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All About Our Four Babies and Their Progress

Feb 6, 2009

 All About Our Four Babies and Their Progress

Wow.....where do I begin. Four suggies and three cages. I can't wait for all the quarantine to be over.

I bought a brand new cage that is 52" tall x 20" deep x 32" wide. It's for Lucas and Cosmo. I got it from and I love it. It's so big for just two babies. I also purchased alot of toys and bridges and rope things. I was amazed at the quality. They were all on clearance for really cheap and I thought it would be just poorly made or junky but they are just wonderful. Better than anything I've seen in the pet stores. I can't wait to start fixing up their new cage to move them in. I still have a few more things to purchase and then I'll be done with it. I'm hoping by next weekend as I have to go out of town this weekend for a family emergency. Once the quarantine is over for Milk Dud and Luna they will get the boys cage all cleaned and fixed up for them with a bunch of new things I have purchased for them as well. It's a little smaller at 22" deep x 31" wide x 35" high but still a nice size. I can't wait for my two cage families.

Cosmo and Lucas are just the best babies. Lucas was such a mean glider when I got him but Cosmo was a sweetie right from the first day. As soon as we got home with him and put him in his cage he jumped on my daughter and it's just gotten better. He helped us train and bond with Lucas and now I can't even open the cage door without the both of them jumping on my arms or climbing out of the cage onto my body. Sometimes I have to peel them off of me. I feel like I'm in the suggie remake of "The Birds".

Luna my "I know I shouldn't have But!" baby. What can I say about her. She is just still very timid and scared and it's taking a really long time with her. I try to stick my arm in her cage every night and just leave it there. Sometimes she'll come to it and smell it but mostly she runs or crabs or bites us. It may take a really long time with her. Maybe once she gets out of quarantine and in with our other baby she'll get better. She has started to eat a little better though. I'm very pleased with her progress there. She still doesn't eat much but I do get a glimpse of her eating from her plate sometimes and she loves her wheel. She runs in that wheel almost all night long. Sometimes she plays with her monkey's I think she knows how to play and has been with other gliders before so I'm hoping the intro's from her end will go over well. This leads us to Milk Dud.

Milk Dud my newest addition to the family. She was given to us by a very nice lady named Jennifer in Maryland who was looking for a nice forever home for her and she picked us. I know she loves Milk Dud and I try and update her about Milk Dud's progress. Milk Dud has just the cutest most curious look on her face when she peeks out at us from her "cave". I really need to get rid of that so I can get her to the Vet. It is going to be my job next week to work on that. It will be two weeks we've had her on Sunday. I think it's time to take away the "cave". She doesn't eat cat food anymore. I gave the bag away to my girlfriend who has a cat and Milk Dud's staple is a glider staple now but she eats her real food very well and hasn't touched a staple in at least a week. She's enjoying every food I give her. I need to get her out of quarantine and start intro's with Luna but can't do anything yet. No Vet visit as of yet and she really needs her nails clipped, but she is doing well. She crabs and bites and runs from us but I also can't bond with her because of the "cave". Don't get me wrong I think the "cave" is really cute and would love to keep it but I have to take it out temporarily. Maybe in a few months I'll reintroduce it into her cage with Luna (hoping intro's will be done and they are cage mates). She really doesn't play much and just kind of just hangs on the walls of the cage. Maybe it's because she's still getting adjusted to our house and her new family of people making all that I don't even think she's ever seen another glider. I think she was a lone glider since birth, (other than of course maybe mom and dad), and I think jennifer had her for about 2.5 years. I think she got her from a pet store. If she's been alone for so long I hope she can still bond with another of her kind. All in all she is doing well though and I don't think she is unhappy as I hear her bark sometimes and she's not over grooming and she's eating very well. I think she just needs a friend and she'll have one soon I hope.

Anyway this is my sugar glider family and all about them. My friends think that I'm absolutely nuts and going through a mid life crisis with so many, as they call them "flying rats". I Love each and everyone one of them and thanks to Cosmo and Lucas I have the patience to wait on the bond that will take place with Luna and Milk Dud.


Feb 07 2009 : 01:49:30 PM
You seem like a very good glider mommie

Feb 06 2009 : 02:48:30 AM
You're a wonderful glider mom, it's like this was meant for you. I know Milk Dud will be fine, look what you've accomplished with Lucas. It's more difficult for those who have been alone. I have confidence in you!

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