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Sep 7, 2016

 Anyone in the Tacoma Washington area willing to watch my gliders?

Posted by: chardeemacdennis
Hi - I'm new to this forum but have 3 sugar gliders. I've had them since Feb of this year and need to find someone locally who could watch them for a week in October. I've taken them to a vet to be boarded back in April but am not confident with their care. I'm struggling to find a place locally to watch them. I'm new to this area and don't know a lot of people. I will provide the cage and food etc and am just looking for someone to keep the cage in their home while I'm gone. I will pay you! I would just prefer someone who already has experience with them. They are very easy going - and quite honestly only need their food replaced nightly. Please contact me if you would be willing to do this! Thank you so much!

Aug 29, 2016

 Help! They are fighting!

Posted by: Ritaann1027
Please help!

I just bought two female sugar gliders that are approximately 6 mths old. In the original owners home, they were severally neglected. They were hardly ever handled and their cage was extremely unkept. Probably NEVER CHANGED. Heartbreaking!

I have had them less than a week. Our family has been bonding with them. Tonight we had a break through!! The smaller female was playful n loving. But to my dismay, we noticed a patch of hair the size of a finger tip missing from the larger one. She stayed on the other side of the cage hiding. Shaking. When I put the small one back in the cage, she immediately attacked the bigger one. Gnawing on the injured girls back. She was screaming in pain. I tried to pull them apart. She was so aggressive! I finally banged on the caged and the set separated to different sides. Her back is raw.

I have since separated them. Why now? What can I do to help this baby heal faster (ointment) ?

Aug 29, 2016

 Hi!!! I'm soon to be a sugar glider owner, Need help on what to get.

Posted by: SugarGlider1129
Hi!!! Um I've been doing a ton of research on sugar gliders and I want a pair, maybe three, I also know that pocketpets is a bad website, I know my grandmas neighbor and i visited her and she has a ton of sugar gliders! I played with them for about an hour and I really am looking forward to keeping these guys forever! thing is she wont hand them off to anyone with no knowledge, I know way more now than the time I visited her, and I was Hoping I could get all the best Info on what to buy and what to feed them and things like that(I am gonna do the BML diet and I found a few), toys, cages, I mainly shop at petsmart, so any advice at all is helpful, thanks so much!!! :)
Aug 28, 2016

 New to Site and to being a Sugar Glider Mom

Posted by: CuteNFluffy
Hey there! My name is Carrie, I have looked into getting a Sugar Glider for a few years now and finally got the opportunity to become a Sugar Glider Mom, I more or less rescued my little girl, she had an owner who thought they were taking care of her but did no research at all, she is less than a year old. I brought her home on August 24, 2016. She is incredibly curious and does not seem afraid of much, she was allowing me to hand feed her the first day I got her and even climbed into my hand. I have started bonding with her, slowly increasing the time she is with me during the day, even if she is just sleeping.

After tons of research and poking around I found the ideal cage to meet her needs and also be able to not take over my bedroom, I also have decided to do the BML diet, along with fresh fruits and veggies, and of course mealies. I have done lickie treats with her, but try not to overdo it on the treats.

Still working on nailing down a name for her, so far the possibilities are Mimi, Maisy, Midgee, Mocha, or Maple. I was hoping her personality could give me a better idea on picking one specifically for her, however because she is still adapting to all the new smells, a new diet, etc. her true colors haven't started to show yet.

We are making great progress in bonding though, I am happy to say I can walk up to her cage without crabbing at me, and I can pet her and pick her up without crabbing at me as well, so those are all good things. Will up date more as her and I continue getting to know one another!

Thanks for reading!!

Aug 20, 2016

 Pepes cuteness

Posted by: annafntnt

Aug 18, 2016

 Advice for what to place on the cage floor (toys,beds,etc.)

Posted by: GliderDisciple
Hello all! I was looking for some advice on what I should place on the floor of my gliders cage. The wheel I have currently isn't that safe, so I was going to remove that off the side of the cage and lay on the bottom of the cage and fill with Pom-poms or fleece (advice on safe poms and material would be great too) is there anything else I could put on the bottom of his cage?
Aug 13, 2016

 When can I have play time?

Posted by: Chelsea03
I'm a new mom so bare with me please. I just got my little Enzo, I've had him for a week now. He comes up to me when he's in his cage climes on my arm, he bite my nail once but I think he was just trying to groom me because I had a hang nail? He kinda runs his teeth across me but it doesn't hurt and if it does I just psst him and he gets the point. Anyway I know play time is extremely important, when should I start play time? I just want to do everything right and I don't want him to get depressed. Oh and I plan on getting another one and introducing them I just kinda wanna get the hang of Enzo first. He's fine with my hands and arms going in and out of the cage, when I wake up in the morning he jumps to the front of the cage to greet me but when I put him in his pouch during the day he crabs at me. I don't know if its because I woke him up or he's scared. I can always quite it by just kinda pressing him into me and than he's fine after a little bit. So my question is at this point can I have play time with him? Or should I give him some more time to get use to me.
Aug 10, 2016

 Two males of a close bond

Posted by: Beryun
I have two male gliders both very well bonded to each other. I know this is probably going to get a bunch of Finger wagging but they are both intact as well. Before I get the lecture this whole story first. Loki is my first boy he is a gorgeous gray and sweet as can be but, he wasn't always this way. It took my lil guy months to warm up to me. The breeder I got him from was... Well I be polite and say very under qualified for even raising gliders. I was well aware about getting a new Joey also means that they will be scared of you for at least a few weeks. I learned the lies he told me the hard way. I was told he was 8oop but after having him checked by the vet and a fellow breeder that truly cared for gliders I learned he was only 5 maybe 6oop. That alone broke my heart I would have waited happily a few more weeks so that he would be fully ready to pay from his mother. And being told he was hand tamed oh it was clear that the lil guy had never been held by any person even his parents were scared of the breeder it seemed. I made sure I kept him on me at all times I know I amay have been scary but I was more than willing to take his biting if it meant that it would work out in the end. It was hard and irritating at times but he needed me more now than ever is what i thought. For a while I believe that he thought I was a monster. But then one day he fell asleep on my hand and without me pulling him out his bag. From then on it started getting easier then things started getting bad again. He didn't want to eat, or even drinking. I asked my reliable breeder contact and she said it sounded like depression. My heart again sank. I suffer from depression myself so I understood just how rough it must have been. I started looking everywhere for a female glider with no luck at least not in price range. I started to just looked for anything boy,girl, old, young, I was feeling kinda desperate. I found a breeder that had good reviews both by vet and clients. He had a boy Lue available and sent vids of the lil guy walking on his arm and hand. I was beyond happy. He even cut the price down for me after explaining to him my situation. And that is when I drove from Destin FL all the way to Miami FL. I had brought Loki and had divided the cage with a grid to safely introduce them but I also brought Loki pouch. For a while I had a angry white glider in the pouch but I did eventually let him in the cage. They..... really didn't like each other. But I had a method. For a week I had intro time in the bathroom playing reffery. And for 3weeks I had a lil cage in a big cage method to get them used to each other more. Yes I did wake up to crabbing but I was able to go in and check on them and know that they were both safe. Time went on and I was able to let them both be in the cage knowing that they wouldn't hurt each other. But then Loki got sick.i took him to the vet and thankfully it was just a cold but I still worried I upped their vitamins and made a lil chicken soup (suggest safe of course no salt or onions) and gave oranges to them. But what got me was I went to check on Loki one morning and saw Lucius (the new white one) grooming Loki. I then open the cage to get Loki who didn't mind only for Lucius to become protective and bite me. I would have been a bit upset any other time but seeing he and Loki had bonded made me smile I just petted Lucius and said "you're a great friend for Loki" and check Loki who seemed better than he was a couple days ago. After that I found then both sharing everything down to the meal worms. They both are now mature and Loki is the dominant one and Lucius is OK with it. Lucius let's Loki sent mark him which to me looks a bit funny. Sence they are intact males though I still check for any signs of injury but luckily I still don't ever find any. They both now like to bark at 12ish at night and I get up and have a sorry chat with them and they are happy. Lol now they both wake me up so they can go to work with me in the morning. I don't blame them loud kids and a pouty hubby I would want to go too.i have they both registered as e.s.a. services animals and my boss doesn't mind a bit. They have kinda grown to be a mascot for my work place. If I don't bring them I get asked if they are OK. And I tell them they are they just felt like playing a bit more that day and didn't want to make them stop. I have to say I feel really lucky to have these amazing pets these two are amazing and they never stop surprising me. Just like my kids except they don't get in as much trouble.
Aug 5, 2016

 I'm picking up new glider

Posted by: Ljeske01
In a couple weeks I am picking up my new glider from the airport. I am a new owner, and I'm not sure what I should bring. Any help?
Aug 4, 2016

 Help! Sugar Glider Biting!

Posted by: TealSuggie
My sugar glider Stitch seems to be biting, It's been around 3 months since I've gotten them, not sure if they are just taking more time to bond then usual. But if anyone has any tips I'll take it! Thank you!
Jul 24, 2016

 Hair Loss/Scab on Back?

Posted by: SugarGliderGirl
Hello! My poor Acorn was suffering from low calcium so we took him to the vet and he's doing much better. But a few days ago I noticed on the pinch of his back there's some sort of scab thing forming and he's losing hair around it. There's also a bit of a scab forming on his ear as well. I'm freaking out a bit so if anyone has any tips to treat it PLEASE let me know.
Jul 19, 2016


Posted by: King12
My sugar glider named King is 10 months old he has adapted to the cage and the other sugar glider very well . King is developing at a fast pace. King is very gently. I can feed him thing out of my hand with out him trying to bite me.king and the other sugar gliders have plenty of room to run in their cage and have lots of things for them to climb on and tons of room for them to glide
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