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Barking all night by the bed

Jan 22, 1997

 Barking all night by the bed

The last two nights the animals have been barking. I have been able to quiet them by shining a flashlight at the cage from my bed. The barking sounds similar to a high-pitched small dog barking or yapping. They also make other sounds that I am soon going to try to record. I have heard them giggle and squeak and purr and so on... I have noticed that the male is darker in color and a bit smaller than the female. Again I think the male is the younger of the two. The female seems to be getting more used to me. She hardly crabs, if at all, anymore when I wake her up. I tried to feed them milk from an eye dropper, but neither of them liked it. The male took a drop and then started shaking his head frantically like he really didnt like the taste. I have taken a few digital photos of the animals and I posted a sheet at my office asking for possible names. My favorite of them so far has yet to be written. I have noticed that they will stay high on the wooden log that I placed in the cage. They like to eat in the corner of the cage and the log, hanging from the log, hanging from the cage side or ceiling, or anywhere else they can hide and feel safe. They seldom go to the cage floor for anything, however, when the lights are off and they are totally awake, they frolic all over the cage, including the floor. I was amazed at how quickly they both found the hamster water bottle I installed. Last night I caught the male hanging upside down on the side of the cage drinking from it.


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