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Jul 25, 2015

 new babies

Posted by: melsgliders
I purchased my first gliders three weeks ago. Mom, Luna, dad Luca and baby Loki.
I was told they're three years old, the male is neutered. Their fur looks healthy, no yellow tint or cracking. I am worried that one is a little over weight. I'm being careful to limit the mealworms to about two per day, hoping they will eat more of their fruits and veggies. Are there any low calorie diets available? I'm also very minimal with the yogurt drops.
I had a problem the other day with Luna being aggressive over the mealworms. I'm trying freeze dried crickets instead since they're larger and while she's working on hers, I can give the other two their's.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Did I mention they're the cutest little guys ever??

Jul 23, 2015

 New momma

Posted by: Kayla.barrett
I just got my little baby. His names Floyd(: I have scratches all up and down my arms from him, I tried cutting his nails but it didn't help much, his nails are still insanely sharp. Any advice?
Jul 22, 2015

 introducing my gliders

Posted by: emily37
So after about a month of my two sugar gliders getting used to each other's scent ( nuetered male and young female) I've inteoduced them for the third time. The first two times they fought. This time they're curious and gentle with each other! But they keep trying to get on each other's backs and they look like they're maybe trying to clean each other's hair as well? What does this mean.
Jul 18, 2015

 A vet finally

Posted by: JMarie
Took Stuart and Sugar to the vet today at Chadwell Animal Hospital for a well checkup and nails trimmed. Everything so far checked out great just waiting for the results of the fecal test. They said I should hear from them Monday or Tuesday. I was shocked with how good Sugar was. I usually call her my crab pot cause she always has attitude. Today she only fussed when the vet took her out of the pouch but quickly calmed down and let the vet do what was needed. Stuart was a little meanie and tried to bit the vet and didn't want her to check his heart beat but she was able to manage and get it done without to much of a fight. I really enjoyed this visit with a vet. I have a good vet for my dog but they don't see gliders. The vet I originally was taking the gliders had me change my mind on them cause they didn't seem like they knew what they was doing and there was no proper communication. This vet office had great communication with me and even took their time. I was very pleased with the front desk and vet. Haha and any vet office that can handle a two year old that is full of energy on top of it without glares is awesome. My son loves animals but gets really hyper and has to check every single one out when they come through the door. I love that both my kids love animals and that my oldest (13 years old) is so great with them (he helped a deaf dog learn new ways of communication). I just am still trying to teach my 2 year old not to run up on any animal small or big. I really am so glad that I am able to teach my children right and wrong with animals and when others can join in with ones I don't have. I thought it was cool at the vets to cause I actually got to see a real big possum for the first time. Anyway I am sitting here rambling on and completely went off topic lol. I do have a habit of that.
So I am now going to deal with Chadwell Animal Hospital with Sugar and Stuart. The wait time was not long and the people were great.
Jul 14, 2015

 New sugar glider hates me and old sugar glider

Posted by: emily37
I have a few problems with my new glider Stellar/ I've had my sugar glider Ollie for about 3 months and we're great together. He's very nice and social, he's been nuetered 2 months ago and about 3 weeks ago I got another sugar glider Stellar, a female who I got from a breeder when she was ready to go. I've been switching their pouches between cages every night and carrying them both during the day when I can. I take her out almost every night to try to get her used to me but she wants nothing to do with me. She crabs and lunges at me and Ollie. She doesn't like it when I take her out at night and she tries her best to hide from me and when I get her on me she jumps off almost immediately. I tried to introduce Ollie and Stellar and they both don't like each other even after switching pouches a lot and having close cages. They balled up and tried to fight. I Separated them but I put in a secure metal mesh down the middle of the larger cage to split it in two and they're both separated but in the same cage, hoping they'll see nothing bad happens with the other one being near. They don't crab at night but they do aggressively chase and run. How do I get Stellar to stop disliking us and why is Ollie being aggressive towards her when he's never aggressive usually?!
Jul 14, 2015

 Just for Tips

Posted by: SeductiveTiger
Hey guys i know this isn't prolly the most efficient place to put this but idk it may still help. I currently own a small but fun family of pets including 2 dogs(Alaskan malamute, a blonde pug), a hedgehog (not even lying to you he's albino *email me if you want proof) and my new sugar glider nemo :)! I just want to post that in almost every post or forum i read about proper diets its all incredibly complex and possibly expensive. To all the people out their that may read this i just want to state i have 4 happy happy healthy animals and i feed them a simple diet everyday and it dosent cost much and is very good for them. Obviously since this is a sugar glider website what im really trying to point out is what I feed my sugar glider. I don't feed her any special hpv diet or nectar or any of that sort. But I do feed her what she needs and what she's happy and willing to eat. After all I'd rather have a hyper, active, and happy sugar glider than a super super not necessary healthy one. With that Said im not feeding her potato chips and soda, but I believe it will lead her a happy prosperous life and you guys are welcome to try it or criticize it and let me know just how bad or good it is for her.

(I mix this in a blender on food chop than bag it up in 7 ziplock bags 1 for each day and put it in the FREEZER not fridge it'll spoil, then every day put one bag in the fridge so it has time to thaw but stay fresh :) then feed it to your sugar glider when dinner comes around)

1 packet of sugar free maple and brown sugar oatmeal

1 table spoon of water to soften up the oatmeal (it'll make them constipated if you don't)

1 whole fresh apple with peel still on (remove stem)

12-15 Gerber peach yogurt melts

1 cube of infant Gerber sweet potato baby food (should come in packs of 2, and rectangular shape)

1 cup of del monte diced peaches (del monte is the brand, they should come in normal fruit cup style packages)

10 white chocolate chips / morsels (for some protein)

Blend until liquid like but not too run. Some apple peel bits and white chocolate chip bits should be visible. If they are you've done it right :) it actually tastes great too. Try a little bit i promise you won't regret it.
That's the main diet

Sounds like alot but its really not and it lasts a week! Around 10 dollars a month


I put a small plate in and put a 3-4 pieces of cat food ( i know its not recommended but its not enough to hurt them, they love the taste, and has ALOT of protein) some white chocolate chips around 5 and 5 peach yogurt melts :)

I know its not ideal to feed them anything other than their natural food, but she really loves it, it makes her happy, and shes been really healthy so far. Please tell me what you think and maybe i might've helped one of those confused sugar glider diet seekers.
Thank you for letting me write and please respond or message me with complements and/or concerns.
Jul 7, 2015

 Update on vet

Posted by: JMarie
Called around to a few vets and now have an appointment for chadwell animal hospital on July 18th since that's the earliest they can get them in on a Saturday. Already over the phone I am liking them better than where I have been going. I am happy to have an actual appointment cause I know I won't have to sit through 20 or more other animals being seen before I do due to walk in. I hate that about the vet I was seeing is that they don't do appointments on weekends and evenings. All I want is a vet who knows what they are doing and is capable to take time to talk about an animals welfare. Especially when it is the sugar gliders and I am still learning about them.
That's why I enjoy this site so much cause the questions I would have never thought to ask someone else does and I can learn something new. Just like I already learned that I would not ever breed my little girl. I had a friend ask to breed with her guy multiple times and I keep saying no and trying to tell her that it's not a good idea. Which taught me some people just don't know what they are doing even though they have a license through the state to breed. Without learning about this site I would probably be as blind as her when caring for sugar gliders. I even had a friend that had one and don't believe they need a friend or follow a special diet. So having communication with others who lived through ups and downs and actually learn from mistakes is helpful. And I hope the vet I see on the 18th will be just as helpful as the people on this site is. I want to learn as much as I can and hope that they live long happy lives.
Jul 6, 2015

 Vet visit

Posted by: JMarie
So today I was unsuccessful at at nail trimming. Stuart is a strong little guy and I'm to soft hearted. So I called my vet and asked them if they could so it and how much. 15 dollars each glider didn't sound bad and it was a walk in. So I decided to take Sugar and Stuart. I pack the car up with my parents and a 2 year old along with two gliders. Well we get to the vets and my son is all over the place checking out two cats that need forever homes and everyone's doggies. Thankfully everyone was so kind and so were the animals. He even spotted a box someone had so he ran over and peaked in. The lady was nice and let him pet the bunny that was just chilling in the box. Finally after two hours of petting every dog that came in the door we went back. I was happy at first cause it was my turn. That changed quickly when the vet came and checked them out and said "I will see what I can do". Oh no this don't sound good at all. Well he took them to another room and was gone for about 5 minutes. I thought he was cutting the nails as I waited but instead he came back and said he can't cause they are to squirmy. He said I can come back Thursday at noon and he can sedate them and do it. He even admitted after that that he didn't have the right clippers. OMG what vet sees gliders and don't know what they are doing when it comes to basic care. So I decided no more not returning to him with my small babies. So now the search of a new vet is in need. I have two in mind I am going to call tomorrow morning...first thing in the morning. Two close ones to me is chadwell animal hospital and hunt valley animal hospital. I don't want my guys sedated. My dog I have to have sedated to be groomed but that's cause he is aggressive and won't let anyone do it. But sugar gliders are so small and fragile (in my eyes) that if sedated I would be to afraid of the side affects and what if they gave to much then that would not be good.
I think I am done venting. If anyone deals with hunt valley animal hospital or chadwell animal hospital and can let me know how they like them would be nice and appreciated.
Thanks for letting me vent it feels much better since nobody in my house wants to hear me complain.
Jul 6, 2015

 SM from foot injury

Posted by: ANHudson
My female glider, Lotus, started attacking her foot after the circulation was cut off from the foot (she'd gotten it tangled up in a rather worn pouch--in hindsight, I really should have replaced it sooner). She'd been on pain meds, an anti-inflammatory, and an antibiotic, and both my vet and I believed she was really making a recovery. But about two weeks after the initial injury, about the time that I had to start pulling back on her pain meds because she wasn't eating (dropped 87g-83g in a little under a week), she started attacking the foot. She'd exposed two bones and ended up needing the digits amputated.

Surgery went well, but she hasn't been adjusting well to the e-collar they put her in (I was advised to leave it on at least 3 weeks). She fights it constantly and has even managed to rip off one of her nails fighting it. It kills me to see her so miserable. I've read that e-jackets may be an alternative to the e-collar, but will it prevent her from getting at that hind foot?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
Jul 3, 2015


Posted by: Regina_fallangi99
My sugar glider is kinda big and I want him to get skinnier and I'm not sire what kind of exercise to give him or even the food. So anything would help thanks.
Jun 29, 2015

 My tame sugar glider is jealous?

Posted by: sweetNneat2
I need some serious help. I have a sugar glider who was so close to bonding with me. But then I went out and got her a cage mate. I set the cages side by side and for a week switched the cages atound. Ever since I got this new suggie my very tamed one has been biting me and crabbing at me. What happened? Is she jealous?
Jun 27, 2015

 about my journey as a sugar glider parent so far

Posted by: JMarie
Well lets see where to start...a few years ago I asked my parents if I was allowed to get a sugar glider and the answer was no. I had a freind who had one and I absolutely fell in love with their little cuteness (who wouldn't they are just so adorable). Since I live with my parents I have to get the ok for any animal that comes into this house...although I ignored that fact when I bought a puppy to try and help teach my son responsibility and I'm the one cleaning doggie mess cause he acts like it is some kind of disease. I actually got yelled at like I was a 10 year old who brought a stray home lol. Well my parents meet the pup and fell in love like they always do with puppies. So I tried for a for Basically every animal I asked to bring into the house was a no so I basically gave up.

Well Pocket Pets was at the mall and my mother fell in love (it must be a love at first sight with sugar gliders cause everyone always seems to want them from that moment). My parents fell for the whole sales pitch and got two and thought they would be great for my kids. Stuart and Sugar (male and female suggies) the cage, food, and everything else they sold to go with them. They followed what they said and I felt uncomfortable with it all after I sat and listened to a cd that came with them. Of course they said dont listen to anything websites say and that made me curious as to why. First though I contacted my friend and asked him what he feed cause I remembered he never feed pellets. Well he just feed his whatever he ate and that didnt seem right to me either so I decided research. I am so glad I did research and found this site. I had confusion on food and only knew I wanted away from Pocket Pets pellets and vitamins. I was so scared I was gonna under or over due the vitamins. They said a sprinkle and I am sure my sprinkle is not the same as everyone else's sprinkle. I was really confused on how much fruit and veggies also. So I came on here and thankful someone was nice and helped guide me in the right direction.

I was gonna go with the BML diet and was out to get all the hings I needed but before I went to the grocery store I figured it would be smart to get the stuff needed from the pet store. Sounded easy enough at first. No ordering online makes fast switch away from pellets. Well I searched and searched and for some odd reason everyone was out of rep-cal calcium. Go figure one ingredient I needed and nobody had it available. So I decided if I have to order that one ingredient then whats the difference in ordering wombaroo high protein. I can look more into other diets. I read more into the diets and came to really like the sound of gliderkids staple. Hey if one didnt work out I had more options and more variety of fruits and veggies. I oordered what I needed and waited for the wombaroo high protein and the now calcium to come in he mail. I was really impressed with how fast I received everything. Once I had that I headed off to the store to buy the rest of the ingredients. I have learned that I truly hate the smell of hard boiled eggs but hey I dont have to smell that every day thankfully. The first night I feed gliderkids staple 1 they seemed a little hesitant at first but sure enough they gobbled that down. The next morning everything but their veggies was gone.

Now everytime I go to the store I try to pick up a new veggie and fruit for them to try. I learned they are picky. They absolutely hate spinach and blackberries. They dont care to much for carrots, okra, raspberries, asian pears, papaya, or bananas. They love blueberries, corn, peas, kale, yellow bell peppers, peaches, mangos, and apples. Okra they only touch if raspberries are ontop to where the juices absorb into the okra but they usually leave a lot of both. I have just started to look at what type of fruits and veggies I should avoid feeding a lot of even though I knew about mixed veggies because of corn. So there is still learning to be done in that area and I am slowly getting the hang of it. I even learned how to do the ratios. It kinda stinks though cause the grocery store down the street from me doesn't carry a good selection at all in fruits or veggies.

I have learned how to make some toys and thanks to my dad owning a rotary tool that saved me on cost. I am constantly looking at toys others made to get ideas and every chance I get I fiddle around on color combos and putting things together (mostly when my 2 year old is sleeping). I have learned how to make no sew pouches cause I stink when it comes to sewing. I have tried multiple times making things in my past and I just can never get the stitching straight or right in any way. I plan to buy few cage sets in the future. And maybe toys that others made but first I have to focus on things that are needed that I cant do myself.

I am happy my parents had took their hands out of the main care for them and are allowing me to make the best decision on the suggies care. With that I have been able to make sure they get the best care I can give them to thrive in captivity.

Wow that was a lot more than I planned on typing at one time. I am shocked my 13 year old with adhd had not come talked my ear off while fidgeting and my 2 year old begging for my attention after 2 minutes of play. I have so much more to say but I think I wrote enough for this entry. As I learn more and experience much more I will post an update on the little fuzzies.
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