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Oct 10, 2014

 Poor baby

Posted by: Glideralycia

I have a pair of gliders that breed and they had two Joeys OOP on August 10,2014. My pair has had 6 litters since she was 8 months and my friend who is also a breeder thought I should separate them because my momma wasn't taking care of herself she was looking all nappy her fur wasn't soft anymore. About 3-4 weeks later I found out I may be loosing my apt so I bought a different cage I put the parents together with the joeys. The male joey had a home I was just waiting for him to be old enough and the little girl I named mystique I was gonna keep her she WAS very bonded to me she'd even sleep in my hand. I thought dad would be ok and accept both babies. WELL I WAS WRONG HE ACCEPTED THE BOY JOEY FINE. BUT the girl my baby he jumped on her and attacked her I kept telling him twilight stop I kept trying to get him off, I tried to get her and because she was so scared she'd bite me. But after maybe 3 min or less I got her out. The only prob now is she's so scared now she is so scared of me now. I just want her back to what she was a happy bonded baby. Every time I just reach my hand in her cage she gets on her back legs with her Hands up crabbing and lungs at me........ Please anyone advice I've never had this happen before in the 5 years I've raised gliders I don't know what to do

Oct 7, 2014

 did I buy an unhealthy sugarglider?

Posted by: Happysweeta
I bought a fiver year old female sugar glider about 3 days ago and it is so different from my male sugar glider. She is very very sweet she gives kisses and let's you pick her up no problem. She is always sleeping though and doesn't move much. She's over weight and her tail is this and scraggly looking unlike my males who's is very strong. When I got her the owner have her a big chunk of bread for a snack I didn't say anything but I knew that wasn't healthy and they said she loves bread. When I took her home she will eat and drink but only if you put it in her face. She also doesn't have a good grip. Is this just an unhealthy diet? I've been feeding her egg and apples with calcium of course. She also loves her pellet food I think that's kinda strange seeing as my boy chews on it and spits it out. Please if some one reads this tell me what to do! Thank you
Sep 27, 2014

 mating question

Posted by: heymaaa
are sugar gliders started mating yesterday and was at it off and on for over 12 hours is that normal?
Sep 22, 2014


Posted by: Mikaandlolli
I have 2 female sugar gliders. One names mika who is 8 months and lolli who is 3 months. When I first introduced them they got along pretty well but the longer it's been since lolli joined our family she has become very cruel to my other glider. It started out not letting her eat or stealing all of her food so I eventually separated them during food time. Now lolli always starts balling up and fighting with mika and I'm very worried. I keep having to keep them separated but I got two so they wouldn't be lonely so I hate it! I don't want to have to keep them apart but I don't want either of them getting hurt too. What do I do?
Sep 21, 2014


Posted by: Animal lover 51
Ok so it has been about 4 weeks since I have had Candy and Dess they don't bite me anymore and they fall asleep in my hands while they are asleep I pet their chests and heads they love to be held when they are sleeping but when they are awake they hate it and prefer to be gliding or climbing everything.
Sep 10, 2014

 Very confused need help... With feedings

Posted by: Hope
Hello I'm new on here & I'm so confused due to all the different options on here. I had a sugar Glider that we rescued from a flea market in Florida for a little over ten years named Shelby. She was in great shape, healthy, loved me & the cats use to jump up on the cage & she would clean their fur... She did bark when she wanted me & she did change her sleep habits to mine which I know you can do cause Shelby did it. 14yrs ago they weren't as popular as they are now. Anyway I have cancer my son & I were coming home from the hospital & we stopped at this small pet shop to get a beta for our small bubble wall tank. When we went in I noticed the cages on the side plus this women was selling prairie dogs, squirrels, & other exotic pets which I thought was unusual due to we live in NY. I didn't think we could do that. Anyway That's how Hope found us... She was in the last cage & the most expensive due to she is a cremino sugar glider. Which again to me is that means the color & that's it. Anyway I got rid of everything from Shelby due to how much it hurt to loss her plus I said I would never have another. They are a lot of work plus commitment worse than a dog in a lot of ways but they also have a lot of good traits but only to a true lover of a sugar glider. So we had Shelby over ten years she was healthy we fed her grapes as a treat & she loved them. She would take her little hands crack them open eat them & throw the skin away. We fed her parrot food the one that looked like foot loops. (Don't remember the name) and put honey treats hanging in her cage and that was pretty much it. Well when we were at the pet shop Hope was in the cage with two other gliders but Hope was by herself the second I saw her my heart stopped. I literally gasped & thought she looked like a little angel. I immediately asked if I could see her & the young girl said she doesn't really like people but when I put my hand in started talking to her she went in my hand laid down sucked on my finger along with licking it. Next thing it was almost two hours later she was still sleeping as I held her close to my chest. My son knew I wanted her & due to me being sick I'm home 24/7 now. He thought that I never do anything for myself so to go ahead & get her. We left & not even a hour later I called them asked if she was still there & decided to go get her. I felt a connection with her right away & when I went to put her down she held my finger everybody in the store that worked there couldn't believe it & said they never saw that. My son & I agreed to get her. I felt she was not happy there & with the addition on my room for all my machines Hope's cage fit perfect not that far from me. I bought their starter kit Again due to I don't have any of Shelby's things. But I've already replaced almost everything that was in the starter kit due to how cheap it is but I really didn't have a choice on what I could & couldn't buy at that time it was $225 the cage looks like a little house. I got Hope July 28th. The bonding pouch is already ruined but I found a beautiful large pink one on Ebay along with her new cage which is thicker iron which is 32-19-62 I always believe they should have lots of room. So here's my problem I know what toys to give her but due to all the changes & reading about all the food comments on here it actually scares me to think I'm hurting her. I have Exotic Nutrition Glider Booster, Exotic Nutrition Glider-Cal, & Exotic Nutrition Glider Complete. I don't really think she needs the extra Glider-Cal & Glider Booster I sprinkle a little on her juice. I give her 100% juice she likes grape juice & V8 100% juice ( you do have to be careful due to it will say real juice but only be 5% juice. I do put in fresh things everyday & have tried different things kinda as a trial & error to see what she likes & what she doesn't. One of the things I did find was when I separate things on tiny plates she picks the one she likes but the other day I did do something different & she really liked it. Throughout the day she likes to sleep in the bonding pouch & I put her in my sports bra lol... She stays there & she will let me know when she wants a drink which is about 2-3x's a day. I give it too her on a baby's Medicine spoon but the other day I put the remainder of the juice that she didn't want over the pellets along with a little bit of honey & it has fruits & veggies in the mix but I always add small chopped up things that I've learned she likes into the Glider Complete. She loves it & I make two a day & she eats both of them. So this is my question. Is this wrong? Am I hurting her by feeding her This Glider Complete. It's not her 100% diet cause like I said I add fresh veggies & fruits. The new stuff I put separately on a side dish & in the morning around 7-8am she calls for me to get her & I look to see what she eats. The other day when I gave her juice like I normally due ( she has a side dish with water in it 24/7) she wanted to eat so I fed her some she ate then went back to bed. Please give any thoughts on this. I'm sorry it's long but I wanted to give all the info on her. So she gets Exotic Nutrition Glider complete with some very little honey over it, some juice to soften the pellets, fresh veggies & fruits mixed in the total amount is a 1/2 cup. She won't eat it if it's but in refrigerator over night but will eat both helpings if made that day & the other half does get refrigerated & given later lol she's picky.... She also gets 100% juice 2-3x's a day, her snacks are variety of mixed fruits & veggies to see what she likes & doesn't like, she does get mealworms but counted out each day & only gets 5 of them some days she eats them some days she don't. Whatever she doesn't eat in that 24hrs gets thrown away...she doesn't like yogurt. Again sorry so long. Thank you for any help or fed back
Sep 3, 2014


Posted by: Animal lover 51
Candy hates me but has a little bit of trust. Instead of gliding to get away she glides to me. Dess also glides but only to me thanks to his shyness.
Aug 27, 2014

 Lil Dipper's first glide!

Posted by: lunasmomma
tonight while playing with my babies, dipper jumped from my shoulder over to a hanging towel! I have had all my babies for about 3 years now and have never seen her glide. she is a little chunker (healthy but husky) and mostly jumps from place to place, eats, and sleeps. it wasnt a far glide (maybe about a foot) and then tried to glide again! im so proud of my little chunky monkey! yaay little dipper!!!
Aug 19, 2014

 Glider water question

Posted by: Glidergir1
Hi I'm new to this website so sorry if I'm putting this on the wrong forum. Can I use my refrigerator water for my gliders? That's the water i drink. And if I happen to have to take my glider somewhere and don't know if the water is safe can I use nursery baby water for the gliders? I always think it's safer because it's baby water but I don't know.

Aug 17, 2014

 Just curious

Posted by: Hcheek
Seeing some of the other posts and questions and talking with other glider owners I know I'm a little confused about mine. I've only had her about 3 weeks and she will nibble at my finger if I have grape juice on me but that's about it and she never bites hard. She also always stays right with me all the time. She will hop off occasionally but when I start talking she always comes back. Every time I open the door to her cage she jumps right on my hand and runs up my arm. I'm just curious as to why she does that? From what I've read here an other places they have a tendency to run away and bite you A LOT. I've read that from people who have had theirs for over a year or more so why does my Starbucks never bite or run off?
Aug 15, 2014


Posted by: SydneySirois
So ive had my sugar glider for like 2 months and he was really just getting wicked bonded to me and today hes roaming around the living room like he always does and all of a sudden i look up and hes gone! all the doors to the rooms and laundry room were closed, how ever the kitchen is attached to the living room and there are spaces next to the fridge, dishwasher, and stove. also theres a whole in the wall right next to the fridge that im praying to god he isnt in. ive tried barking sounds, put out food... looked everywhere in blankets shirts towels... i presume he found a dark space and is sleeping through it all but im afraid if he is in the wall i will never get him back!i have work tonight but wen i get home he should be awake by 11ish.. so ill put his cage out in the kitchen and wait to hear any noises. there is noooo way he is outside unless somehow he got outside through the wall.. :(
Jul 22, 2014

 Proving Difficult

Posted by: suggiemom02
As much as it stinks having to sell the gliders it is proving very difficult. We paid 225 for everything they came with, plus we have probably 30$ worth of stuff we bought seperate. Our asking price is the same we paid and ive had a few interested but some never call, some change their mind. I really need to find them a home. Not only are we now in a financial struggle because of raised rent and things, but now there is a new pet policy. Any pets we have, we have to pay a pet deposit for and fill out paper work on too. Not to mention Mamaws breast cancer diagnosis,my nanas lung cancer scare, and my sister being pregnant. Things are so hectic and if we cant find them a home within the next 2 weeks idk what were going to do because i start back school and will possibly have a job as well. It really is bad planning and timing on my end. But i do have a couple that might be able to pick them up this weekend. I already talked to the woman, she has to wait till her husband is back in town from a work trip before she can give me a definite answer. Ugh things are just such crap right now and its so stressful. I hope things turn around soon.
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