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Sep 24, 2015

 Dying of Hunger?

Posted by: OlaFandBluv
Hi i did a lot of research on the internet and so i wrote all of the information on my "only glider info" book so then i proceed of asking my auntie what she had think about them

She thinks they are hard to take of and need to be handfeed at least once aa day or they won't touch the bowl and they die of hunger,She knows this from her friend who left her sugar glider one day found out that he died.

Also my auntie had one but died in a mouth of a cat,But i doubtly belive that my aunt researched anything about them WHAT SHOULD I DO!

Sep 20, 2015

 I am a new sugar glider owner

Posted by: Savannah.renee
I recently bought 2 three year old sugar gliders a few days ago. I've never ones one before and I've always wanted one. Me and my boyfriend enjoy sitting on the ground by their cage in a room that is fairly dark because I've read that too much light can hurt their eyes.
When we first bought them they were very active and wanted to see their new home. Second day owning them (today) they seemed kind of scared of us when we just sat there and watched them. We didn't try to pick them up, we gave each of them a small piece of tomato and that's it. They stared at us for a little bit then one of them decided it wanted to explore around the room. They other one just stayed in the cage and stared at us. It eventually got more active after 30 minutes. My boyfriend slowly moved his hand over to the one that was roaming around the room and it slightly bit him.

Does anyone have advice or tips for me? I want to make sure they're happy and healthy. And how should interact with them so they don't get scared?
Sep 20, 2015


Posted by: kayla
I was wondering if any of you guys know of a vet in my area around Kimberley BC? i have been trying to find one for awhile now but it seems no one knows about anything to do with these little guys. I had to bring one to the vet in town for an emergency once and they thought I was bringing in a horse and were not prepared for the small little guy that was in my pocket.
Sep 2, 2015


Posted by: heathersbabies
so i got my sugar babies about 4 years ago when i was 17. i thought i did more than enough research. i tried bonding with them but one of them was very mean (still is) and i started getting too scared to hold them. i've done the whole bathroom time, and bonding with them in a tent. but im not so sure they enjoyed it. i also used to carry them in bonding pouches but they would crab at the slightest movement. but i really want to be able to snuggle with them. is it too late? one of them is nice. when i feed them he lets me pet him. and i feed them treats off my hand every now and then. almost every night at around 4 am they bark for my attention and i bark back. it's cute. so can i start over and bond with them again? ......... thank you :) they were fixed about 3 years ago.
Sep 2, 2015

 HELP! Should I put them in the closet?

Posted by: emily37
I just moved to an apartment with my sugar gliders and its on a pretty noisy street. It's busy in the day and also at night. It's a very sunny room but they have their dark pouch anyways. For noise though from the street and people during the day, do you think that I should move their cage to my closet? There's enough space. If I did, would they rather be in there do you think? And would my clothes start smelling like them just from being in the same room? I'm thinking we would all get much better sleep but I don't know what the downfalls of moving them in there would be for them and myself.
Aug 18, 2015


Posted by: MikosMomma
My dwarf hamster recently passed away and I have some of her treats left. I was wondering if these would be okay to feed my suggies? I added the three pictures to this post.
Thank you in advance!! :)

Aug 15, 2015

 Sugar glider bonding

Posted by: Ninagvl
I'm 16 and I have a male sugar glider that is very young, I got a few months ago just out of pouch. I don't know if he's bonded yet. He jumps on me just fine. I watch tv with him he'll jump crunch to back to me. He doesn't crab then. Or if I grab him in cage. (But I use shirt to grab cause I don't wanna be but if he would, idk). But in bounding pouch he crabs a lot of I move or open it trying to get him. Or if I take him out his bed from cage trying to wake him up. He licks things off my finger though. He jumps one of it looks like I'll leave the couch to do something
Aug 6, 2015


Posted by: pikachoo and sqirrel
I am happy to announce I have sold some of my clothes and now I have bought some high protein instant HPW. And found out that the glider gravy the previous owners had given me I is actually HPW as well!! But still had to buy the other HPW bcuz their was only a tiny bit of glider gravy left#128544;#128554;#128557;#128557;
Aug 6, 2015

 Food agh

Posted by: Trobairitz
I've decided this journal is probably a more productive way to vent my flailing (but ultimately probably NBD) concerns, rather than constantly posting on my first thread.

Food is proving so difficult for so many reasons. I still have an ant problem (although I am moving soon, so hopefully they won't follow me) which means any food not sealed up attracts them, so any supper or anything for Ginny can't be left alone for 5 minutes or the ants will make it their supper. :/

Ginny is also either a picky eater, or I'm terrible at food for her, or something.

Veggies we have tried so far: (Frozen) carrots, peas, green beans, and corn, (fresh) celery, cucumber, sugar snap peas, avocado. Trying fresh broccoli tonight, and after that I'm going to retry the frozen mixed veggies. Maybe if I steam them first?
Fruits we have tried so far: (fresh) apples, mangoes, strawberries, red and green grapes.
Treats we have tried so far: peach yogurt, Happyyogi strawberry yogurt treats, Kaytee mixed berry yogurt chips, medium mealworms, apple juice.

Of those, she eats sugar snap peas, and at least nibbles on cucumber and avocado, but won't touch the rest of the veggies. She likes apples, mangoes, and grapes (green more than red, which is interesting), but not strawberries. And she will halfheartedly lick at the Happyyogi and the Kaytee yogurt chips and the mealworms if they're right in front of her nose, but for the most part she is totally uninterested in them. She LOVES peach yogurt (unless it's in frozen form, which I tried for homemade yoggies), and she adores apple sauce so much she will spend more time trying to get the last little bit of juice out of a juicebox than she does playing with all of the rest of her toys during tent time, if I let her.

It worries me that she doesn't like mealies or yoggies, since those seem to be every other suggie's favorite thing. And it is very inconvenient for multiple reasons that the treats she does like aren't solid. Maybe I could try dried fruit, but some people say dried fruit is bad because it is so low in moisture which is the opposite of what a sap sucker needs in food.

And what about foraging? That's kind of a behavior/food thing, but I see people talking about the time their suggies spend foraging and I don't know how to give her that stimulation. She has a hanging basket lined with fleece and full of fleece strips in her cage, as well as a basket resting on the cage floor that's full of pompoms and a few other balls, and I put little dinosaurs and puzzles and other small toys in there, changing it up every few days. I also sometimes put her fruit from her dinner (if it's reasonably solid) in one or the other, and also sometimes I'll put a treat in (usually a little yogurt in a plastic cup, since she doesn't like any more solid toys). I also move her food dish around, but she usually sees where I put it, since I give her supper after tent time, so I don't think that really does much good. I usually give her 3-4 pellets during the day in case she wakes up and wants a snack, and sometimes I'll put them inside two plastic shot glasses, so she has to take one out of the other to get to them. But is this what foraging is? Should I be doing something else?

I try to give her a new food consistently for 3-4 days when I first introduce it, but some foods (for example, avocado) seem like they can't possibly stay fresh that long. My sliced avocado was brown and unpleasant looking withing a few hours--which might be why she didn't finish it, if the green pieces in her bowl had gone brown and gross by the middle of the night. A ziplock of sliced mango turns into a questionable mush within 2-3 days, which is not great for if I want to give her mango one night and then other things for at least a few days to keep her from getting bored. Other fruits and veggies aren't quite as bad, but they still turn way too quickly. I try to buy things I like, too, so that I can eat the rest of it before it goes bad, but if I stuck to just things I like she wouldn't get enough variety.

(plus, the more things she tries and dislikes, the fewer fruits and veggies that overlap between the "things I like" and "things sugar gliders can safely eat and Ginny won't refuse to eat" lists)

(And then there are the foods that I don't know if they're safe or not. Apparently grapes are bad? But it's the skins, and she doesn't eat the skins, and she LOVES grapes. And Highland Sugar Gliders says dark greens like kale and spinach are bad, but other lists say they're fine?)

I think I'll try putting her on one of the salad mixes from the Critterlove page (probably the second one, it looks simplest) to try to solve the "food going bad too fast" problem, but even if/when I can get amounts measured in tablespoons/cups/etc I worry. What if she won't eat it? Some of the ingredients I've already tried and she doesn't like them.

I also can't tell if she's the right weight or not. I need to get a scale, but there don't seem to be any guides on what she should look/feel like in terms of weight, which is weird because from what I've read, ideal weight varies depending on the glider's overall size. She doesn't look skinny (I think?) and her patagium isn't thickened at all. When I hold her, I can easily feel the bones of her ribcage, shoulder blades, hipbones, etc, but her tummy also seems nicely full. I think she's ok? But with how she doesn't eat her supper, I worry she might be too thin.

At least she loves her critterlove complete. She's more excited about drinking it than about eating her fruit!

Of course now I'm also worried that that could be a sign something is wrong with her...
Aug 5, 2015

 Nail Trimming!

Posted by: Trobairitz
I tried to trim Ginny's nails for the first time today, and it went remarkably well! She was asleep tucked in fleece in my sports bra.

(I've been trying to gradually bra train her by putting her pouch food--grape halves, chunk of apple, etc--in my bra along with a piece of fleece, putting her in my shirt still in her sleeping pouch, and sneakily removing her sleeping pouch after she climbs out of it to investigate the fruit. ;) )

Anyway, it was 6 or 7 at night and she was fast asleep (still working on getting her sleep schedule a little more normal) tucked into the fleece with one hind foot poking out, and I figured "Now's my chance!"

I grabbed my cuticle trimmers, nail file, and styptic pencil, and I got to work. If I didn't get a clean trim on the first try, or if I used the file in a way that made her uncomfortable, or if I was holding her foot in a position she didn't like, she would jerk her paw back into the pouch. But when I gently brought it out again, giving her a little paw massage, she didn't protest (or even wake up) so I was able to get back to work.

I actually managed to trim (and file the rough edges) all of her nails! There was no cutting of the quick or bleeding or any other accidents. And in total, it took only 10-20 minutes, max.

She could still clamber and grab onto everything in her tent during tent time, too, so her shorter nails didn't cause her any trouble.

So glad this went so well!
Jul 31, 2015


Posted by: pikachoo and sqirrel
Ok so my last post I really need some answers!!! First off : how do us tell ur sugar gliders are bonded to you?#??! Second : I've had my boys for a little over 2 and a half weeks last night I decided to stay up all night to discover their sleep routine. I found that it seemed quite irregular to me... they finally wake up at about 1 am and then go back to sleep anywhere between 7-8... is this normal... I take them out a lot during the day. Could this be why they only play at night for that short of time??!?! Third : I made them a nesting box and one will go in but the other is absolutely terrified to go in so pikachu won't stay in there long without squirrel.... also please look on my other post/journal entry I have a lot more questions in there that desperately need to be answered!! One more thing how to u add pics to a journal entry?
Thanks in advanced
Jul 30, 2015

 Sugar glider shaking and scared

Posted by: Yodogdrew
My sugar glider is shaking uncontrollably and is scared of every slight movement that I make and doesn't want to come to me, he just runs all around his cage. this is very strange because I have had him for about 5 months and he has never acted like this. It seems like he is very scared :(
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