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Oct 13, 2016

 I feel like I'm contradicting my glider.

Posted by: Austinr317
So iv posted a couple of entries already, my gliders still aren't getting along but I feel like they are getting used to each other's scent. Anyways, the reason I am posting now is for a different reason than the last. I have had Patrick for a solid month now. Maybe even more than a month, I don't really know now. Well I know gliders bite and I know you are not supposed to give in when they bite you. I can't tell you how many times he has hit me and drawn blood when I try to pet him. Recently he seems like he really doesn't want to draw blood. But at the same time he seems like he doesn't mind doing it at all. I try to reach in and pet him at least 2 times a day. Each time he will make some attempt at grabbing my finger and giving me a warning bite. But recently ever since I have been changing his diet and even changing his social pattern, he has no trouble biting me harder than normal. I have him in his bonding pouch right now and I just reached in to let him and he straight up grabbed my finger and sink his teeth into my finger. I don't flinch, nor did I make a sound. He backed off and I continued to let him, but one minute later I went to let him again and he did the same thing. Should I just stop letting him? Is he annoyed with me? I can only tolerate so many wounds on my hand before I need to take time to heal.

Oct 11, 2016

 Bonding with the new guy is going well

Posted by: Austinr317
In under a week he seems to really like me. He has no problem eating out of my hand and even jumps on my hand and runs up my arm as soon as I reach in to pet him. Then he goes and falls asleep in my hand today. Bonding is going really well.

Oct 10, 2016

 New Suggie, new problems.

Posted by: Austinr317
Iv been kind of lurking on this site for a while, looking up answers to questions and learning new things. So this is my first entry, im hoping to get some insight and maybe a solution.

So about a month ago i was gifted my first sugar glider from a friend. I named him Patrick (you just gotta look at him, totally looks like a patrick). Of course, he was crabbing, biting, avoiding me, hiding when i look at him. New glider, not bonded, its expected. Anyway within a month id like to think i have made some good progress. Hes not crabbing at all anymore, He doesn't snatch food away from me anymore, he gently takes it and he even eats it right in front of me and lets me pet him for a solid 30 seconds now before he slaps my finger away. He doesnt go for blood when he bites anymore, its more of a "give me space" or "watch it or else" bite. Today i bought him some super worms for the first time and he absolutely loves them. He was climbing on the cage waiting for me to give him one, he has never done this before for anything so id like to take this as a small victory, even if it was just for the worm.

So i have been doing research and i already knew gliders are very social and they do not like being kept alone at all. In fact the only reason why he was alone was because of financial reasons and i had to save up a little bit before i could get him a friend. I bought a second glider just 2 days ago. I did this in hopes that it would ease the bonding stage a little bit and also i dont want my sugar baby to be sad or lonely. The previous owner of Patrick to my knowledge only had Patrick. He is a little over a year she said, so that is a very long time to go without a friend.

So i was hoping that Patrick would welcome his new friend with open arms but it was actually the opposite. I got in a tent (neutral territory) and after a 5 minute game of hide and seek with the new one, patrick finally had the other one face to face. After a stale mate for about 3 seconds, patrick lunges at the poor new guy (havent named him yet so its new guy, but ill just refer to him as NG from now on). I seperate them, let them calm down, and i try again. Same thing, of course they fought on my arm this time and patrick sunk his teeth really deep into my arm, i knew it was an accidental "blind fire" so i just took it. i didnt want to move or force them together, i was just there just in case. For the most part i just sat there and observed.

After the second confrontation i put patrick back in his cage and kept NG in the tent. So now im wondering, what should i do to have them get along? Some basic info about the 2 gliders. Both male, Patrick is over 1yr old, NG is 3 months old. Both have all their parts (not neutered). Patrick is usually either shy or moody, NG is really energetic and friendly. Is it possible that they just wont ever get along? Its only been one day since they have met so i know im mostly just being paranoid. Is neutering going to have to be done to one or both of them?

No matter what happens im willing to work something out, even if that means keeping them in seperate cages and handling them separately. I have 2 bonding pouches and 2 beds so that wont be a problem and NG can just use the tent as a home until i figure something out.

Any help or suggestions you guys can give me would be awesome.
Sep 26, 2016

 Sugar Glider needs home near chicago!!!

Posted by: Bianca
I have a female sugar glider who is about 4 years old who needs a home! She is so sweet and fun but she needs a home with other gliders. I can't give her the attention she needs now that I am off at school. She is lonely and needs a loving home with friends! I live near chicago, will anyone want to take her and give her the love she deserves?
Sep 25, 2016

 They were acting normal!

Posted by: KitandKat
I recently adopted two male sugar gliders from a lady two towns away. I have had them for a little less than a week. Every morning I replace the shirt in their cage with the one I wore that night. The lady I got them from told me they get up at 10pm and go to sleep at about 8am. They did this for about three days! I recently bought a banana hammock for them, and they slept in in the first time last night. I noticed that very little food was eaten(they eat like crazy before this), they made no noise(I am a deep sleeper, but I normally wake up to the bells they are playing with), and when I woke up, they were still asleep. They were up for about an hour, and Kit tried to use the bathroom(seemed to struggle), they ate some food, and have fallen back asleep. Let me note that they are still asleep and it is 11:58pm right now.
Sep 24, 2016

 stress? cannobilsm

Posted by: Glidergirl52
hi. I have a sugar glider named dixie and about 4 days ago two joeys came out of pouch and she cannobolized them. I took out the old bags and put in new ones but this morning i realized that one of her eyes was swollen also she is blind in one eye so her good eye is swollen. Also the male, chip will not go in the same pouch as her, are they fighting? Also she hasn't been sleeping much and she has been a lot more active? please help someone
Sep 20, 2016

 What does this sound mean? (ChirpHisssssss)

Posted by: Kingofoofies
hey guys! Winston makes This noise when he is in his pouch and awake. If i reach my hand in the pouch, tickle him a bunch, and then pull my hand out, he pops his head out and makes this noise every time. While my hand is in the pouch he gently nibbles on my hand.

Just want to make sure that this is a "do that some more, i like it" sound and not a "stop touching me inside my pouch" sound. The biting is also confusing if they are playfull nibbles or warning nibbles. He never bites me, (any type) any other time.

This is exactly the sound without the clicking
He is a boy of about 6months old
Sep 16, 2016

 exotic nutrition instant HPW

Posted by: suggielover1212
So.. I use exotic nutrition HPW calcium powder (instant HPW) for my suggies.. this person told me the calcium powder can cause cancer and other sicknesses in suggies.. i tried searching everywhere and couldn't find anything about that! Does anyone know if this is true? Thanks.
Sep 13, 2016

 New Gliders!

Posted by: oliviabrooke
i am a new glider owner! I friend gave me a glider that is four years old due to her not having the time to spend with her! I work from home and I have always wanted one so I have done a good bit of research! I am getting my gliders this weekend and I am so worried about introducing them! Bell is a 6 month old female and she is from a breeder. And Izzy is a 4 year old female that i bought from a friend! her partner died a few months ago. What is the best way to introduce them???
Sep 7, 2016

 Anyone in the Tacoma Washington area willing to watch my gliders?

Posted by: chardeemacdennis
Hi - I'm new to this forum but have 3 sugar gliders. I've had them since Feb of this year and need to find someone locally who could watch them for a week in October. I've taken them to a vet to be boarded back in April but am not confident with their care. I'm struggling to find a place locally to watch them. I'm new to this area and don't know a lot of people. I will provide the cage and food etc and am just looking for someone to keep the cage in their home while I'm gone. I will pay you! I would just prefer someone who already has experience with them. They are very easy going - and quite honestly only need their food replaced nightly. Please contact me if you would be willing to do this! Thank you so much!
Aug 29, 2016

 Help! They are fighting!

Posted by: Ritaann1027
Please help!

I just bought two female sugar gliders that are approximately 6 mths old. In the original owners home, they were severally neglected. They were hardly ever handled and their cage was extremely unkept. Probably NEVER CHANGED. Heartbreaking!

I have had them less than a week. Our family has been bonding with them. Tonight we had a break through!! The smaller female was playful n loving. But to my dismay, we noticed a patch of hair the size of a finger tip missing from the larger one. She stayed on the other side of the cage hiding. Shaking. When I put the small one back in the cage, she immediately attacked the bigger one. Gnawing on the injured girls back. She was screaming in pain. I tried to pull them apart. She was so aggressive! I finally banged on the caged and the set separated to different sides. Her back is raw.

I have since separated them. Why now? What can I do to help this baby heal faster (ointment) ?

Aug 29, 2016

 Hi!!! I'm soon to be a sugar glider owner, Need help on what to get.

Posted by: SugarGlider1129
Hi!!! Um I've been doing a ton of research on sugar gliders and I want a pair, maybe three, I also know that pocketpets is a bad website, I know my grandmas neighbor and i visited her and she has a ton of sugar gliders! I played with them for about an hour and I really am looking forward to keeping these guys forever! thing is she wont hand them off to anyone with no knowledge, I know way more now than the time I visited her, and I was Hoping I could get all the best Info on what to buy and what to feed them and things like that(I am gonna do the BML diet and I found a few), toys, cages, I mainly shop at petsmart, so any advice at all is helpful, thanks so much!!! :)
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