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Dec 18, 2016

 How can I appropriately bathe my sugar glider? Please help! new mom in need of nail cutting and bathing advice.

Posted by: HaeleighandRango
Hello all! I have just adopted an 11 month old male sugar glider and have a few questions as to cleanliness and such. His old owners, to say the least, did not take good care of him at all. His cage was completely caked in dried feces and had paper towels that had fused themselves to the cage with urine and leftover food. My poor baby smells like his urine and has dried food an fecal matter all over him. I cleaned his cage from top to bottom yesterday and noticed that he smelled exceptionally awful. I did a lot of research before I purchased him and one of the things that stood out to me was the fact that they don't have a completely overpowering smell. My guess is that his owners did not feed him a healthy diet and allowed him to wallow in his urine. I really need to bathe him in some way, but for now I have him on the BML diet and am working on keeping a clean and healthy environment for him to have. His former owners never cut his nails, so I have gashes all up an down my arms and even on my neck. What are the most effective ways you guys would recommend me to cut his nails? Back to the bathing matter... I have seen some people on youtube just dunking their babies in water, but I would never do that. That seems like that would shock them to no end. I have read other people telling me that I can bathe him with a warm washcloth and baby shampoo, and then I've read that I should bathe them at all but rub them down with a baby wipe. Please help! I want to do what's best for my little baby and make him clean and healthy!

Dec 9, 2016


Posted by: Sugarglider5
Hi there, I was wondering if I could get some advice. I have a sugar glider named lily that I bought (from a bad breeder) to be a partner for my other neutered sugar glider milo (from a good breeder) lily was to young when I got her and began self mutilating. I brought her to the vet and she improved dramatically but she is extremely aggressive unlike milo who was a cuddle bug, but her and milo were good buddies. Sadly milo died from a seizure very suddenly and couldn't be revived by the vet. I knew sugar gliders need to be in pairs so I quickly found her a new partner Casper(from a breeder I thought was good) Casper was sick when I got him and I immediately brought him to the vet who prescribed antibiotics, but said I could introduce him and lily. Casper was a very sweet glider and loved lily very much but his condition got worse and he sadly passed only months after me getting him. I feel absolutely terrible about losing to pets that I love and lily having to experience loss like this. I fed them all the same thing (hpw, fruit/vegetables, monkey biscuits, and pelleted food) and they all had tent time as well. Now I'm not sure if I should get another sugar glider to be Lily's partner of if I should not, she is very aggressive towards me and I want her to be as happy and as comfortable as possible and I don't think I can deal with seeing another sugar glider suffer.
Dec 1, 2016

 Pocket Pets false advertising.

Posted by: Brendont
So my girlfriend and I got our little dudes, Taz and Pippin from pocket pets about 7 or 8 weeks ago. And we are finding out more and more everyday how bad of a company Pocket pets is. We bought the food from them because online it claimed to be natural and organic. And we thought that was the best for them. (Of course we now know that we have to feed them fruits and vegetables, they are currently on the bml diet) anyways, we got the food in the mail and decided to read the ingredients. The label said on the very bottom "artificial flavores" and last time I checked artificial flavors are not natural or organic. We contacted customer service of pocket pets, they tried to tell us that the usda requires them to label the product artificially flavored if the pellets are flavored. So even if the flavor is natural and or organic they apparently cant label it that way. Yet online they advertise natural and organic. We asked them for documentation stating that the ingredients are sourced from a natural and organic source, but they never got back to us. So we returned the product. And had to pay like $40.00 shipping. And now they are trying for screw us out of $50.00 by saying that one of the packages was either missing or the original packaging was damaged. We never opened the food because we didn't want to feed our dudes crap. One thing I have learned from all this is, I'm done just assuming companies are trustworthy or ethical. Because pocket pets definitely isn't trustworthy or ethical. Not that any of this matters anyways, we are going to cut the dry food out of their diet. Nothing but the best for little Taz and Pippin.
Nov 27, 2016

 Stange noises????

Posted by: dalekconnor12
My sugar glider ,who is a little over a year old now, is making really strange sounds and I don't know what to do! Its like she's 'half barking' if that makes any sense. I've taken her out and tried every trick I know, which isn't a lot, but she won't stop! It's not continuously non-stop she just does it every once in a while. I play with her daily and I have another year old sugar glider too. Please help!
Nov 18, 2016

 Who would of thought?

Posted by: Shell
I'm a grandma of 10 and did I ever imagine I could add a small little feller to my clan and be so happy. We are on day five and everything is moving so well. At first I was really nervous. For one he is a 6yr old male. (I should of said that right from the top) so I really didn't think he would ever bond to my husband and I. BUT!!! SO FAR SO GOOD.His sleep pattern is way different then every video or message I've read or watched. He wakes up when we do and naps off and on and sleeps through the night. He has never gripped at us. Nor have we heard him bark yet. But weather in his cage or pouch he is right with on of us. I work from 2am until 9am so the hubby is with him and when I get home the hubs leaves to work. I think maybe just having a lot of attention and a nice cage (instead of a pet taxi) has helped us a lot. He stays out if his pouch a lot. Is that normal? And another crazy thing is he won't get into a regular pouch he Carrys around the one I made him? It's still a progress in the works and I've probably read more the last few days then I ever did in school but we love it. Like I said he is 6 and never had a name. It would be great if someone would like to give us some suggestions?
Nov 11, 2016

 Beware of toilet

Posted by:
Beware of the bathroom
My boyfriend forgot to put lid down on toilet and shut bathroom door.
My glider of 6 months was sleeping with me.
I found that he drowned in toilet.
They are curious!!

They Cannot swim.

I have a new one.
2 weeks the hurt didn't go away!!!!
Beware of toilets and drains...

Nov 5, 2016

 I Never Thought I Would Be A Mother...

Posted by: Billiejsgirl
When I was younger, I used to dream about getting older, getting married, and having a boatload of kids. Then I went to Japan for a year to teach English to children....changed my mind about having kids REAL fast haha.

I had heard of sugar gliders quite a few years ago, and fell in love with them at first sight, but I knew they were expensive and required large amounts of care that I just didn't feel I could afford.

Fast forward to six months ago. I had just moved to my new home in Virginia. By myself. As you can imagine, it can be pretty lonely. No family or friends, just some coworkers that you have vaguely just met.

After doing some research and thinking for a while I decided, I have the apartment, I have the finances, let's give it a try. I googled some local breeders, but they were either too far away or too expensive. I had read some horror stories about gliders in pet stores, and thought maybe I would go that route instead and save some gliders from that kind of situation.

I ended up driving 5 hours to a little pet store in North Carolina. Never called first to see if they had them, just drove down and let happen what would happen.

Lucky for me, the shop just happened to have two gliders available. The sweet and quiet year old male, and the little rascal from hell who was only about six months old. According to the shop lender, she wasn't sure if the two got along very well, so I made the decision to take the safe one and went on my way. About five minutes later, I got a call from the shop caretaker and she claimed that the two DID get along, so I turned around and picked up the little one and started the long trek home.

Things were crazy at first. The little one was EXTREMELY aggressive, the the point where he was always lunging at me and trying to bite, or just raised up on his hind legs crabbing. I was patient however, and after two weeks, he calmed down and now is a loving glider that will gladly lick you to death. His name is Xiao (shi-a-o), which is the Chinese word for little :)

The older glider is very skittish, but he is so very loving. Even if you mistakenly have food on your hands, he won't bite you too hard. The only time he bites is old he does not want to be handled. He and Xiao didn't get along so well at first, I think partly because of Xiao's aggression, but in time he has become like an older brother to Xiao. He even lets him ride around on his back! That's why I decided to name him Oppa (Oh-pa). It is a Korean word that females use to refer to older men, but can also mean something like older brother :)

I fell in love within the first week, and now I couldn't imagine my home without my babies. Since I'm alone, I try to stay busy so I'm not sad or scared, so I may not get to take them out as often as I would like, but I interact with them to some extent everyday, even if it's just putting my hand in the cage to say hello.

I'm so glad they have become a part of my family, and I hope they will stay with me for many years to come.
Nov 3, 2016

 Bonding time!

Posted by: LateNightGliders
Currently sitting on the bathroom floor with a sweet little suggie curled up in my sweater hood asleep :) Of course the first thing I go to for entertainment is this site lol! It has so many great topics and discussions. Got a couple face hugs already, and some ear kisses, but I think the little guy tired himself out and decided it was time for a nap on momma :) What's your guys' favorite thing about bonding time?! I would love to hear your thoughts!!
Nov 3, 2016

 Is it a he or she, do you kno?

Posted by: Savana
How do I tell if my baby is a girl or boy it doesn't let me hold it yet?? I Have pics uploaded, please help as it needs a name soon!?
Oct 30, 2016


Posted by: Destiel
I recently purchased my sugar babies they are breeders which at the moment I had no idea what it meant and when they were handed to me I was told the female was pregnant ! I'm researching as much as possible ! Tonight I heard humming and according to my research it means the female is feeding the joeys . Except these sugar babies don't enjoy being touched or even seen ! They simply hide and I've only ever seen the male out of the nest ! I don't have a clue if the joeys are here ? I don't know what to do , they are scared of humans and only come out at night .
Oct 24, 2016

 I need some help!

Posted by: Husker84
Ok guys I'm a new daddy. I got my gliders from a pet store in derby ks. I wanted to get a couple of joeys but this was my only option. I've had them for about a week one female and one male. The make seems to want to be friends with me but it seems like only when I offer treats. Other than that he just wants to get away from me and hide behind stuff. I know this takes time but I'm getting a little discouraged. I put one of my undershirts in the cage after I wore it and they now prefer that over their sleeping pouch. Also they will get in the bonding pouch but if I look in there or try to pet them the female crabs and bites me. She seems to want nothing to do with me at all. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? Am I giving them too many treats? I'm scared that this is their temperament and it's never going to get better
Oct 23, 2016

 I'm ssssoooooo excited!!!

Posted by: Kourtnie
Wednesday I pick up my little sweeties and I'm sssooo excited I can barely sit still!!! These are my first suggies but not my "first" suggies lol I've been in rescue one way or another for almost 35 years now (I'm a retired surgical vet tech and Deputy Sheriff) but never small exotics until a friend of mine who does ferret rescue was involved in a huge rescue in Titusville, Florida. A man was "breeding" for several local pet stores. A neighbor complained about the smell, the officials came out and found hundreds and hundreds of "pocket pets" in the most deplorable conditions you can imagine in several sheds in his back yard. They had too many pets and not enough fosters, she called me up and of course I couldn't say no lol I just fell in love! I helped out for several years after that anytime anything like that came around and they needed a hand never adopting my own for some reason. I retired and moved back to Ohio to be with family. Recently I saw where a very nice woman needed to rehome 2 unneutered males, she already had a female and unneutered male but couldn't afford the neuters for all of them. Now, since I'm settled down and retired, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. Luckily one of the vets I worked with when I was the program coordinator for a local spay and neuter clinic is able to do the neuters!!! So, soon, very soon (3 days but who's counting lol) I'll be a real suggie mom!!! I can't wait!
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