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Entry Three

Dec 17, 2017

 Entry Three

Desmond is matured. He was OOP July 23rd, we got him October 18th and as of today, we can tell he is 100% matured. His head has been a little greasy the past few days, and now it's almost completely bald, and his pom is completely visible. Yesterday, he was really smelly, but we thought it was because he isn't bonded to us yet and he's just scared, and they seem to have a bad odor when they're scared. Maybe Pepper knew he was matured last night when she was calling to him. Hopefully she isn't matured yet, because we don't need babies. I think it's time to keep them in their separate cages from now on, no more sleepovers.


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I play keyboard and sing in our band, Granola. I've been playing piano since I was 7, and I love it. I also draw for fun... Other than that, I'm pretty busy with college and work. Oh, and I'm obviously obsessed with sugar gliders. :)
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Big issues with Harrison, our newest and youngest boy. I'm really worried about him.
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I'm Amberly. I'm 19, a freshman in college in South Dakota, and myself and my boyfriend own fpur amazing gliders. We both attend the same school, and we're from this town, so we are able to keep them at home and still see them every day.


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