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Jul 3, 2021

 4 am crazy? Normal?

Posted by: Aliikatt
So I got a glider 2 days ago he's about 9 wks old I believe. Well he does good in is pouch and cage through out the day but the last 2 morning at around 4 am he starts freaking out bad like trying to break out of his cage n jumping all over trashing his cage making a mess everywhere. I try to take him out n he runs all over he won't sit still like is this normal? Is there anyway to calm him down?

Jul 1, 2021

 New sugar glider dad - Need help

Posted by: GlidersGonnaGlider
So I recently bought myself a pair of sugar gliders, their names are Monte and Whiskers. They are brother and sister, I got them last Saturday and today is Wednesday. I work quite a bit, and I find it hard to spend time with them because they wake up late and I wake up so early. So I try to spend my time with them a little bit after they wake up. But they are so shy to me, it's impossible to get them to come to me at the cage, and when they are out and I come close to the cage the boy usually runs back into his pouch. I rarely ever see the girl out, and to be honest, I'm having a really really hard time distinguishing the two apart. The boy is fixed. I don't know what to do to bond, for one, I'm afraid to take them out of their pouch because if I even come near their pouch they both crab at me, and I'm not going to lie it scares me every time. I have bought a tent for me to spend time with them and bond with them but I just don't know how to get them in there without placing the whole cage inside the tent and then opening their cage door. I really want to bond with them they are just so shy, I bring them treats and try to talk to them calmly and soothingly but they are just not warming up to me. They are joeys and they have only been oop since march. I'm just lost and feeling kind of down about it, I just really have no idea how to get them into the tent to bond to them. I can't even put any fleece inside their pouch because they are always in it. I'm confused and really need help. Thanks!
Jun 20, 2021

 Need help I'm a new sugar mom

Posted by: Rosie21
Hello everyone I have 2 new sugar gliders that I have barely gotten from my mom. I've had them for almost 4-5 months now and when I got them my mom had the male before the female for almost a year in a cage by himself. When she got the female she stuck them both together without bonding them first. She had the female for 2 weeks then I got them both. They have been doing just fine all the normal noises they are always cuddled up together and there wasnt any signs of problems until 3 weeks ago. The female looked like she was pregnant and then out of no where she looked really skinny but there is no babies around. I have been weighing them ever since that happened and she hasnt been losing weight. They have been getting into fights more and I found a little scratch on her face at first, then a couple of days later she had a wound on her back by her shoulders. I seperated them after I seen the wound for a couple of days and let it heal before I put them back together but they seem to just always fight. Is it bad pairing? Should I just keep them seperated? There is multiple eating stations, there is more than enough food. The male is not neutered I dont know if that has something to do with his aggression. Ever since I seperated them for good he has been hissing nonstop and circling the cage. She doesnt seem to be to worried about it if more so relaxed. I dont know if the male has ever had a cage mate, or the female because my mom just bought them and asked no questions, so I dont know what diet she was on before or if she ever had cage mates either. I am thinking about getting another female would that be a bad idea to increase the colony? I dont want her to be alone or stressed out. I need someone that I can msg and ask some questions to. I just want to be the best mom I can for them, i dont want anyone of them to get hurt or think they have to be forced to live together in the cage with all the fighting. When I take them out to play they dont act aggressive. I dont know why it happened all of the sudden but I dont know why she got skinny or if she was pregnant but it was just odd that she was 2 times bigger than she is right now and all the weight disappeared in one day. Could it have been the male that did something? Please I need help and answers. Anyone can send me a private msg I would appreciate it
Jun 20, 2021

 transitioning from critter love diet to the BML

Posted by: Kiley863
Hi ok so I'm am about to receive two joeys from a breeder and she feeds them the critter love salads which is the OHPW diet if I'm not mistaken??! anyway, I will be feeding them the BML diet so how do I make the switch? I don't think I can just start them completely on the BML the first night I have them, or can I? HELP PLEASE!!!
May 3, 2021


Posted by: DexTaz
Hello there! Im new here with my little guys Dex and Taz. Ive had them for about a year now and they are my pride and joy, I love them as if they were my own children. Im going to be going to university soon and I was wondering if getting my gliders to be emotional support animals would allow me to bring them with me. Ive done some digging and Im scared to get them certified through an online source as it could be a scam. If any of you have any tips that would be heavenly.
Apr 25, 2021

 Where can I adopt/rescue a glider?

Posted by: suggiepals
I have 2 older gliders, around 7 and a half and theyve been together their whole lives, but recently Ive wanted to get another glider or pair in case something happens to one of my babies I would hate for them to be all alone, so, is there anywhere specific I should look for a glider? Specifically an older one (or more) so they somewhat match in age, oh and do you have any tips on how to introduce new gliders for the first time? Im not sure if theyve ever even seen other gliders, and please forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this, Im new to posting on the site and am very confused haha
Mar 17, 2021

 The "WINK" and the "NOSE-BUMP"

Posted by: BatGirl
The first time I got winked at by one of my three sugar gliders, I instinctively winked back - it's now a part of our daily 'meet' ritual... usually when I 'visit' when they're 'up', I will stick my head into the cage and one by one each will come up to me and we touch noses. Then, some winking begins ~ seems to be a sign of being relaxed and cool with everything. They also seem to always leave me a part of their treat every morning, unspoilt and tasty! I think they think I'm one of them, just weird, and I'm thinking I am too ;-)
Mar 5, 2021

 My Sugar Glider Main Diet Recipe

Posted by: BatGirl
Sugar Glider Main Diet Recipe

Makes a four day supply for three Sugar Gliders; or, twelve day supply for one (then freeze 2nd of recipe)

Begin by getting Exotic Nutritions Glider Complete and its Instant HPW honey & Fruit

In a small microwavable bowl put a heaping ounce of Complete. Add to that (1) tbs (tablespoonful) of whole grain rolled oats (aka 1-minute oatmeal) and about () ounce of honey. Finally put (1) ounce of filtered water mix well and microwave high for 60 seconds.

Then prepare () ounces of mixed vegetables (ie frozen mix of carrots, green peas, green beans, and corn microwaved to tenderize first) and use a fork to mush/squish up.

Then put () ounce of cranberry sauce (w/real cranberries) into microwave for 30 sec.

Mix contents so far together in the small microwavable bowl, and add () ounce of filtered water then microwave contents for 30 sec.

Add (1) ounce of HPW powder in small portions to small microwavable bowl, mixing-in between portions mix will thicken-up.

Split contents of small microwavable bowl into four portions, and use one portion per day for three sugar gliders, or one portion per three days for one sugar glider.

When ready to serve:

Mix () ounce of filtered water with each portion.

Add pinch of Exotic Nutritions Glider-Cal to each portion and mix well.

Take drained/pressed firm TOFU and dice up into -inch cubes - putting about 10-12 cubes in a portion. Mix very gently

Then microwave portion for 30 sec and let cool to warm. Serve

Serve full portion to three sugar gliders, or split portion into thirds for a single sugar glider - refrigerating unused part of portion and then microwaving for 30 sec. when needed.

Best to serve portion of main diet around 6-7 PM (sunset), then remove the next morning (sunrise) when sugar gliders are asleep. Recommend a small bowl of treats be given around 3-5 AM, which can be removed around the 6-7 PM (sunset) feeding time

All unused food/treats removed should be discarded and never reused. (Ill sometimes snack on the unused non-insect treats, heh, heh just make sure it hasnt been peed/pooped on yuck!)

Treat suggestion: small amount of sliced-up blueberries, or sliced up figs, or diced apple slices (no seeds), or pear preserves, etc. If sugar glider(s) begin to ignore main diet ~ hold off treat(s) for a night or two. Insect treats should be given in very small amount typically in early morning (wake sugar glider(s) up for this special treat), and treat only a couple of times a week with insects

Weight of an adult sugar glider should average around 140 grams (115-160) for males, 115 grams (95-135) for females.
The three of mine weigh 155, 160, and 165 grams theyre kinda fat ;-)

Feb 25, 2021

 Mushu's accident

Posted by: Mushu.nala
2/24/22: so last night my little boy, Mushu, got a string from his fleece bonding pouch wrapped around his foot. I saw it when I woke him up for dinner and immediately cuz it off and removed all string. His foot was red and swollen and bleeding a little bit and he couldn't walk on it. I watched him for around an hour or so and he didn't seem to mess with it. I took him to an emergency vet just to make sure everything was okay. They gave him meloxicam. .5ml every 24 hours. Today he began to chew on his foot continuously in the afternoon. I made him an e-collar and he freaks out trying to get it off. But I'm curious as to what I can do to help him sleep or make him more comfortable. Can I give him some at home medicine to calm him down? And does his diet need to change during this healing process? He's on the BML diet.
2/25/21 update: I took Mushu to the vet and they prescribed him gabapentin for pain relief and minor sedation. They do not know if he will ever regaining full control of his foot. The redness is gone but the swelling is still present however he can't move his toes enough to grip anything at all but it has only been 2 days since his accident. I am looking for ways to help him exercise since he can't climb because of his foot and the cone he tends to fall. Does anyone have any suggestions to help him exercise, that would be e-collar friendly of course. He is confined to a box that he can not climb in as opposed to his large cage so he doesn't get hurt. I do let him run around on my living room floor while I watch him. He really wants to climb and I let him on me so that I can help him if he gets stuck or starts to fall. I also sit on the ground on a soft blanket so if he falls he won't get hurt. Any suggestions would be appreciated and sorry for the long post!

03/10 update: so I left mushu at home for the first time today while I was at work. When I got home and checked on him he had figured out how to get out of his cone! I immediately checked his foot and it doesn't look like he has been messing with it at all. He has a tiny sore on his neck from the cone but it looks like it was older and has almost already healed and all the fur is missing there. I put him in his big cage so he could run and play and he is so happy to be moving freely! This is a trail run with him and ill be checking on him every 30 mins to make sure he hasn't started messing with his foot again. Keep your fingers crossed the cone doesn't have to go back on!!
Feb 22, 2021

 My Glider Nips and Crabs Constantly

Posted by: ppittman09
I have had my two sugar gliders for about 3 months now. I can say that our bond is really good! But one of my gliders craps and nips all the time. When I say she nips she doesn't bite really hard and it does not hurt that bad, but I would like it to stop. How can I teach her not to do this? And for the crabbing. She basically crabs when I am taking her out of her cage, unzipping or opening up pouches, and reaching in the pouch to scoop one up. She has never tried to bite me or lunge at me when this is happening. She just crabs really loudly and visiously, but once I get her and start giving her treats she stop and is completely fine. She like to be around me and likes to play with me its just when opening things up at reaching for them. My other glider is completely fine with it and basically never crabs or nips. Please give me tips on how to change this!
Feb 21, 2021

 Traveling: Cage or Pop Up Tent

Posted by: redhead174900
I'm planning on traveling with my glider for the first time and am looking for the best type of travel cage. Has anyone used a pop up tent for keeping their gliders in overnight? They seem easy to travel with and more spacious for them to play in but I worry they could chew through the mesh and get out. Does anyone have any experience with this?
Feb 18, 2021


Posted by: Sugar Glider
My sugar gliders is about 2 years old and last night she got out of her cage! I found her this morning and she was just dragging her legs behind her. Now she is extremely lethargic and is not eating or drinking. I have an appointment with the vet scheduled, but it is tomorrow and i dont know if she will be ok then. Please help me!
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