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Dec 9, 2015

 trust is happining

Posted by: KaitlynSheppard
Today she has been very active this morning.

She has been takeing treats from my hand now, and sniffs and licks my hands. She does nip at times but I don't pull away. Anytime she comes to me now, I offer her a treat. So She knows my hands are something safe.

I will keep working with her, I cannot pick her up yet, But she is letting me touch her and stroke her tail. Plus at times she calms down when I " talk softly" to her

big rewards are here, just need to keep strong and relax. She is worth all the time and energy.!

~Kaitlyn c Sheppard

Dec 6, 2015

 Wonderful New Baby in the House

Posted by: KaitlynSheppard
Today, So far has been worth it!

My little girl has been running threw her wheel, like its running out of style!! Until I can get a better one for her, i used zip-ties to keep it from moveing.

Here and there sence i got her on 12/3/15 I have seen good improvments. She has niped me for the first time, however it didint hurt that bad. Just like a pinch! so everytime she does it, i go " Psst"! at her and she stops. plus at times, she will come up to me to sniff.

I did get to pet her a few times here and there, but over all i have not tryed to pick her up with bare hands, or tryed picking her up with a piece of fleece. if she is in her hammic, or sleeping pouch, i gently push her out and into her bonding pouch.

I know we will be bonded in time, just need to keep working hard, and need to stay strong even when she trys to crab at me.

keep moveing forward~

~Kaitlyn sheppard
Dec 1, 2015

 Big Family - And Growing!

Posted by: codz
Earlier this year my SO and I realized we wanted sugar gliders. Not sure how we ever even knew they existed, but in a discussion on what sort of pets would fit us, our experience, and our lifestyles, we alighted upon the topic of our little bundles of joy - and so began our research.

We checked Craigslist in our area, just to satisfy curiosity and see if anything WAS listed as we researched. What caught our attention was a whole family - a boy, a girl, and their three daughters someone was trying to re-home.

The family took them from relatives who could no longer manage to care for them in order to re-home them. My heart broke the more I learned about their living arrangements. I spoke with them to get some information and in our exchange she thought we'd make a good home for them, and that seemed to be what she really wanted. She was more than willing to work with me to make sure they came home to us, rather than the other interested individuals wishing to purchase a solo exotic pet. After some discussion and pictures and so on I fell in love and we decided to go ahead and adopt them all to keep the little family together.

And so began our little family: J and I, Steve, Emma, and their girls.

The beginning was a little rough, but was as we expected. Steve was particularly protective of his little family. But we've been patient and let them adjust to us at their own pace. They no longer crab, they come to us and amazingly will jump from one of us to the other almost on command, and overall seem much more comfortable with us. I absolutely adore them!! Even when they're not caring to see me, I give them space and still feel so blessed to have our little sugar babies. It's amazing when one is trying to find something, and if I point she follows and finds it, or when a noise startles a glider while they're on us and instead of trying to flee, they cuddle up closer to our necks or chest. They sure do cozy up when the big bad vet is around.

They met their new vet as soon as we could get them in. Poor Steve was neutered. However... Steve was still able to get the last laugh. We have always been able to tell Steve and Emma apart based on markings and size, although now it's becoming more personality traits. But we noticed Emma had starting acting differently. Then she started eating more. Then she started putting on weight. Then I saw it: two little bulges in her pouch. I scheduled another appointment, unsure whether to trust my eyes or not. I did my research and took her to the vet, and while she did not want him taking her off of me, he was able to say he was very sure she has joeys in pouch. And tonight, if there was ANY doubt, we are seeing little limbs poke out! And she's been too large now to deny it!

We have two little joeys on the way. This is unplanned but we're still excited, and so relieved that it was Emma. We're super excited to be glider parents in a whole new way! However, we are soo hoping for girls lol.

But that is our not-so-little-and-growing family's story in a nutshell thus far. :)

Nov 22, 2015

 new to group

Posted by: rob.lyz09
We are new to the group. We have 2 gliders, boy (sebastian) and a girl (callie). They are about 1yr old. We've done a lot of research about them over the years and we're still learning new stuff eveyday. The two are just starting bonding. Its a long and hard process. they both are at the biting stage. but we are working hard with them on it. They are such a bundle of joy. We have made pouches to help with the bonding. we let them climb on us at times when they dont bite our ears and neck. We are now starting with the treats to help with the bonding and biting. If any of u guys have any usesful information please feel free to share. thanks
Rob and Lyz
Nov 21, 2015

 Aggressive male

Posted by: Noahbowboa185
Hello, I have 2 gliders. One is a male and he is over a year old and is very bonded to me. I also just got a female 2 months ago. She got pregnant by my male. She just recently had her baby and it is in her pouch. And then last night my male was fighting over getting water when I just filled it up. He became very aggressive over it. I had food, fruit and vegetables. When I was trying to take a piece of paper out he pounced on my hand and bit me! When I was trying to give him more apples I never opened the cage, I was pushing it through the bars. And when I was trying to do that he started swatting at me. So I got out the meal worms and fed one to my female. And when I was going to feed him one he jumped on his wood stick(it came with the cage) and he started going around in circles(spinning in circles upside down). I couldn't even feed him a mealworm , he attacked me. Then I split their favorite treat in half and gave one to him and to the female. Then they started eating it(since I love them and I'm not scared), I opened the cage and started petting him. He didn't bite me or swat at me. When he was spining around in circles he was crabbing the whole time. Even just when I put my hand near the cage. I also made them a pouch all by myself and I hung it to the wall of the cage and they love it. There is a pouch they were in all the time, now they never use it. They LOVE the pouch I made them. I covered my self up with the blanket I used so it has my sent on it. The female used to bite me because she was never handled before we got her (but of course I love gliders and want to hold them), she got used to me.

Please respond back or email me at
Nov 9, 2015

 Wishing I hadn't had my Merlin neutered

Posted by: Teresa Purcell

I brought my male and female home the next day I took Merlin in to be neutered. Little did I know Winnie was all ready with Joey. Well all was going well. I took them to grand kids classes and they were so well behaved. And Winnie had joeys in her pouch. 2 weeks later there were 2 joes out of pouch. I was in love. Their ears were opening and both mom and dad would let me hold them. It was so cool. Then I did something stupid I brought in a used cat tree it was my daughters and smelled different from my cat. And that same day we were putting in new flooring upstairs and hammering.
The next morning I had 2 dead joeys. I was so upset. I didn't know if I could get over it. But I have and I love Winnie and Merlin but I sure wish I hadn't neutered Merlin. I hadn't wanted more than 2 but I bought a Hugh cage to make room for the joeys.
I'm pondering getting another glider I'm thinking 3 is the perfect number.
Oct 29, 2015


Posted by: britt95
Hello, everyone!

I became a sugar glider mommy about a couple of years ago to a bonded pair of boys, Henry and Mort, who were around 1 1/2 years old at that time. It took a while for them to get comfortable around me, which I knew was going to happen but Mort still doesn't like me to mess with him very much and I think that's just his personality. Henry tolerates me but he doesn't like to be out of his comfort zone. A few months after getting them, I got two young sisters who turned a year old this past June and they are completely bonded to me and I adore them! We did not get them to breed because we got the boys fixed, and they also have two separate cages.
Recently, the boys have become aggressive towards one another at dinner time. Henry starts attacking Mort and I have even had to separate them. Since all of this started, I have fed them on two separate plates on different shelves of the cage. After that didn't help, I read where somebody said to have the food in the cage before they wake up but they still acted in the same way. Last night I just took Henry out and fed him in the travel cage, but when I returned him to the cage, he still crabbed and "fussed" at Mort. I was just wondering if you guys might have some suggestions for me to do or anything I might be doing wrong.

Thanks in advance!
Oct 28, 2015

 My Female Sugar Glider Passed Away

Posted by: Uniqueredroses
Hello. I am desperately seeking help for my male sugar glider. My female passed away sometime over night and my heart is just breaking! I am not only sad, but worried about my male. I am wondering about either re-homing my male (to someone who already has sugar gliders) or adopting another sugar glider and hope that they bond. I am not interested in purchasing from a breeder because as much as I love my "minions" (as I lovingly refer to them) I feel that they belong in the wild and not in a cage. I don't want to add to someone's profits. I am in Michigan and no matter how much searching I have done, I can't find a rescue around me. Can anyone help?
Oct 27, 2015

 Hello. New here. :)

Posted by: nenjiturtle
Hello all. :)
I'm new here. My name is Jen and I have two little gliders, Jack and Sally. I brought them home a little over a month ago. They are such a delight! My husband and I (and our two cats) love watching them. I am hoping to learn more about these cute little creatures and possibly make some friends who are also passionate about these animals as I am. :)
Oct 9, 2015

 A Bit About Me & my suggies

Posted by: liski23
i'm not obsessed with suggies i do like them though and think they are cute. I love horses and love to ride when i get a bit older i want to do 3 day eventing
(X-country,show jumping,Dressage) I ride English and show in hunters. My family has had 4 suggies including the 2 we have now. here are some Pics of Mango & Disel (pronounced diesel)

Oct 8, 2015

 Just wanted to say hi

Posted by: chinagurl5
I felt it was time to introduce myself to the group and say hi. I'm rather shy and have anxiety but you all seem so nice and helpful and I love seeing that.

Well, where to begin. I started my obsession with sugar gliders before they were even an American pet. While in college, I raised rats and wanted to get into showing. I ended up going to a local show at the petstore and ended up looking through an exotics magazine. That was all it took. I became obsessed. It wasn't just the cute little faces or the size but they were new. I had to read everything about them. I needed to learn as much as I could, even though at the time there wasn't a lot of information and to ship them here was a fairly new practice.

Fast forward to 2011. I lived in a military town with my new family. I quickly found out that the military personnel have money and like to spend it on whatever they want. There was a PP seller who came to the local mall. It just so happened that I was walking around aimlessly, bored. Then I saw them. I couldn't believe it. I rushed over. I stood there listening to the "show". Lots of potential customers were there oohing and aahing, but there just was something wrong with the whole thing. Not to mention $800 is a bit steep for a family of 4 just to spend recklessly. I decided to do more research. Of course, I had to bring the kids by to see their reactions but I knew this was something I wanted to do for me.

Months more of research and reading forums and other owners thoughts. I liked at breeders in my area. Then I came across craigslist. At first, it seemed every once in awhile I would come across a glider to be rehomed. Maybe because I hadn't completely made up my mind yet, and wasnt stalking CL at that point. Then, it became an epidemic. Or at least from my viewpoint. It made me sad, it made me irate. These poor pets being shuttled from hand to hand, but I knew it was no different than any other pet nowadays. My mother runs a rescue in MI, and we've always rescued pets. This was no different.

I finally took the plunge. I contacted a local man, who "rescued" unwanted gliders off of CL and tried to rehabilitate them. His colony grew too big and wanted to give one of his joeys a new home. I wrote him and couldn't wait to see my new "baby", a 12 week white faced female. I named her Banshee and she was my little joy. I knew she wasn't as hand tamed as he claimed. I knew the cage he sent her in was too small. I knew she needed a companion. I wanted to help. A week later I found her a cage mate. A dark grey (possibly bb) who was a week younger than Banshee, she was an impulse buy and the owners didn't have as much time. Luckily she had a 4 foot cage and had been hand tamed. She not only helped Banshee adjust but I began falling deeper and deeper in love.

I've always been a night person. Most of my jobs have all been 3rd shift so I had the time to bond. A month later, Banshees breeder, for lack of a better word contacted me about a 3 yr old female he got in. He had been trying to tame her, she had come from am awful situation where she was neglected and banished to a small hampster cage for getting out of a breeder cage. She was nippy and wanted nothing to do with him or his colony. I gladly agreed. I knew she was going to be more difficult than the other two but I was determined. I've now had her almost a year and though she still is a bit skiddish my Nyx now greets me at the cage door with her younger sisters.

I can honestly say I couldn't be more happier. Ive since then added a lineaged Leu, (my little Loki), a rescue boy from a shelter,(Vlad), and Atlas, a neutered male who's cage companion died. I love all my babies and even though on paper I am still a newbie at this, I feel great. I'm happy with my decision and of course there are days where I want that minute more of sleep or have a migraine that is pounding, but it's about the pets. I treat all my pets like family and would do it all over again. Maybe later in life Ill run a sugar glider rescue out here on the east coast, as it looks like we're in desperate need. Until then, I want to provide as much help as I can for new owners and a stable and happy home for all that are here with me smile

Sorry for it being so long!
Oct 4, 2015

 A bit about my boys

Posted by: liski23

my 2 boys Mango & Disel (pronounced diesel) are my] little babies even though Disel is 20 and Mango is 19yrs of age (in squirrel years) i've had them for 2 yrs now and love my little Mango to bits i try to take Mango out as much as possible but i have a very busy life. Mango & Disel were born on the 21st of december (their pouch pals) we love them very much and i love to bring them outside in their hamster ball or sit on the couch with them! i love you my little Mango and Disel!

Their nicknames
- mango's nick name: manjo
- Disel's nickname : Disel (his real name is pronounced diesel)
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