Subject: Re: Dizzy didn't eat much last night....
Posted by Melinda on September 12, 1999 at 17:20:39:

In Reply to: Dizzy didn't eat much last night.... posted by Scott Runnels on September 12, 1999 at 15:08:28:

Hi Scott
Ive been reading your posts lately..and please dont take offence
to my opinion, but I think you maybe wanting to bond with your
glider a little too quickly. You have to remember you've only
had her for a short time, plus she's also been with her previous owners, who
may not have bothered to bond with her at all. This is all new to her.
Sugar gliders are much like children, they are trusting creatures, but you have
to bust your butt to earn that trust. One day they may be very offectionate...but as soon
as you do something in their mind to break that may take a few days to earn
it back. It maybe the best thing to do for her now is carry her around in a pouch in your
shirt. Stroke her body through the fabric and talk to her softly. This way she will grow use to
you much more effectively than the method you are using at the moment. If you let her out of the cage,
and you trully belive the room is glider-proof, then place a little trust in her that she will be ok.(I know some of you may
disagree with me on that remark)Put a blanket over your entire sofa if your worried she will crawl behind it,
but just try not to run after her where ever she goes. Follow her sure, but dont go to pick her up all the time
if your worried she'll run away , or get stuck. Just make sure the room is gliderproof..down to every detail..and let her
explore her new home herself. Just remember bonding dosent happen overnight, some of us have had our gliders for 6 months, and still
havent bonded the way we'd like. Just give her time, and most of all, all your love and patience.


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