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Entry Four

Dec 20, 2017

 Entry Four

Desmond is finally bonded to us! He still crabs when I touch him on the outside while he's in the pouch, otherwise, when he's with the girls, he lets me pet him, he climbs on me, he runs to me, he loves sitting on my shoulders, man. I like to think the girls had a big part in it, seeing them climb and jump to me maybe influenced him that I wasn't such a bad guy. He's still a bit skeptical about my fingers and gave me a few nips when I let them go in the playroom, but otherwise he's doing just fine. In fact, I think he was scared to run around in the playroom because he stuck by my side the entire time. Until he got the courage to run and got in the closet and I had to catch him. He still doesn't like being chased, but he doesn't crab when I pick him up, he just panics and squirms to get out of my hands. He doesn't seem to flinch as much anymore when my hand comes towards him for a pet though, which is really nice. He's still really jumpy and fast, but he's about a month younger than my girls (5 months) and they're just growing like weeds now. I'm sure the girls were jumpy when they were that old. Or Eleanor was, at least. Also, I'm 99% positive that Desmond's reached full maturity. I thought it took from 7 months to a year, but it turns out that's only average time for females, it can take males from 3 months to a year to mature. He started getting pretty smelly, and the spot on his head is super greasy, and one day it was basically bald. His pom is hanging out now too, I noticed this all in a change of the night. On December 17th to be exact. :) I think that's why I heard Pepper talking to him, because she's our oldest, at 6 months. She might've matured early too. But that's too bad for them, because I'll pair them together as a mating couple, but not for another 6-9 months. I'm not ready, they're not ready, we need more space, and in the summer, my mom's boyfriend is moving up from Texas, and hes retired so he has a lot of time on his hands. He says he's done lots of research on sugar gliders and would be glad to have a colony with us. That makes me feel more secure, knowing that someone can take care of my babes when I can't, and someone can help me raise the young Joey's and have a nice home for them.


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