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Sep 27, 2021

 Looking for gliders in Colorado

Posted by: mcrmygirl15
I recently adopted a female from someone who was unable to take care of her, and I am looking to adopt a single glider so she is not alone. Does anyone know of places in Colorado or breeders?

Sep 12, 2021


Posted by: AmandaPanda
My bf and I both have a glider. I have a male. He has a female. Unfortunately we dont live with one another. We got them bonded yesterday when they were just introduced for maybe the 4th time. Still wont leave unattended. We are worried if we just let them have play dates so to speak would that cause depression in one if not both of them? We dont want that at all. We dont know if we should wait until we are able to move in with one another.
Sep 5, 2021

 Please help Glider nail trimming

Posted by: Sully-shugie-mom
So Ive recently come across a handful of people on here with nail trimming and I wanted to know what the easiest way to trim nails is when both my gliders bite at anything to do with their nails and instantly jerk their hands away if I try

Ive seen a website called like gliders r us or something like that and they have a nail grinder for gliders any thoughts and ideas on that please help my girl keeps getting stuck
Aug 30, 2021

 Feel Lost

Posted by: LoganHam
Im feeling lost lately. I have two female sugar gliders, one that is 4 years old (Popi) and one that is 1 year old (Taz). Ive had Popi almost her entire life, she had cage mate for over two years but the unfortunately she passed away. Popi was alone for a little while while I tried to find her a new buddy but now she wont let the new baby into her cage. I had them separated for a couple days to acclimate and then gradually introduced them. They do amazing outside the cage but the minute Taz gets into Popis cage, Popi will chase her and try to fight her. Im so lost because Im afraid Im not doing right by either of them. Please help.
Aug 27, 2021

 HELP glider acting strange

Posted by: Dvasqu14
Sugar glider stopped eating playing moving two days ago. I stayed up one night with him and he began having seizure-like spasms. Took him to the vet and his blood tests returned normal as far as his glucose and calcium levels. His ears are still up and he moves around a little bit but still doesnt behave like before. Whats wrong:(
Aug 24, 2021

 Dying sugar glider

Posted by:
Hi, everyone! I have a 6 month old female sugar gliders named Lilo, shes been making this coughing noise and keeps opening her mouth as if shes trying to get something out, she hasnt eaten for 3 days, maybe a bite or two from a fruit and then she drops it, her breathing is kind of fast, not very active, her ears are down and I havent seen her poop, does anybody know what this could be or have any advice for me. Im very sad, I took her to a vet which they didnt do anything to help me but just refer me to another vet, I dont know what to do at this point. Anything helps!! #128546;#129402;#128557;
Aug 16, 2021

 Mean glider

Posted by: Nikkiegizmo
Hi all ! First post here. I have 2 female gliders, Gizmo who is 5 and Gadget who is 1. Gadget is a sweet girl I have no problems with her. Gizmo is a different story I have had her 2 years and I dont know what to do about her. She is mean to both me and Gadget for no reason. She hasnt had a great past with her previous owner Im almost positive thats why she is the way she is. Gizmo does allow me to hold her and pick her up, she even naps with me. But she randomly burst into mean crabbing fits. She is territorial with her food, she crabs and is mean to gadget constantly. She will randomly get mad and try to bite and crab at me while shes laying on me and I dont know if yall know any tips or tricks to tone her down a little ?
Jul 31, 2021

 Introducing two females

Posted by: redhead174900
Hi all,

I currently have one female glider that has lost her friend :( . I am thinking about adopting another female friend for her but I have only ever had a male and female together. Are there any issues I should be aware of when introducing/housing two females together other than possible territorial actions during introduction?
Jul 19, 2021

 My baby joey seems very tired

Posted by: Lola_@123
Hi, I am new to this so I don't know much but my joey is acting very tired. He was very active just a few hours ago but now he is just sleeping and hasn't eaten anything. I gave some apple but he won't eat it. One of my previous gliders died the same way. She was not eating much. I am so anxious and paranoid right now. Please someone help
Jul 11, 2021

 Weird Glider Behavior (Bolded for Skimming)

Posted by: momoandpetreesparent
So my wonderful Momo has been about 1 year in my care now and she does the weirdest things. Sometimes she just spaces out and phases out of existence for a bit just sitting there sometimes for over an hour (my other glider doesn't do this) but then she will like idk snap out of it and be ok? She also bites a lot, but really slowly not really in a panicked fear way with no crabbing, like REALLY slowly.

For a while I thought maybe she's partially blind and she was doing it to see or figure out whats in front of her but recently I took them to the vet and the vet checked her eyes and they were fine. So I think she may have some stuff jumbled around in her brain if you know what I mean.

I don't know how to train her out of biting, I've done kind of everything this past year. I've tried letting her bite me despite it hurting, I've tried hissing at her like another glider would to tell her stop and my latest attempt was just booping her nose every time she tried but it really doesn't seem to stop her and she barely even reacts to me booping her back.

It's hard to do research on it because every "train your glider not to bite" thread or site usually thinks it is cause she's scared or not quite bonded to me yet (which is possible but she jumps on me and stuff in the tent and isn't afraid to interact then). Maybe we need some more one on one time since she's so closely bonded with Petree her other roommate and companion.

Could any Glider owners help me out with some advice please :) if I could get her to stop biting that would be AMAZING its really her only downside.
Jul 3, 2021

 4 am crazy? Normal?

Posted by: Aliikatt
So I got a glider 2 days ago he's about 9 wks old I believe. Well he does good in is pouch and cage through out the day but the last 2 morning at around 4 am he starts freaking out bad like trying to break out of his cage n jumping all over trashing his cage making a mess everywhere. I try to take him out n he runs all over he won't sit still like is this normal? Is there anyway to calm him down?
Jul 1, 2021

 New sugar glider dad - Need help

Posted by: GlidersGonnaGlider
So I recently bought myself a pair of sugar gliders, their names are Monte and Whiskers. They are brother and sister, I got them last Saturday and today is Wednesday. I work quite a bit, and I find it hard to spend time with them because they wake up late and I wake up so early. So I try to spend my time with them a little bit after they wake up. But they are so shy to me, it's impossible to get them to come to me at the cage, and when they are out and I come close to the cage the boy usually runs back into his pouch. I rarely ever see the girl out, and to be honest, I'm having a really really hard time distinguishing the two apart. The boy is fixed. I don't know what to do to bond, for one, I'm afraid to take them out of their pouch because if I even come near their pouch they both crab at me, and I'm not going to lie it scares me every time. I have bought a tent for me to spend time with them and bond with them but I just don't know how to get them in there without placing the whole cage inside the tent and then opening their cage door. I really want to bond with them they are just so shy, I bring them treats and try to talk to them calmly and soothingly but they are just not warming up to me. They are joeys and they have only been oop since march. I'm just lost and feeling kind of down about it, I just really have no idea how to get them into the tent to bond to them. I can't even put any fleece inside their pouch because they are always in it. I'm confused and really need help. Thanks!


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