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Apr 26, 2018


Posted by: zmyr88
we visited gizmo today, he is stable but still struggleing. he had gotten a bite and was rushed to windcreset in delaware. he did seem peaceful today while napping with his girlfriend that we brought in for a visit. sooo worried about him right now and if only he would eat on his own. i know he will pull through.

Apr 24, 2018

 Keeping My Gliders Warm

Posted by: annamarie98
So Ive had my gliders for a few months now and Im worried that theyre not warm enough. They shiver quite a bit and my dad tends to keep the house quite cold. Im just wondering what some good ways to keep them warm are. Ive got a little space heater that works well enough but doesnt really reach much of their cage. Any tips and tricks are appreciated!!
Apr 22, 2018

 Tpg diet?

Posted by: volleyballgal
So I have been feeding my glider the tpg diet and I have been doing it in liquid form and not freezing it. Do I need to freeze it for better results, but she eats it just fine. So should I continue to what she knows or what the recipe says. Would it do anything different
Apr 18, 2018

 How long does it take you to clean your gliders' cage? How often?

Posted by: wilky
How long does it take you to clean your gliders cage? Also, how often do you do it and how?
Apr 15, 2018

 Rejected Joeys

Posted by: Gliderlove50
We were so excited about our Joeys, and we had two of them, a boy and a girl, but momma rejected them both after a few days out of pouch. We found the male dead in pouch with dad and sister while mom was eating and I suspect he unlatched and couldnt get back on. Sister was doing good until mom kept leaving her alone for extended periods of time, completely unphased by her calls. We tried to hand rear her but were unsuccessful. Now mom is licking at her pouch and is keeping more to herself than before. Im sure shes mourning, but am concerned about her actions.
Apr 11, 2018


Posted by: gogogo202
I love suggies so much, cant live without em (Rocket and rose my babies x3)
Apr 10, 2018

 Help dont know what to do to help babies

Posted by: gogogo202
My suggie Rose had a joey a few weeks ago and this is her second time the first time she had 2 and both of them passed away and I want to prevent that. The joey is still in the pouch but I really want help so can you please comment suggestions
Apr 9, 2018

 Please Help,

Posted by: VixenVertex
Hello guys, my name is Vixen. The situation I've found myself in may be one a few people have had. The story behind my new Sugar Gliders is complicated..
Basically, the first owner had a bonded pair , (male and female) for a few years. they were extremely neglected as they didn't know much about these marsupials.
They were then taken on by someone who knew even less about them. He's who I got them from. He soon found himself way over his head. Two years later the female was pregnant and the male passed away. I believe due to depression or a poor diet.
The female (who at this point still hasn't been named) had her baby during the hurricane Irma, September 11. He's only five months old. These gliders were kept in a cage that was two feet tall and three feet wide (could of been smaller) their whole lives. He began desperately searching for anyone to take them at that point.. which is when he asked his best friend.. my boyfriend who then in turn asked me. Long story short as soon as I heard these babies needed a better home I jumped on the chance to save them. I mean, I had too.
So now the mom is at five years (Rough guess) and the baby (The second owner named Irma) is five months in two days. They have never had toys, or bonded with humans.. They've never been held. I know they're nocturnal but some nights they don't wake until the am, much like tonight. It's currently 3am and I've tried literally everything I could think of and I still can't coax them out of their pouch. I keep reminding myself that we've only had them for a week and we just got them a new cage (7ft with accessories) so they might be nervous or scared but I'm scared myself. I have no idea what I'm doing. I've been researching like crazy since they arrived. I can't believe how much misinformation there is. I'm not sure how to go about bonding or introducing toys/treats to them. What to start their diets off with... they go to the vets in about a month and a half.. I know this will take a while, possibly over a year and that I need to be patient but I'm just worried something is wrong or I'm messing up.. I just want to give them the best life I can. I want them to be happy. I'll try anything for them.. Thank you for reading.
any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated!!
-Confused New Sugar Mom
Apr 4, 2018

 Sugar Glider Tent

Posted by: annamarie98
I have been looking for some safer ways to have my sugar gliders out an about at night with me. Usually, I let them run around in the basement with my supervision one at a time but Athena, my biggest girl, has recently decided to do the stairs and has figured out how to fit under doorways. I have heard that a lot of people use tents but I'm wondering how big is big enough. I've found a few different options on Amazon and a few other places that say 4-5 or 7-8 person tents. What is the average size most people use? And what fun things can I fill it with? Pictures and comments very much appreciated!! :)
Apr 2, 2018

 Concerned new parent.. Too much time with my glider?

Posted by: Feralhiro
I have a new baby glider 10 weeks oop,
She's been in my home for just short of two weeks. When she first come to my home I gave her two days to adjust using the fleese patches with my scent on them. After that I've been wearing her in a bonding pouch 4 hours a day and spending about an hour with her either in the cage or with her in an empty bath tub (so I don't worry about her running off) . She doesn't crab very often at all. But she isn't interested in any treats I've tried. And has been sleeping more and more hours of the night. I work a night shift so I'm up until around 2 or 3 and she is still sleeping. And she's asleep when I wake at noon... When she first came to my home she would be awake while I was trying to sleep.. I'm concerned I'm stressing her out.. Any tips or advise would be appreciated.
Mar 27, 2018


Posted by: Zuesanderos
Hello I have 2 gliders Zues and Eros. I've had them for over a month now. I honestly don't know how this happened but Eros has been acting weird and wheezing a lot. Today I noticed there was blood where is genitals are. When I took a look at the area there was exposed skin and blood. I will be taking him to the doctors but I was wondering if anyone has had this problem. I haven't had a problem with him and Zues fighting and there isn't any sharp objects in their cage.

Mar 14, 2018

 Baby Food for Suggie?

Posted by: Hailo
Hi I've been feeding my 2 suggested (both 1 month old) baby food in a bottle cap, I give them either 2/3times a day they really enjoy it, am I giving them to much?, is it safe for them?, the BLM(?) diet is so hard to do and expensive, I've had my suggies for 4days now. (the guy who sold it told me to feed it baby food)
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