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Heart in My Throat...

Aug 12, 2012

 Heart in My Throat...

...I am so nervous right now. Going to meet my potential future babies tonight. That's right: we may be adopting more sugar babies to spoil. I hope they like us and if we do get them, I hope all of my babies get along so we can have one big happy colony. If not...I'll have two happy colonies and I'll be alright with that.

So nervous. Been looking forward to this all week! Been praying over this, tormented over this for about a month now. I even dream of them at night! But I will repeat what I've been telling myself for awhile now: "If it is God's will, let it be. If not, give me the strength to let it go."

I find myself questioning myself in all areas. Am I a good enough mom? Am I lacking in any areas? How can I improve myself? I don't know if I am a good mom...but I do my best. I hope I am.

Well, those of you reading this: wish me luck. And if you love me, pray for me. Not that I get them, necessarily, but that they get the home that is best for them. (Although, if I am going to be honest with you as well as myself, I am hoping I am what's best for them. "Pick me! Pick me!" :D)

Five or six more hours to go....My heart is in my throat.


Aug 12 2012 : 10:28:15 PM
OMG, we got them!!! We did not expect to be bringing them home so soon but...they are right now in a temporary cage in the living room. 30 days to go before intros can begin. :) Thank you for your well wishes! :D

Aug 12 2012 : 03:18:46 PM
Best luck!!!

Aug 12 2012 : 02:06:46 PM
Congrats! I will be visiting my future little guys tomorrow and hopefully my breeder says they are big enough and ready to be taken home. I hope everything works out for you and the gliders.

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