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Dec 12, 2017

 First Entry

My name is Amberly and I'm a freshman in college in South Dakota. I've decided I need to start a log for my babes. I'm raising my little family with my boyfriend Connor, who got our first glider, Sgt. Pepper, on August 13th of this year. At first, I was really jealous of Pepper, because I had just taken my pet lizard in to the vet and it wasn't looking too well for him. I was sad and distressed, and the one person I needed support from was giving his attention to the new creature in the house.
It took me probably three or four days to get over my absurd jealousy, when I finally began to fall in love with Pepper. He bonded to us quickly, only crabbing at me once when I disturbed him during his sleep. He was a dream. I came to the realization that I really wanted a pet of my own as well, and got looking online for pet stores with gliders nearby. I didn't find any close to home, but a store in Texas ships them out, and that's where I got Eleanor Rigby on August 24th!

It took me so much longer to bond with her. I want to say it took a good month to gain her trust, which felt like eternity to me. Her personality is so different from Peppers, but once they met and became friends, they were inseparable. We we're excited because we finally had two gliders, a boy and a girl, ready to grow up together and be best friends, until we went to the vet. Pepper had been missing a lot every time she peed, and from me using this site and others for research, I found out it's most likely a UTI, which it was. But that vet visit wasn't only about that... The technician brought back a drugged up sleepy little Pepper and asked us, "you know she's a girl, right?" We were both distraught, knowing Pepper to be our little boy. It's been at least a month or two now, and I'm completely used to it. I love her as a girl. Connor still gets confused. His mom won't even call her a her.

This enabled us to consider getting a third glider. We do want to breed in the future, just to keep our little colony going, with immense research and knowledge ready, of course. I hopped back online to the same site I got Ellie from,, and found myself a very small, standard gray boy. I fell in love with his picture and placed my order immediately. When he arrived, he was bouncing around the shipping carrier, letting out a loud, really high-pitched crab. He's about a month younger than my girls, and it's crazy how much they seem to grow in that short amount of time. I think he's just a little munchkin, but he's getting bigger already. I got him on October 18th.

I'm having issues bonding with him. He loves the girls and playing and cuddling them, he loves treats and tiny stuffed elephant toy, but he will not give us a chance. He seems more cowardly than he does curious - he's only taken food from me a handful of times, and any sudden movements freaks him out. If I carry him with me in the bonding pouch, he will not relax and go back to sleep, he stays awake and alert and crabs whenever something scares him. It's been almost two months, and we haven't made anymore progress. But this Thursday marks the last day of classes until January, and we moved his cage next to the girls cage at Connor's parent's house (he was at my house, and the girls were in Connors dorm). I have a lot of free time on my hands, and I'm gonna get this little fella to love me as much as my girls do.

We're working on getting atticworx wheels because the ones we have now are you, wobbly, and have the bar through the middle. We ordered them new food and treats from exotic nutrition, and they absolutely love it. Desmond seems to be a picky eater, so we really have to make sure he's getting his protein in other ways since he'll barely eat egg and he doesn't like mealworms. Pepper always seems to be taking food from Ellie, but I was up just watching them play for an hour a couple nights ago, and I see she gets about the same amount of food as Pepper, so maybe she's just skinny because she's on the wheel about twice as much as Pepper is.

I'm gonna try to post often, so I can keep up with how they're doing and use it as an actual journal. Pictures are good for memories, but don't go into detail :)

Ellie (left) and Pepper (right) snuggling

Desmond checking out my phone!


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Big issues with Harrison, our newest and youngest boy. I'm really worried about him.
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