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Aug 27, 2014

 Lil Dipper's first glide!

Posted by: lunasmomma
tonight while playing with my babies, dipper jumped from my shoulder over to a hanging towel! I have had all my babies for about 3 years now and have never seen her glide. she is a little chunker (healthy but husky) and mostly jumps from place to place, eats, and sleeps. it wasnt a far glide (maybe about a foot) and then tried to glide again! im so proud of my little chunky monkey! yaay little dipper!!!

Aug 19, 2014

 Glider water question

Posted by: Glidergir1
Hi I'm new to this website so sorry if I'm putting this on the wrong forum. Can I use my refrigerator water for my gliders? That's the water i drink. And if I happen to have to take my glider somewhere and don't know if the water is safe can I use nursery baby water for the gliders? I always think it's safer because it's baby water but I don't know.

Aug 17, 2014

 Just curious

Posted by: Hcheek
Seeing some of the other posts and questions and talking with other glider owners I know I'm a little confused about mine. I've only had her about 3 weeks and she will nibble at my finger if I have grape juice on me but that's about it and she never bites hard. She also always stays right with me all the time. She will hop off occasionally but when I start talking she always comes back. Every time I open the door to her cage she jumps right on my hand and runs up my arm. I'm just curious as to why she does that? From what I've read here an other places they have a tendency to run away and bite you A LOT. I've read that from people who have had theirs for over a year or more so why does my Starbucks never bite or run off?
Aug 15, 2014


Posted by: SydneySirois
So ive had my sugar glider for like 2 months and he was really just getting wicked bonded to me and today hes roaming around the living room like he always does and all of a sudden i look up and hes gone! all the doors to the rooms and laundry room were closed, how ever the kitchen is attached to the living room and there are spaces next to the fridge, dishwasher, and stove. also theres a whole in the wall right next to the fridge that im praying to god he isnt in. ive tried barking sounds, put out food... looked everywhere in blankets shirts towels... i presume he found a dark space and is sleeping through it all but im afraid if he is in the wall i will never get him back!i have work tonight but wen i get home he should be awake by 11ish.. so ill put his cage out in the kitchen and wait to hear any noises. there is noooo way he is outside unless somehow he got outside through the wall.. :(
Jul 22, 2014

 Proving Difficult

Posted by: suggiemom02
As much as it stinks having to sell the gliders it is proving very difficult. We paid 225 for everything they came with, plus we have probably 30$ worth of stuff we bought seperate. Our asking price is the same we paid and ive had a few interested but some never call, some change their mind. I really need to find them a home. Not only are we now in a financial struggle because of raised rent and things, but now there is a new pet policy. Any pets we have, we have to pay a pet deposit for and fill out paper work on too. Not to mention Mamaws breast cancer diagnosis,my nanas lung cancer scare, and my sister being pregnant. Things are so hectic and if we cant find them a home within the next 2 weeks idk what were going to do because i start back school and will possibly have a job as well. It really is bad planning and timing on my end. But i do have a couple that might be able to pick them up this weekend. I already talked to the woman, she has to wait till her husband is back in town from a work trip before she can give me a definite answer. Ugh things are just such crap right now and its so stressful. I hope things turn around soon.
Jul 21, 2014

 Calcium Help!?

Posted by: SugarMama96
So I have bought my suggies a calcium supplement, and they hate it I put in there fruit puree that I make and they wont eat it, I don't put it in they slam on it so i know its not puree. . . What can I do to get them to take it?? P.S. my twin girls are pregnant so I know they extra calcium and protein. . . Just can't seem to take the calcium. Help??
Jul 10, 2014

 welcome home Mia

Posted by: ekova

little "MIA"


Kiss kiss

Jul 7, 2014

 Please help

Posted by: Lewisa
I am new to asking questions so anyone who could help me would be amazing. I have three gliders two females and one neutered male. Their names are meadow Lennon and Minnie. I first got meadow and she was very mean, it was obvious that she wasn't hand raised. I then got Lennon and Minnie months later they are both very sweet and very social. Meadow has been a completely different glider ever since I got them. She is very social with me and hardley crabs. I have had a friend who is a vet trim their nails for a while now. They hardley crab anymore because they have gotten used to it. Anyways I got a flower pouch from cozy flowers which they love so much and so do I ! However Minnie started crabbing and after a few nights I noticed her getting caught a little bit so I trimmed her nails that night. It went very smoothly actually just took a lot of time. So I thought that solved the problem. But she is still crabbing. She never has crabbed so much she is very shy but doesn't crab. I trimmed the other gliders nails as well and they were mad for a few hours then welcoming to me that night. Over the weekend I brought them to Vermont with me where there were some fireworks. She was crabbing quite a lot I assume from being so scared. Now we are back home and the crabbing has continued a little. She is in her castle and I am concerned about her. I am someone who worries and these little guys mean so much to me. Being a college student who's salary just got cut I do not have too much money so even though I know a vet she is not an exotic vet And I am not sure she's licensed to treat them. Bringing them to the vet is my last possible thing I want to do. But. I will if it means she'll feel better. My dad said maybe there are too many changes and I need to give it a week. I thought maybe she has become protective of her flower and scared of me. Either way it's breaking my heart and making me cry because I am so worried. If someone could please help me with suggestions I could use some. Thank you
Jul 7, 2014


Posted by: JamieL
Just got two sugar gliders a few weeks ago, after a tragic loss of my Chuck escaping away from me at the camp ground- I had him almost a year, he ran up a tree, I cried and cried he wouldn't come down, I put his cage and pouch out with food had the whole camp ground informed to check it for me in hopes that he wld return. I cried and cried I still miss him very badly. My boyfriend must of felt my pain bc he prob won't admit it but he cried with me-He felt so bad that I now have a baby female about 8 weeks old, and a male that is 1yr old. I love them dearly, but Chuck was my baby, I can't believe he didn't come back or come when I cried for him. I feel terrible, and even worse that he didn't have a companion glider. I'm still learning everyday. It's amazing how diff each glider truly is. Please understand I'm very sensitive, and I never intentionally meant for my boy to run away from me.Anyways, I'm concerned about my new male glider "Dink" his tail is shorter than normal as the prev owner stated the mother glider caused the damage, however he's a runner when I give them free time out of the cage, he doesn't try to climb or jump on things where as my female and prev glider did. Shld I be concerned, or perhaps give him some time?
Jul 5, 2014


Posted by: Leela
I put a new stuffed animal in Miss Leela's house, it was rather big but she loved it, however i moved it and had it to close to her running wheel causing her wheel to not move. She was not pleased!! and i couldn't tell why, she was doing laps around her house ending with jumping on her wheel to try to free it up but it wasn't working. Once i realized it wasn't moving i opened the door to move the stuffed animal and out Leela came!! i was a little worried she'd bolt but she didn't, she went around on the outside of her house... i didn't want to scare her so i offered her the bonding pouch and to my surprise she went right in!! i was so proud of her!! fortunately there were a few cheerios in her pouch which i had forgotten about, she found immediately lol so she got rewarded for being so good.

later on after i feel asleep she started doing laps in her house again Darrin couldn't figure out what was wrong, then he noticed her bonding pouch wasn't in her hammock (i usually put it in there for her in case she gets cold)so he put it up to the side and she started pulling it in between the bars lol. He finally got it put inside her cage and she was happier!

This morning she decided she didn't want to be in her pouch.. she discovered my sweatshirt sleeve!! Thank god she has gotten better about not biting lol she played in my sleeve for about a half hour then snuggled in next to my arm for a nap. guess i'm not doing dishes till later lol
Jul 4, 2014

 Bonding milestone

Posted by: Toodles_Jennie
Another night of tent time, noticed Jennie and Toodles might be jumping on me when scared so I put it to the test.... When I moved from one side of the tent to the other and when the kids startled them, mainly Jennie but sometimes Toodles would jump on me. Girls still are not fond of my palm but they're coming around slowly.
Jul 3, 2014

 Sudden aggression between my 2 males ..

Posted by: britty_s
I am looking for some help and this is the story about my gliders.

I was introduced to my first male glider William. Before I had him he was in a cage with multiple other gliders and was not used to people. I got him free due to the fact he had a missing foot and half a tail and I taimed him myself he is now very sweet.

I got my second male glider Leo from a friend I know when her female got pregnant. I got him as a friend for my William. I housed them in seperate cages and got them used to eachother in all the right ways.

Now about 8 months later they are in the same cage and acting suddenly agressive. I am aware that one is trying to be alpha male but I think this problem is only with my youngest leo. I'm heavly considering neutering but I was wondering with maturidy if this problem could ever go away?
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