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We've got BABY!

Aug 11, 1997

 We've got BABY!

Wonderful news! I just found out that my female has a baby! I took her out tonight to play, and noticed that she had a lump in her tummy. Further inspection revealed an already birthed little one crawling around in her pouch. I have been busy this last week with a new job and havent given them much attention, so she could have had it anytime. I was surprised that she was very complacent around me. I remember my hamsters biting when they had babies, but she was much calmer than usual and even looked tired or sad. I put her on top of a clear plastic photo holder so she could sit still and I could see her underside. I could see the baby stick his feet out and move around the pouch. After I put her back into the cage, she sat still for a long time, and as we were staring at her, she hung herself by her feet from the top of the cage with her belly exposed to us and hanged there for about 5 minutes. The whole time we could watch the baby crawling around inside her pouch. It is almost as if she wanted us to see, or maybe she was begging for us to take it out for her.


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