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Jan 14, 2021

 Neutered male messing with female please help

Posted by: Sully-shugie-mom
I have a 1 year old neutered male named Smoke and a female named Amoreena whos a month or so younger but still a year old

But theyve been living together with mostly no problems till these past few weeks Smoke is constantly trying to lift her tail and lick her parts and she hisses at him and sometimes does like a small crab and trys to hop away but sometimes he follows her and I separate them to let the poor girl eat in peace but after I put him back in he goes at it again and she sounds upset that hes doing this and I dont know what to do or how to help

So I would really appreciate any ideas

And sorry if I didnt do this right Im new here

Also Ive had my gliders for a wile now they are both bonded to me Amoreena even escapes to my hoodie sleeve when she doesnt want to deal with Smoke

I hope theres a way to help them I love them both so much and want them to get along

Dec 23, 2020

 kibble ?

Posted by: onceuponaplant
ive seen some people say that they feed kibble / pellets with their gliders diet and I want to know if I should ? I'm getting a pair in early January and have decided to go with BML, at the store they are currently on pellets, a powder mix and some fresh veggies and fruit. i plan to use the BML diet with added fruits and veggies and the occasional bug, should I add pellets to my list or take anything off ?
Dec 21, 2020

 Cage cleaning

Posted by: Mushu.nala
I Am looking for ways to keep my glider cages cleaner. I have a boy and a girl both in separate cages but they are right next to each other. I keep them separate because the girl is still young and small. I am looking for new ways to keep these cages clean. I have bins under their cages with some wood shavings in them, but I was wondering if anyone knew how to keep the cage cleaner or had any ideas I could try. I wipe down the cages every one to two weeks with some dawn dish soap and some water. the smell can become overwhelming and since they live in my bedroom, I am trying to keep the smell down. has anyone tried laying a fleece blanket or anything like that on the floor and washing it every few days? Thanks! :)
Dec 1, 2020

 I need advice

Posted by: kaila0618
I 2 male gliders who i got about 2 weeks ago and they were doing fine on the bml diet and they ate the formula and now they wont touch it but theyll eat the vegetables, im worried that they arent getting the nutrients they need. Does anyone have any tips or anything ? it just worries me that they arent eating the bml mix.
Nov 29, 2020

 I Need Help!! Please! <3

Posted by: ppittman09
So I just got 2 sugar gliders, Stella and Luna! I have had them for about a week now and our bond is already starting to look amazing. I have been doing bathroom bonding and they have been crawling on me and exploring. Now here is were in need some help. I really like this method of bonding and think it is working well BUT I feel like it is teaching them that they can love on me and be with me, but also just jump off whenever they want to. How can I train my sugar gliders to stay on me? Oh course I know that they are going to jump off of me sometimes and I am prepaired for that. But for the most part, I just want to be able to walk around doing my daily tasks with them crawling on me and not constently trying to jump off. Or if that is to high of an expectation, just taking them out of their pouch, sitting on the couch in my living room, and letting them crawl on me without jumping off. What is the best way I can train them to do this? PLEASE HELP!!! <3
Nov 28, 2020

 New glider and a sad remembrance

Posted by: Scoria
After Vesper was killed by a relative's dog in September I felt so guilty. It took me until now to get the time to pick up a new friend for my remaining glider. He is already wanting to share a pouch but they just met so I'm not going to house them together. I get the impression they will get along nicely. I hope she will bond with me as well. Losing two gliders in one year has been hard and I hope she and Joey will live long and happy lives with me.
Nov 25, 2020

 Need to rehome my two gliders

Posted by: MarkusKing
I sadly have to rehome my two girls. Piper and Hendrix. I love them so much and it breaks my heart to have to let them go. I live in Portland and sadly can't give them all the attention they need and deserve right now. They are both less than if not 6 months old. Any help would be much appreciated.
Nov 24, 2020

 Sugar Glider Birthday Cake (Malaysia)

Posted by: Shan930330
Hi all, there'a a sugar glider brand call Mygliderstories in Malaysia, providing nail cutting services for sugar glider & selling balance diet of their food & snacks. Recently launching birthday cake for sugar glider, which suitable to buy as a gift for sugar glider as a birthday present.

I don't think there's any seller in Malaysia that selling this, just to share out this sugar glider birthday cake product launching to you guys, if interested can go to for more details.

Thanks all sugar glider dad & mom!
Nov 8, 2020

 I need help

Posted by: Kaung
Is there any glider that doesn't bond with it's owner

Oct 20, 2020

 Glider Stats

Posted by: BatGirl
Glider Stats

MOM/Piper = 160 grams
DAUGHTER/Starling = 155 grams
DAD/Aerrow = 165 grams

Weight Notes: looks can indeed really be deceiving!
Now, Dad 'looks' smaller and lighter than the two girls, BUT he's actually heavier...
Then the daughter who 'looks' the heaviest (lots of young muscle there) is actually the lightest!?!
All three are on the 'heavy' end of Sugar Glider Weight. They are 'White-Faced Sugar Gliders', so this just may be typical of their type or something ;-)

* * * * * To Be Continued * * * * *
Oct 3, 2020

 Sugar glider diarrhea HELP!!

Posted by: JavaandBeanmom
My sugar glider (2 years old) has just developed diarrhea. Hes not lethargic and is still quite active and playful and acting normal from what I can tell. I havent switched his diet, and his brother does not have diarrhea either. I am worried because Im not sure what could cause it and I know it can cause dehydration. Could it be from too many yogurt drops? Sometimes he gets more than normal because he steals his brothers
Sep 17, 2020

 Swolen eye

Posted by: nyxi093
Hi all,
Have a quick question. About a week ago we got a new sugar glider (Artemis) and shes a complete sweet heart and in good health however after coming back from work today 1pm I noticed my other sugar glider (Nyx) eye is swolen. She is in no pain and it's only slightly stolen however I'm worried. I have 3 and they love sleeping in 1 pouch however all have their own one.

Any suggestions until Sunday as the vets are closed for the weekend here in the middle east?

Thanks a lot all
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