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Wodent Wheel Senior gets a makeover

May 7, 2009

 Wodent Wheel Senior gets a makeover

Since I keep multiple Wodent Wheels in each of my cages, I have many to care for. The trim tracks that are available have a high cost to them and they dont last too terribly long, so I decided to experiment with DIY trim tracks.

I found two key things to allow this happen. One is the really neat and simple track connector that can be made out of FRP panel vinyl connectors. The other is endless shop roll sandpaper. I bought 240 and 320 grit and I recommend 320 or higher. The 240 really is too course for this purpose. Im sure I will tweak the specs as time rolls on.

One of the problems with purchased trim tracks for the Wodent is that they are sewn to the plastic mesh. This allows them to collect poop in a serious way and it is very hard and almost impossible to clean. They are also very hard to install, especially after they get old. I wanted to experiment with a way that does not attach the sandpaper to the mesh track and I came to find that it is rather easy to do it this way and much easier to manage.

So I have created two experimental wheels using my homebrew items.

WODENT WHEEL SOLID (using original track)

A slice of vinyl FRP trim makes a fantastic track connector in the Wodent wheel

Lengths of track

Homebrew items installed

All together now

Installed into cage

WODENT WHEEL MESH (replace original track with mesh)

Cut mesh to length and width of original solid track, stuff into back panel of wheel first, insert new track connector and assemble

Measure out sand paper from shop roll

Sand paper held in place with packing tape

Mesh wheel installed and ready for use

It will be interesting to see how these hold up to use and to see which one is preferred. Both will be much easier to clean and maintain now.

Something I might continue to look at to make it even easier to manage a trim track is to come up with a way to apply the sandpaper outside of the mesh wheel with a quick disconnect. Maybe use velcro on the ends or come up with a solid plastic ratcheting strap to wrap around the entire wheel to hold it on.

If you can quickly add and remove the sandpaper without having to take apart the whole wheel, it will be easier to just put it on once a week for standard nail maintenance and it will be so much easier to clean the wheels without needing to take them apart.


Jan 01 2011 : 06:04:57 PM
I was wondering if there is a way to modify the wodent wheel so that the cross bar isn't a threat to the tails?? I LOVE your ideas for modifying things :) thank you

May 07 2009 : 11:32:35 PM
Kaz you rock!!!!

May 07 2009 : 11:10:05 PM
I love your idea. My husband and I were reading this and thinking of trying it with one of our wheels. I have some new trim tracks on the way and when they get here I will take my old one off and use that one for the experiment. If it works out I will let you know. Even if it doesn't make the wheel easier to clean it will surely cut down on the cost of having to continuously purchase them and pay all that shipping as well. Thanks for the idea.

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