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Feb 8, 2018

 3 Months

Posted by: Scoria
So I've had my gliders for close to 3 months now. I think we've settled in together nicely. I realize now how lucky I am to have such nice gliders. They both love me in their own way and I think I'm better at reading them. I still can't quite get over what cute, strange little creatures they are.

Jan 31, 2018

 Help with agression

Posted by: TonyaN
I have three Sugar gliders, Chewy, Poe, and Rey. We have had Chewy and Poe for over 2 years and Rey for about 1 1/2 yrs. All three are neutered males. We had thought Rey was a girl but it was confirmed over the summer that he is actually a neutered male. About 7-8 months ago, Chewy would make strange noises and chase Poe in the Bedroom occasionally and we were thinking he became a bit territorial over a specific area. This would happen off and on. But it has been gradually getting worse last few weeks and now he is actively chasing and biting Poe's Tail. And he just started doing it in the cage around 2am this morning. I dont know what to do. They have always been really good buddies, play together, and would cuddle in their sleep either in the cage or under the covers in our bed in the mornings if we are not having to go to work. They have been to the vet a few times this past year and all three are healthy so it cant be Chewy trying to push Poe out of the colony due to illness.

I dont know what to do. I am really hoping it is just a phase that he will grow out of. Has any one else had sudden aggression between their gliders when all has been fine for a long time?
Jan 25, 2018

 HELP!!!my sugar glider has always been like this and i am afraid something is wrong

Posted by: Nalaboop
so i have a male sugar glider almost one year old. I got him when he was about three weeks old ,you might think it is too soon to seperate him from his mother but based on past experience with my first glider which i got him when he was quite old ,I never could bond with this sg of mine, he loves me and would run up my leg just to find my pocket so he can sleep in it .Long story short i tried to introduce my baby glider to the older glider of course the baby was outside of the cage and the other was inside,the older glider tried to grab him and was making aggressive sounds which scared the the baby grew older I started noticing something is wrong.When Im playing with him alone he would run around ,exploring the room.But when someone else comes in he would freeze ,even for is very heartbreaking for me to see.When its night time he would only come out of his coconut if its dark ,when I swtich on the lights he would freeze .He doesnt seem to be unhappy or unhealthy at all in fact he seems very happy ,the problem is he is not as active and curious as other sg he is too shy and something that i never seen in other sugar gliders is freezng . what can i do.i tried looking for answers on the internet but all i found are pages that teaches you to bond with sugar gliders that doesnt like you,he loves me but he acts it possible that he is autistic ,if so i want to know what to do because it really is very heartbreaking to look at .also what can i feed skinny sugar gliders,and can sugar gliders have protein overdose? please comment and thanks for your help
Jan 23, 2018


Posted by: villykase
Hello,I am having a wonderful experience with 1 year old female sugar glider.She sleeps with me every night in my chest under my pyjama.When we go out she runs after me if I let her down on the floor.She totaly loves me and is used with me.She kiss me sometimes on my mouth.I gave her total freedom to live in a whole room,not in a cage,although I have a cage. Suddenly one day she changed totally her attitude and she behaves like a very stressed women :) for two three days and then she become normal again.Today this happens again. I have the feeling that this is her period.But before I used to have 1year experience with another lovely female sugar glider and she has never behaved like this. It is strange because when I take her she is trying to escape from me in a big panic and if I lock her in my T-shirt when going to bed where she usualy has no problem ,but now she start crabbing. Very strange because my sugar glider never makes this nois ! I have her since she was 3 weeks baby and she accept me as her parent. But after the 5 month or 6th she become doing this behaviour for two three days every two three months.This is the second time she becomes like this again. Actually this doesnt look like she is in period,it looks like she is obsessed from a ghost. In these two three days ,she behaves very panic if I want to take her with hands and she is looking everywhere in every corner of this room like it is a new room for her,she is looking strange like it is unknown place for her or like something from somewhere will attack her and she has quick often reactions to move back quickly for each sound i make or whatever she think she hear. Her tail is behaving also strange,like her tail is a different living thing on her. The tail is moving strange in crazy waves and directions When I leave her alone ,she goes somewhere hidden or she is watching me from some tops of my room and like she is observing me or researching me or exploring me Very very strange behavioir If anybody of you have such experience please ,I would like to hear your advice or point of view.
Jan 18, 2018

 Looking for two sugar gliders

Posted by: JazlynR0919
i been looking for two sugar gliders im located at new york state, i wanted to get two that are in need of a home. Does anybody know someone that is selling?
Jan 16, 2018


Posted by: FurryFriend
My daughter has not held her joey in 3 months. Now she is frighten that he will bite her if she tries to pick her up. When she puts a piece of her clothes in his pouch he does calm down. She also does feed him and wear him around the house in a pouch. Any bonding suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Jan 13, 2018

 My girls tail

Posted by: sWEET_sUGAR
my girl Delta has these weird bumps on her tail. she is perfectly healthy and nothing else seems to be wrong with her. I want to take her to the vet...but then I did research. I saw photos and read that sugar gliders with these tail problems get their tails amputated. I don't want that to happen to my girl. please comment if you have any advice.
Jan 10, 2018

 Help with joey

Posted by: Lilostitchmartini
My pair had 2 babies. They were doing great or so i thought. I had to bring them from my lanai to inside due to cold weather. They were still okay however i cgecked on them yesterday and one of my babies had been mostly eaten. Yhe other had a nip. I took her our. Made sure she was warm. Fed ger with a dropper. She is very very spunky. I put her back with mom and dad but didnt sleep much and kept checking them. Mom let her nurse. This morning she was alone so i fed her etc. She is still spunky. Dad was acting very odd so i let him go back to his large cage since its waem again and baby is snuggled mostly in moms pouch and she is holding her tight and nursing her. I am hand feeding mom while she is with baby. Should i let the male back in with them? I am nervous. My baby is about 3-4 weeks out of pouch. The last set died before the eyes opened.

Please help.
Jan 8, 2018

 Scared of my glider

Posted by: zackmerritt333
So I have had my sugar glider for 3 years, going on 4. i love her to death but shes super timid, doesnt like leaving her cage, crabs and bites anytime anything gets near her pouch, and spends most of or time together trying to find an escape. Am I doing something wrong? or is this her personality? how can i become comfortable with holding her in my hand without fear of being bitten?
Jan 7, 2018

 Biting issue

Posted by: Omni
I got Willow October and in November I decided it was time to get a friend. I got Dakota and the breeder told me she was the sweetest little thing. I have tried many bonding tricks and I'm confident enough to say she is bonded to me but she just bites me all the time. She bites so often and so hard that it draws blood. I have looked all over these forums and saw a few with people saying they have had their sugar gliders for a week or even less but I don't know what to do with Dakota so I took it upon myself to make an account to ask because it's really frustrating and I've been patient but nothing I try works. Also, the pssst sound or the blowing in face has not worked. Please help.

Jan 6, 2018

 My new glider + my problems

Posted by: Sir Alberto
Im Jana and I have a new glider called Sir Alberto or Pablo for short. I just got him yesterday from a family friend because she got an allergic reaction from the innocent little creature, she had to give it away and I offered to take him! He has no other mate/fellow glider at the moment so I need to get to know him and everything. The problem is that he keeps crabbing when I try to interact with him. Im trying to get used to him as much as possible, I
spent a really long time trying to get along with him but I just cannot.

Also, Im being extremely honest. Im afraid of him. I dont know what to do and Im scared if he bites or scratches me. This sounds childish and all but I really need tips.

Moreover, I have a Scottish Fold cat. I had her for 4 years so I cant let go of her and Im not sure if she can get along with Pablo. She keeps going close to him but Im scared for poor Pablos life. I need help ASAP!!
Thank you so much for reading! Please help me whenever you have the time to. For the time being I cannot get another sugar glider but I am getting one soon. I really do not want Pablo to get depressed so please, please, please help me! (I need to keep my cat and I cant keep her in one place without her moving).
Jan 5, 2018

 Entry Number One

Posted by: watringmyplants
Hello, my name is Kaylee and I am a new mommy of two beautiful suggies. I have recently adopted two female gliders, a night ago actually. Both are still young but of an unknown age. The man we got them from had recently saved them from a mobile petting zoo, having no clue what their exact ages were. All we know is that one is roughly 2 months younger than the other and they are still young. When we picked them up the older one had a name Isabelle, that's just what the man called her, I however didn't care for the name much. I ended up changing her name and naming the other as well, Jinx (the younger one/no name) and Jingles (the older one/Isabelle).

The car ride home was nearly an hour and a half which Jinx and Jingles both spent playing around in their cage. When we arrived home they both stayed in the pouch for a little while until Jingles finally got brave enough to venture out. They have both been eating and drinking and doing very well, also crabbing only a slight few times. I haven't had a bonding time yet but that's only because I wanted them to adjust to the house before I tried to mess with them too much. (If that is the incorrect thing to do, I'm sorry..) We are feeding them The Pet Glider Fresh Diet and they seem to be very intrigued by it. I don't think they ever received a fully fresh meal, just treats. I also, leave pellets in their cage at all times (not as a meal) incase they wake up and need something to munch on.

Although I have had them for only a short amount of time I'm already noticing the strict differences in their personalities. Jingles is more adventurous and a curious little girl. Today we made a little pouch/hammock out of one of my shirts, just so they can get used to my smell and stuff, that Jingles loves to play in and sleep in. (I read that that's a good way to get them used to you. If you have any other ideas, please tell me :) )
We also bought some little cat toys (the balls with bells inside) that she really enjoys playing around with.
Jinx on the other hand likes to just pop her head over the side of the pouch and observe whats going on before going back to sleep (I'm not sure if this is due to her being a little younger?) She's the one that crabs and although it's not often she still does it. (I know it's to be expected) Also, both girls love grapes however Jingles will eat the entire thing while Jinx just eats the insides and leaves the skin. (I cut the grapes in half so it's easier for them to eat and/or hold.)

Tonight around 11:30 they both finally came out and started playing, eating, and drinking so that's good.

If anyone has any advice on anything really, I would appreciate it immensely. I want to be the best suggie mom possible and anything could be helpful. :)
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