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Jul 15, 2020

 ISO Home/Rescue

Posted by: MAPERK3550
We have had two sugar gliders for 7-10 years now, and one of the was killed by our cat this morning. The male has never been alone & we are looking for someone with another sugar glider to take him in. Located in KY. Please message me if you know of someone!

Jul 12, 2020

 Male parts hanging out

Posted by: momo1602
So my male has been having his male parts hanging out for quite some time now. It has been happening every day in the last week and I'm very worried all the time. So I check up on him every 4-6 hours. Every time I see his genitalia hangs out I always put some KY jelly and so far it always went back in. I have brought him to the vet as well and the vet doesn't see the problem because it keeps coming back in, but I'm really worried because it keeps on hanging out. And I always put some KY jelly every time I see it hangs out. Should I be worrying too much or it's normal? also how long does it take for it to go back in? and when should I help him after I see his parts hanging out, should I wait a day or couple of hours and let him do his own thing before putting the KY jelly? He also has a female cage mate by the way. Thanks for you answers
Jul 8, 2020

 Excessive head rubbing

Posted by: Axlbabyglider
Hi guys,

Just a question regarding gliders rubbing their heads. My boy Axl keeps rubbing his head on his pouches and the cage to the extent that he has a huge bald patch on his head. I personally think its because he can smell my other gliders as he's not neutered as he's slightly disabled on his back legs (but he's happy and adapted fine and gets check ups often from the vet). My vet doesn't see anything wrong with his health so he's fine in that aspect and he has a cage mate so it can't be depression or loneliness as I honestly do anything for him hes super special.

I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this or if you know of any tricks or tips to help the hair regrow?

Thanks guys
Jun 25, 2020

 TENT bonding

Posted by: BatGirl
The tent playtime seems to definitely help with bonding to my little darlings.

I have this small 6'x6'x5' tent with a bottom in it, where I put an upside-down 5 gallon bucket covered by a pillow case inside it, that I next will capture my three Sugar Gliders, then put them all into it, with me, then zip it up tight and let 'em loose! My God this is so much FUN!!!

My little lovely boy Sugar Glider Aerrow will climb the covered bucket and jump to me - still trying to get the two girls to do it. He's so smart, and will climb up my back to my head and make a leap onto the cube nest/bed I use to capture them in, which is hanging from the peak of the tent. Starling, the daughter, likes to run laps around the tent - SO MUCH SPACE! The mom, Piper seems to go from corner to corner, where she'll back in as a defensive move. - she still has a feral streak in her that I'm still working on.

All three will let me handle them in the tent playground without my fleece gloves - just bare hands and no nips/bites. I usually treat them all afterwards to some canned insects (grasshopper, wax worm, superworm, etc.) for being so good! I have to wear a long sleeve shirt to avoid their tiny little claws when they climb... We carry on like this about once a week, after I slide the tent to a new location to avoid impacting the grass too much.
Jun 22, 2020

 Diet assistance for egg allergy

Posted by: Cookie bandits
I've taken in two gliders who were originally on pocket pets diet. The previous owner was informed of the dangers of feeding such a diet, and by the time she was looking to find them a new home they were eating cucumber, carrot and apple.

She informed me that my male was severely allergic to egg, which narrows the choices for a staple down to less than a handful. They are on Reep's and absolutely love it. Unfortunately the Ca:P ratio of Reep's is 1.2:1. I've been calculating day and night, rolling over in bed trying to create recipes of fruits and vegetables to bring up the calcium.

Does anyone else feed Reep's or have any thoughts on other staples that contain HPW powder, no eggs or a substitute for the egg offered by the creator?

These poor little guys have basically had a poor diet their whole lives (4 and 5 years) and I'm just trying to finally get it right, or at least do the best I can for them. If you could assist me or possibly point me in the right direction, I would be eternally grateful.

Thank you in advance for your time.
Jun 18, 2020

 Females fighting

Posted by: ldhdettmer
I have 1 neutered males and 4 females. All get along but 1 female got a bite on her back and I separated her from the rest. It's been about a month a she is well again and have tried putting her back with everyone but one of the females attacks her. Bringing again is not working. Would adding another neutered male help.

Jun 18, 2020

 Uploading avatar... Help, how on earth..?

Posted by: Petarus brevicapus fan
So I pick a photo and the website's like "fit it in to this box" And I'm like "I can't really do that.. OK, I'll try", and I decided not to save it because the website thought I was done before I was and i'm wondering if the photos I almost used are put up on the website?

Please help if you know anything about this! Thanks
Jun 7, 2020

 Im wondering....

Posted by: Frankjr11223
My sugar glider was 2 months home everything was fine I woke up today he was really weak wasnt moving around he was breathing but looked like he was having difficulty I called many exotic vets but only one hospital was available because the others were closed he was bleeding from his mouth and nose they refused to see him Im wondering if they can refuse treatment I had to take him to a normal vet were the doctor had many sugar gliders she had him in a oxygen tank he started responding but there wasnt much she can do I really wanna know if its legal for a hospital to refuse treatment
May 29, 2020

 Single mom, premature joey

Posted by: Chrislomas
We adopted a trio (1 male 2 females,not fixed) not to long ago and were having issues with the females fighting. We separated the females with the plan to introduce a new friend later. Well the original pair got pregnant, yay!. The problem is the single female got pregnant as well. Both are fine and healthy.

Up to a few days ago tje single moms joey was in pouch and ok. Last night we noticed a tail and back side of the joey out of pouch. Momma was trying to get the joey back in. Joey was still attached.

Tonight things have changed. The joey is oop. Its ears are up, but momma seems to be more interested in running on her wheel the being a mom. Held the joey just fine, put back in pouch and mom would go in for a second then leave.

When holding the joey and mom she would clean and the Joey tries to feed but mom moves on.

Not sure what to do.
May 27, 2020

 Need Help ASAP to stop glider from chewing at surgical site

Posted by: Xtonsuggieluv
We have a 3 year old sugar glider that somehow broke his little leg. We had it fixed twice but it wouldnt heal correctly. We did an amputation about 2 weeks ago. The vet put a thick bandage over it because he apparently has a bad habit of gnawing at it. We took him in for his follow up to get the little cast off and his staples out. Even while still under partial anesthesia, he immediately started biting at it. He actually bit himself so bad, they had to rewrap it. The vet called and I could hear him crabbing. They had to constantly stick a pen in to distract him. We got him and did our best to keep him from biting himself in the pouch. In that short ten minute drive, he bit other parts of his body and ripped the fur. The vet said to put him in a towel. We usually dont carry him around free. The vet cant tell us how to stop him from self mutilation (besides to watch him). I dont know how we can do that 24/7 for the next two weeks. I want him to live. Ive sunk about $1500 in to saving him. But, I am at wits end. I know he can have a good life if he would let it heal. But, how to get that to happen. Please advise. We are so desperate. This is horribly heartbreaking.
May 23, 2020

 I need help convincing my mom

Posted by: sangashley
how can i convince my mom to let me get them. my dad is completely on board with everything and ready, but my moms the problem. ive had them before and ive been missing them a lot lately. i still have their cage, all they beddings, toys, wheel, bowl, etc. i would just need to get new foods and the gliders. ive been saving up to be able to purchase two and my dad said he would help with food. my mom is slightly strict with animals. and ive been wanting one again so bad. any tips?
May 13, 2020

 I don't know my baby' morphs

Posted by: didi6129
I wondering my baby is platinum piebald mosaic?

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