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Night Three & My Turn For Tent Time

Aug 15, 2012

 Night Three & My Turn For Tent Time

All three kids climbed into my shirt last night. Ivy was the first to groom me at the waist and later all three groomed me on the right boob at the same time! LOL! I am going to have some explaining to do at work today because the kids gave me a hickey! XD We spent about 2 hours in tent time last night but only Nightwing really did much exploring. I don't know if it's because there was a thunderstorm or what, but mostly, they just wanted to snuggle and sleep--which was fine by me. I eventually had to put them up because their sleepy energy was making ME want to go to sleep, which was not safe. They fussed a bit but they were very good when I put them up.

Hubby has them tonight. I think we may do tent time every night so long as the kids seem to want it. :)

Batman & Catwoman are being terrible sulkers. We try to up their treats and up their loving, but they are not having any of it. I've not seen them sulk like this since we had to drop them off at the sitters on our Moving Day. :/ Poor babies. They're acting so dejected. I hope that in a month, they will get over it, and be excited and happy when we bring the trio's cage into the bedroom.

And I am really looking forward to it, too, because I can't seem to stay away. Three nights in a row and at some point, I come out and sleep on the couch so I can be near them, just to make sure all is well.

I haven't heard any chatter between Colony 1 and Colony 2, though. I've been looking forward to it as I hear this is common. BUT...I suppose that at least they are not talking smack or otherwise arguing.


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