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So...we got the new babies last night!

Aug 13, 2012

 So...we got the new babies last night!

We named them Ivy, Nightwing & Robin to go with our Batman Theme! They are so very well behaved and so socialized, I really am speechless!

Dad took the new kids into tent time tonight (we had it thoroughly cleaned) and they all snuggled into his shirt.

Me, I took Batman & Catwoman in for bathroom time. Catwoman was a bit freaked out. I think the sound of other gliders in the house really distracted her. When I thought they were done, I was trying to put them back in their cage, Catwoman made a run for it! She bolted under the bedroom door and made it down the hall. I was scared she was going to break quarantine! I managed to corral her into the bathroom, where we just were, and was able to get her into their old, stinky pouch. Then, I put her back in with Batman. Gave me a heart attack!

"Quarantine FIRST, Catwoman, and THEN we do intros! You do NOT just go ahead and introduce YOURSELF!" What a little trouble-maker she is!


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