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California Border Run for Rescue Tonight

Oct 26, 2007

 California Border Run for Rescue Tonight

Gail and I are making a run for the CA border from Vegas tonight. We got a call about a 3-yr old female who needs a new home. Not sure why but if you ask too many questions it's easy to scare off a possible rescue and that doesn't help the animal.

So anyway, we are meeting up with this individual down in Primm which is on the border of CA and NV. Since suggies are not legal in CA, a lot of glider owners come to NV for veterinary care. And these same people are naturally scared to go to a regular rescue. So we intend on making more runs for the border from time to time.

If anyone knows of a CA resident who does not know where to turn, send them to us:


Oct 28 2007 : 12:18:56 AM
Eric C
I think there may be far more sugar glider owners in California than people realize. If you look at the Vet map here, all those vets in California have specifically listed "sugar glider" as an animal that they will treat. For so many vets to specifically say "I will treat sugar gliders" must be indicative of larger population than is represented by this or various other sugar glider online communities.

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