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CA border run rescue redux

Oct 27, 2007

 CA border run rescue redux

GummyBoo is her name. She's about two years old. Very pretty, about 155 grams and very trusting.

We were suprised that this little girl did not crab, fuss or bite when we picked her up because rescues are often frightened.

When we got home, we introduced her to her new cage and put her old pouches in there along with the new stuff.

She hid behind the side-mounted stealth wheel for a while and came out to be petted and to eat a little. I let her run around the B's room a little after caging them and she didn't climb up on anything but stuck close to the floor. She did climb up my leg and into her pouch after a few mintues and I took her back to her cage. She barked for a while and then sneggled inside one of the pouches.

She took a few licks so far tonight from the HPW mix and ran off to one end of the cage with a corn cob slice in her mouth So far so good. No crabbing. no biting. Allowing some in-pouch petting.


Nov 01 2008 : 08:11:23 PM
Any chance you would want a "family" colony...I think it is 4 adults and two joeys in pouch with so please contact member here Luckyglider..They run a rescue out of Las Vegas and were contacted by a lady that has put the cage in the garage as she does not like the you know it will soon be so cold there....just click on members and search for Luckyglider....I hope you or a friend would want them....

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