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What the heck is a Four-Eyed Philander Possum?

Dec 12, 2007

 What the heck is a Four-Eyed Philander Possum?

A philander possum has a range that extends from Northeastern Mexico to Southeatern Brazil. Within this range, it may be found from Brazil's Atlantic coast westward into Peru and Argentenia, as well as throughout Central America.

[url="/glidergossip/Photos/2571/DSC00789.JPG"][img=left]/glidergossip/Photos/2571/tn/tn_DSC00789.jpg[/img=left][/url] The common name is derived from this opossum's grey coat and the single white spots which are located directly above each eye, providing it with an appearance of four eyes.

[url="/glidergossip/Photos/2571/DSC00772.JPG"][img=left]/glidergossip/Photos/2571/tn/tn_DSC00772.jpg[/img=left][/url]The body length is 250-350 mm, and the tail reaches to about the same length. Males may be slightly larger than females, although much overlap in size is present. Females have five to nine mammae contained within a pouch.

[url="/glidergossip/Photos/2571/DSC00771.JPG"][img=left]/glidergossip/Photos/2571/tn/tn_DSC00771.jpg[/img=left][/url] The coloration of the short, straight hair is gray dorsally and off-white to yellow ventrally. The tail is furred with the same gray coloration for 50-60 mm from the base. The tip of the tail is naked and becomes paler in color towards its end.

The ears are naked as well.

[url="/glidergossip/Photos/2571/DSC00804.JPG"][img=left]/glidergossip/Photos/2571/tn/tn_DSC00804.jpg[/img=left][/url]Philander opossum has a slender body and a large head. Its rostrum is fairly long and narrows at the tip. The tail tapers as well, and it is prehensile. The hind limbs are longer and more muscular than the forelimbs.

SOURCE: [url][/url]

[url="/glidergossip/Photos/2571/DSC00803.JPG"][img=left]/glidergossip/Photos/2571/tn/tn_DSC00803.jpg[/img=left][/url] [url="/glidergossip/Photos/2571/DSC00800.JPG"][img=left]/glidergossip/Photos/2571/tn/tn_DSC00800.jpg[/img=left][/url] [url="/glidergossip/Photos/2571/DSC00795.JPG"][img=left]/glidergossip/Photos/2571/tn/tn_DSC00795.jpg[/img=left][/url]


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