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Jul 10, 2016

 Glider fight: one dies suddenly

Posted by: Cte111489
Hi, so I'm at a loss. My gliders were in a fight. No matter what I tried I couldn't get them to stop. So I grabbed one and pulled him away from the other. The one I didn't pull was bleeding from his mouth but he is ok. Then other I placed on my bed and when I looked to check on him. He would not move, almost like he was paralyzed. He was breathing, he could bite, but that was about it. I don't understand what happened. Could I have squeezed him too tight and crushed something? I didn't feel as if I were too rough? Or could something had happened during the trauma of the fight? I am heart broken. I do not understand

Jul 9, 2016

 Two male sugar gliders need a new home!

Posted by: morganf
Hi all, I'm posting because sadly I need to find a new home for my gliders. I am going to college and will not be able to care for them. When I originally got them my sister agreed to take care of them until I got my own apartment but she has changed her mind and I've realized that as a college student I will be very busy and probably unable to take care of them as well as I should. They deserve love and attention, so that's what I want to find for them.

My gliders are both unneutered males and are white faced with a lighter grey coloration (possibly white faced blondes). I named them Jinx and Felix but obviously you could change their names. They are brothers about two years old so they have a lot of life ahead of them. I received them as a gift from my father so he has their birth certificates and more information about their lineage that I can provide you (I don't have them at this moment, but I will post more info once I do). They are both well socialized, but mostly with me, so they may take a bit of time to warm up to new people. They haven't bit me since I first got them except for small nips when they come up to greet you. They also have not crabbed at anyone since first getting them so they are pretty relaxed around people, and once you get to know them you can grab them right out of the pouch, no problem. Neither is super dominant over the other, although they occasionally bicker at each other (they have never intensely fought or hurt eachother). They also have never exhibited self harming behaviors which can occur, especially when unneutered. When I took them to the vet she said they were perfectly healthy and that they were "very well behaved for sugar gliders." They both are pretty relaxed and spend a lot of time snuggled up but they love to get crazy on the wheel and explore my room. Jinx is slightly lighter in color and has a larger white patch on his head (where his scent gland is). He is also a bit more timid and tends to freeze up when others are around, but once he is socialized with you, he will grow more comfortable. Felix is much more outgoing and loves to come to the front of the cage to greet people, especially if they have food (he is a bit greedy, but doesn't eat too much and is a healthy weight). Their favorite snack of all time is yogurt or yogurt drops (I usually feed them gerber brand yogurt) and their favorite fruits are mangos and blueberries (although, they make a bit of a mess with the berries. they'll eat the insides and throw away the skins). They both truly are wonderful gliders and are sure to steal your heart!

(Here is a link to a video of them on youtube if you would like to see more of them:

I'm not trying to make money off of them, but I also do not want to list them as completely free as to not attract the wrong type of people. I am listing the price as $500 for both of them (I will not give them away separately, as they are bonded) along with all of my supplies except for the cage (it is getting a bit old and they should have a new one). The price, however, IS negotiable. I just want to find them a good home. So if there is someone I feel is best for them, I may not ask for much at all.
The supplies I have are bonding pouches, pouches for sleeping in the cage, climbing ropes, food bowls, a water bottle (the other one is leaky so I am not giving it away, however, they should have two water bottles), and a cage set. I also have some padding for the bottom of the cage as well as some leftover cage cleaner and odor remover. If you would like my food supplies, vitamins, and beaba ice trays (I used all these to make the BML mix), you can have those as well.
I live in Bethesda, MD, in the Washington DC area, I would much prefer if someone would come pick them up, but we can work that out when the time comes.
Again, PLEASE only contact me if you know how to properly care for them and will give them all the love they deserve. I care for them deeply and hate to see them go, although I know it's for the best.
If you are interested, email me at or text at 301-275-0426. Please don't call, as I probably will not answer to an unknown number.
I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!
Jul 9, 2016

 Desperate need for new home!! Near Chicago

Posted by: Bianca
My female 4 year old sugar glider needs a new home ASAP. I fear she is going to be depressed because I only have one and I am the only one in my house who cares for her and she doesn't get attention when I'm at school. I really want to keep her because I love her but I rather give her up if she'd be happy. She is so sweet. She almost died when she had to get her tail amputated when it got stuck in a toy. Please will someone caring take her and give her the love she deserves. I am going back to school in August.
Jul 6, 2016


Posted by: Ajpeach501
I've recently got a sugar glider about 3-4 months ago and he bonded to me no problem. Ever since I got him he has always nibbled on me and it never really bothered me much but he's getting older now and still hasn't stopped. Since he's older his bites are starting to hurt more and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to stop it.
Jul 5, 2016

 New glider nibbles HELP

Posted by: Harmony552
hello! I just got my glider about a week ago and she is 12 weeks! (I've never had one before so I'm very cautious with anything/everything I do with her and need all the advice I can get!) well I've held plenty of baby gliders before and have never delt with one like mine, Harmony. I have done everything I'm supposed to, cut up an old shirt that has my scent and put it in her cage, her bonding pouch, and sleeping pouch. She is very comfortable in her bonding and sleeping pouch and seems to be getting used to the surrounding areas. Well i have been slowly trying to pick her up/ let her crawl on me. Every time I try to let her crawl on me she'll nibble a few times (it feels like nothing) and then she'll chomp down. (She very rarely crabs, today was actually her first time crabbing at me and it scared me to death because she's never done it before!) I've read that it's normal for her, do I just need to be patient and this phase will pass.. Or what? I just want to hold her, but I can't if she draws blood every time... Please help :(
Jul 1, 2016

 How Do I Bond With My Seven Month Old Female

Posted by: WestGrayson
I have a seven almost eight month old female glider, she will "attack" my hand if i approach her while she is awake. I have had her for almost a month know and we got her from a home that feed her well and treated her well but just did not have the time for her. she tends to be crappy in the bonding pouch if moved around unless she is fully asleep, she also has gotten kind of used to me as in she does not chatter near as much, I would like to know if she can be boned, i would hate to have a "wild" glider, I also have seen the let her bit you things but it hurt my father and i would assume that if would hurt me, if anyone knows of any tips/ticks please send them this way, anything helps. Thank You. -Grayson West

Jun 30, 2016

 i should start a journal

Posted by: BYK_Chainsaw
Riggs is doing great. He will take a treat then just jump on my shoulder out of the cage. But then he goes to the floor and runs away, the guy is a real little explorer. I let him check out the bedroom for awhile. I been picking up some of my gliders (i mean my wife's gliders hehe), trying to get them less nervious about being picked up.
Big mama continues her long slow progress, letting me pet her and showing less interest in biting then ever before. Someday she won't run away when I pet her outside of the pouch and she doesn't have a treat.

before work took new glider out for a moment, mary took off to top of cage, but took a few treats without biting. gus sat on my hand and got a few yogurt drops. Gus is a great glider

journal time - had a small scare the other day. got home from work in morning and one glider was awake. so gave him a treat, next thing I know I have four looking for a few treats. I put them back in cage and started eating/dog walking/ and getting ready for bed. Right before bed, I did a quick head count (I had the cage door open awhile giving them treats and pets). 3 in pouch, 1 in food bowl and one in other pouch...5, I need 6.
I did the count 3 more times and only 5 gliders. looked over cage, and 5. just about the time I was going to call the wife with a missing glider alert... I spot number 6!!. We have a small plastic toy in cage, looks like a watering can for flowers. We put treats in the cans and they get the treat out going halfway in, but never have they gone all the way in, and he was sitting in it like he was driver a car. But I found him!
Jun 28, 2016

 I need a good diet that I can freeze

Posted by: GliderMoM6
I currently have 6 gliders 3 adults and 3 of their babies, planning to have dad neutered next week! (I think there are more babies coming!) anyways right now I feed frozen mixed veggies, frozen mixed fruits ( strawberry,banana,peaches, also fresh fruit like apple, oranges along with a pellet food that has fruits in it, I Also give some yogurt, baby foods and watermelon and other fresh fruits on and off, they all seem to love the variety, I also include a small pinch of calcium powder sprinkled over all every night at feeding, oh, they also get the HPW that I make into ice cube trays, I would like to streamline and make something that I can freeze , so can all this be blended and frozen into ice cube trays?
Jun 19, 2016

 My Suggie Intro!

Posted by: TealSuggie
Hi! My names Maddi, and I have 2 adorable sweet suggies named Panda, and Stitch!
I've had them for over a few months now and I've been doing research left and right! So I know quite a bit about having a healthy glider!

It's nice to meet y'all!

Jun 5, 2016

 It was Twins!!!

Posted by: annafntnt
Well the babies were OOP last night. I expected 1 but there were 2!!! I handled them for litterally 1 min and made sure to get them back to mommy. And tonight ill be checking the sexs. Im so excited!!!
Jun 4, 2016

 New sugar glider nibbles

Posted by: Gizmo97
My gliders name is gizmo he is about 12 weeks and he's kind of difficult to bond with ( not that I'm complaining ) he bites a lot. I've started putting my hand in the cage and letting him smell me and make the first move but sometimes he bites me! I know they do that, I've researched it. He will start by nibbling but then will bite down really hard. Is this going to stop when he bonds? He crabs once and a while but no where near as much as he did when I first got him. He will also bite when he's just walking around on me. What do I do when he bites me? ( besides not flinch)
Jun 1, 2016

 Made a new cage set!

Posted by: annafntnt
I made a new cage set for my 3 soon to be 4 suggie bears!!! They love it... I love it...YAY!! Lol
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