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Jul 16, 2017


Posted by: Joyful
Why is she awake during the day!!!!?!!!!

Jul 14, 2017


Posted by: amandalynn202
Just super stoked that after having my boys for about 6 weeks my littler one just groomed me! I was so happy I could have cried! I got brothers from a girl who said they were joeys 8 weeks oop it I've had them for 6 weeks now and the bigger of the two is starting to get his bald spot on his head. That leads me to believe he's older than 14 weeks Oop. I guess I won't really ever know his exact age but a round about next week when I take them to the vet.
Jul 5, 2017

 HPW Question

Posted by: shalena13
Hi, I got a jar of unopened HPW Original Formula from Exotic Nutrition. Bought late July of 2016 and doesn't have a best by date. Is this still usable? As i don't want to give my suggies something outdated.
Jul 3, 2017

 SugarGlider Died, One Left Alone, Please Help

Posted by: KailahK
My eldest sugar glider died recently, leaving his neutered cagemate, Emrys, alone. They tolerated each other well enough, but between the two Emrys bonded with me the least. I have no idea if he'd accept another cagemate at 4-5 years, now, and I can't afford to invest in a failed friendship. I have two obvious options at this point:

1) Pray Emrys will be comfortable enough on his own


2) Find Emrys a new home

I haven't the faintest clue on where I'd look to rehome him, and I feel incredibly guilty even considering it. But this is a difficult decision and I don't want Emrys to suffer based on my biased judgement.

What should I do? What are some tips for single gliders? Where would I look for a responsible rehoming? Please help, all suggestions are deeply appreciated.
Jul 3, 2017

 Sugar Glider only pees on me!

Posted by: diddlydots
I understand they are animals, and they will pee when and where they want too, but Stitch ONLY pees on me when out, for example, if my friend tries to extend her hand for him to get on while he's in my shoulder, he will pee on me, then get on her arm. This has happened 4 times, not counting the times he just simply pees on me. I give him time to pee after waking up, and everything suggested. As a pet owner, I understand and can handle pet tinkle, I just find it so strange he only ever pees on me, he hasn't peed on anyone else since i've had him, only me. Anyone know what might be going on?
Jun 29, 2017

 Introducing sugar gliders

Posted by: Lindzy316
So I have read a lot about the introducing of sugar gliders and I can't find exactly what I want, so I thought I'd make a post about it. I have 2 pairs of sugar gliders the first 2 are 6 and the 2nd two are almost 11. They are a boy and girl pair (Waco and Odessa) and Waco, he is more aggressive and took longer to bond with and Odessa is so very sweet and loving and bonded very quickly. The other two (aristocrat and accent) aristocrat, he is the very sweet one and accent is very mean and still taking months to bond with.
So I introduced Odessa(female) and aristocrat(male) because they both have the melo calm nice personalities and they get along well and snuggle with each other in the pouch when I take them out.
Today I put Odessa and aristocrat together in our tent and let them get their scents on each other and then tried to introduce Waco with Odessa still in there but kind of out of the way(but she was becoming a hassle so I put her away so I could focus on being able to separate the boys if need be) and aristocrat kind of just was walking around not to interested in Waco but Waco was very interested in him and was following him around and everything. A little while later I see Waco opening his mouth at aristocrats feet and I'm not sure if he was nibbling on him or what because he did it several times and aristocrat didn't seem to be bothered but I took Waco away just to prevent any injuries of Waco biting his feet off or something! I wasn't sure what to think about this so I looked everywhere I could for some information and didn't find anything so here I am writing this! Is this normal? I do not want injuries. It would be nice if they all got along so I could get one big cage for them but I'm definitely not going to force anything.
(I haven't even tried to introduce accent and Waco because they seem like they'd be very aggressive towards each other. One night they were in their cages looking at each other and just hissing at one another! So that's a little scary for me.)
Jun 26, 2017

 Any free females SG out their looking for a home???

Posted by: ashlynnq
I would love to get to know another SG and help someone out who is looking for a new home!! I have 2 SG at the moment... A boy and a girl ( the boy is neutered). If anyone lives around Buckley, boney lake, Sumner, Enumclaw, or somewhere around this area I would be happy to meet somewhere!!

If you are wondering about my conditions...
I have one big cage for the gliders and am getting a " Travel cage " today , I feed them meal worms fruit veggies some meat ,I made them homemade hammocks and beds, and they have toys including a wheel.
Jun 26, 2017

 Fighting gliders , help !

Posted by: Jwass
I have 5 sugar gliders . 2 neutered males and 3 females Belle Luna and Lilly . Luna absolute hates bell and belle does nothing to provoke her . Luna watches bell and crabs at her and attacks her while they are in their cage . It really concerns me so I have to keep belle and one of my males in the bathroom so belle can get some peace . The fighting really seems to disturb everyone else in the cage . I have no idea why she hates her so much . Will the fighting ever end ? I feel so bad for belle she is such a sweet sugie and just wants peace . Does anyone have any advice on how to get this fighting to stop or why this might be happening ?
Jun 24, 2017


Posted by: Surgargliders1234
How old is a surgar glider in its tween stage?
Jun 16, 2017

 Trouble with sugar glider bonding!!!

Posted by: My_besties_are_wild
I have had one female and one male for more than one year now and I still can't seem to bond with the female. The male was nice from the first day and is now bonded. The only trouble I have with him is that he always gets mad and bites when I trim his nails. But when ever I even try to get near the female she starts to crab and bite. Then when ever I try to pick her up she bites me and my fingers start to bleed. Please can someone help me?!!!
Jun 12, 2017

 How to bond a 3weeks old baby female sugar glider with one year older female sugar ???

Posted by: villykase
Hello,I am having a wonderful experience with 1 year old female sugar glider.She sleeps with me every night in my chest under my pyjama.When we go out she runs after me if I let her down on the floor.She totaly loves me and is used with me.She kiss me sometimes on my mouth.I gave her total freedom to live in a whole room,not in a cage,although I have a cage. Now I deside to make her not so lonely when I go out and not taking her with me as I took for her a company -3 weeks old female baby sugar glider. BUT suddenly she looks changed or may be stressed.I dont know if she is jealous or just stresed by the baby one.What happened is that the baby climb on her back all the time and bites her on the neck to hold like sitting on a horse.But I guess she thinks this is her mother.But my 1 year older doesnt like this idea a lot to have this luggage on her back and when she tried to take her out from there ,strangely the baby sugar glider starts crabbing on her and she becomes in a panic and stress and doesnt know what to do ,just trying to escape from the baby. At same time when I separated them for few hours,the baby one or the bigger one starts calling for each other and using their special voice for a call-something like breathing sound acompanied with some little sound like crabbing. Then when I let them be together they are very happy kissing each other on mouth with tongue and after few minutes the bigger one again wants to escape from her,because the baby starts bothering her again too much.It is strange the behaviour of the bigger one ,she doesnt attack her which I respect a lot,but seems not happy with such a little baby when she hasnt been a mother yet and has no such mother feeling to her and to be ok with all this baby bithering desires or attacks and she will never be a mother as I plan never to take a male one. The problem is that she stopped sleeping with me,she try to escape even from me I guess.May be this is just for a while till they get used with each other for few weeks or may be she is just stressed or jealous now and she doesnt want to sleep with me thinking that the baby is with me too,as I took the baby to sleep with be the first two days. I made a so special bond with my first sugar glider that I cant believe I can ruin it only because I took for her another sugar glider. I hope this will not last long and soon both of them will become normal friends when the baby becomes bigger and will not bother her amymore with this horse rodeo :). I might separate them for few weeks till the baby grows.So I will put the baby in a cage for a while. Is there anybody who have experience with such a story and could anybody give me some advice,but really wise advice,because I am not new with sugar gliders and my bond is very strong as I dont treat them like prisoners,but as children of mine who have their feeedom like me in the room. I am just asking about this situation because this situation is even new for me too. Thank you if there is someone who read all this story of mine and could give an idea:)
Jun 6, 2017

 Free sugar glider foraging toys

Posted by: SugarGliderLover85
So ya if you have any sugar glider foraging toys you have made & feel like helping a suggie mama out (for free by sending them to me)....please PM me. Thanks.
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