by one of my three sugar gliders, I instinctively winked back - it's now a part of our daily 'meet' ritual... usually when I 'visit' when they're 'up', I will stick my head into the cage and one by one each will come up to me and we touch noses. Then, some winking begins ~ seems to be a sign of being relaxed and cool with everything. They also seem to always leave me a part of their treat every morning, unspoilt and tasty! I think they think I'm one of them, just weird, and I'm thinking I am too ;-)


Jun 21 2021 : 07:46:35 PM
That's one of the cutest things I've heard!! One of my gliders always winks, she never seems to blink her eyes both at the same time, its so cute she always blinks one eye and then the other, so adorable.

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