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Mar 31, 2017

 New home for my 2 sugar gliders (boys)

Posted by: HHHS
Hello everyone!
I live in Virginia and I would like to find my 2 sugar gliders a new home. I travel a lot and it is getting really hard to find somebody that is willing to feed and spend time with them when I am out of town. I will include all of the glider supplies (a large cage, 1 small travel cage, 3 big wheels, 1 bonding pouch, 1 hammocks, and some food and snacks).
Please contact me if you are interested and willing to take care of my 2 suggies.

Thank you :)

Mar 30, 2017


Posted by: FaithLea
Hello! So I've had my sugar glider for about a year & a half now. I've been trying my best to read up on what to feed him. I've been feeding him Papaya, Honeydew, Cantaloupe, Mango, Cucumber, Apples, Watermelon, etc. On occasions he will eat bananas & kiwi but they don't seem to be his favorite. I've tried to feed him Bok Choy, Green beans, Carrots & Squash but he only eats a little if any! I give him the GliderBooster on his food every night along with some pellets. Every once in awhile I will let him have a boiled egg, he seems to love them but I'm not sure how much to give him. I also give him treats such a yogurt drops, cherrios, dried fruit & recently I got him some eucalyptus. I'm looking for new things to feed him. I'm also wanting to know if this is an okay diet for him. I'm looking into getting him a calcium supplement like the GliderCal from Exotic Nutrition but wasn't sure if I should or not. Also, I want to get him neutered but I'm so scared! I've been looking non stop for a good Vet in my area that I can trust. I live in Riverview, FL.
Mar 27, 2017

 Dudley needs a home!

Posted by: Shelly
Hi. My name is Shelly. I bought a male sugar glider (Dudley) about a year & a half ago for my 10 yr old daughter with the full intent of adding a female as well. However, it soon became very odvious that she was not ready to care for an animal that requires the kind of care a sugie requires, so I immediately took over. He is completely bonded with me and ONLY me and needless to say I never did get that female. My daughter and husband are scared of him therefore they never hold him. Leaving me to be the only one he'll come to. He's very sweet but a little skiddish & nervous when I take him out of his cage. I love him so much but at the same time I feel horrible that he's in his cage all alone and only gets attention from me and nowhere as much as he needs or I'd like to give him. I also work 2 jobs which leaves me little time/energy left for Dudley! He is still intact (never got around to having him fixed). I would love to give him to someone that can provide him a GREAT & LOVING home. One that he so deserves! I live in Wellington, Fl so if you or someone you know is interested please message me.
Thank You! #freesugarglider #ahomefordudley
Mar 26, 2017

 New dad and he won't stop crabbing and biting

Posted by: FredsNewGlider
I just got an 8 month old glider 2 weeks ago and Fred still will not stop crabbing or biting. I know that he was well bonded with his previous owner but I don't believe that he should be biting at me in the cage and crabbing every time I get near his sleep pouch or bonding pouch. He sometimes crabs when I walk by. I have been keeping him close to me and on my person when I can. I even gave him some fleece cutouts with my scent all over them. Im so confused and lost. Does anybody have any suggestions that may help?
Mar 25, 2017

 New Suggie Dad!!

Posted by: RustyFarace
Hello Glider Pals!!
I am new to this site and have been researching suggies for a couple months now and have just recently adopted "Nox" he's 10wks outta the pouch...Bonding is going so well...he was a little shy and crabby at first but I've had him on me for two days, offering treats and water...i've added pieces of small clothing with my scent to his cage and sleep sack. He stays with me in a hoodie pouch all day, around 10 pm I'll put him in his cage and hand feed and play with him (leaving my hands in the cage) making sure to constantly pet and offer love to him!! What an amazing creature!! My dad was a veterinarian, I've had pets my whole life, all kinds, but nothing as unique as Bali! I'm in love!! I Even joke with all my friends,(no joke) they should expect I have a sugar glider on me at all times! I'm lucky I live in a city that has several exotic pet stores, they carry all kinds of food blends, nectar's, treats especially designed for sugar gliders. Don't get me wrong, The level of dedication and time it takes to maintain a healthy sugar glider is vast, it sounds a lot easier than it is. You really have to be dedicated, specially with their diet and socializing. If you have the patience, money, time, and other resources, then theres hope for you. If for any reason you can't provide these things then, I DO NOT recommend getting a suggie. Peace and love!
Mar 16, 2017

 HELP I fell inlove with two pocket pets

Posted by: Kzingaa
So I recently fell inlove with two pocket pets, who have now come to be known as cricket and bug. I adore them. Buying into the pocket pet hype and buying them everything I thought they could want or need only to find out most of the stuff is not good. So I've come here in hopes of being directed in the right direction.
I've purchase the double standing critter nation cage and they have tons of toys. Plus I'm a seamstress so tons and tons of cute bedding. And I have replaced the whodent wheel as well.
My real issue is coming down to diet, I think I have decided to go with the hpw diet which is what most people seem to recommend(I've read almost every article I can find). So of course I have the pocket pets gravy which I have read is very similar to the hpw diet however my babies don't like it. I was wondering if I should try the hpw premixed or if I should buy the ingredient separately and mix it. Since I can't find the wambaroo mix I have found a recipe which I would love to run by you knowledgable people.
1/4 cup ZooPro High Protein Supplement (see below) (use 1/2 cup if feeding to lactating female gliders), 2 - cups warm water, 1 1/2 cup honey, 1 tablespoon Bee Pollen (see below), 1/4 teaspoon Glider Booster (see below), 1/4 teaspoon Glider-Cal (see below) and 3 cooked scrambled eggs.
I would like to make sure this is okay before purchasing more that can't be used.
I am also curious about mixed fruit gumivore-fare which I have heard is good for their fur.
Any help would be appreciated

Mar 14, 2017

 Self mutilating glider please help if possible.

Posted by: tcpitzer
I have had two twin girls for 9 years. A couple months back one of my girls passed. The other one went through a lot of stress due to her sister passing. She lost weight, wouldn't eat much even treats, and recently when I thought she was doing better she started self mutilating her tail. I have been giving her even more attentions since her sister passed due to they are very social creatures and I'm trying to fill that void. I took her to a vet and got a cone put on her to prevent her from chewing on her tail. The vet suggested that I get two more gliders to add since how she is so old so I don't end up in the same boat. She has been tested for bacterial infections and her diet is perfect althrhough she is a picky gal. THe vet said the cone is a must, but once she heals she will still chew because of the lack of companionship. Which this is what I expected the issue was before taking her in. At this point I can't afford to buy 2 more gliders at full price due to me being pregnant. I love this babe so much and just want to be healthy. I started a go fund me page to raise some money so that I can help her out more to my ability. If there is anyway you can donate or share the link with friends or on Facebook I would be so grateful! Every penny counts and I thank all of you in advance! Here is the link if you are able to help in any way possible :

Mar 13, 2017

 Breeding Problems

Posted by: Wretches
Okay SO,

I have two gliders, Ash and Caviera. Ash is the boy, and Caviera is the gal. We bought them as a breeding pair, about a month ago in a half. They have had 2 successful pregnancies prior, and have had 3 joeys combining both pregnancies. This may be nothing to worry about, but I figured that I would bring it to the audience on here to discuss. I've noticed Ash trying to mate with Caviera, but all she tries to do is scurry off, as if she wants nothing to do with the mating process. They are both about 3 years old. I didn't know if this was something normal with the breeding process, or if it is something to question about. I have noted the steps he's been making as much as I could throughout watching them. He does bite onto her neck, which is normal, if he can get ahold of her. Sometimes he cannot manage to get her tail up to begin the mating process, sometimes he can. (Im trying to keep this as G rated as possible). But when it comes to the physical part, he hasn't (I couldn't think of a more appropriate word, sorry) HUMPED her. Therefore the mating process is only in bases at this point. 1st base is the neck biting, 2nd base is the tail, and 3rd base would be the physical part. I've only witnessed him at 2nd base, and thats only if he can get onto her while she's distracted eating treats or in her wheel. I do have lineage on both of these gliders, and I bought them for breeding purposes so questions directed in that area should be taken care of after reading this section.

Are they scared, since being put into a new home, new cage, new toys, new cage sets? I'd imagine so, but I just wanted to see what everyone else could think of.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this post, it is much appreciated! -Destinee
Mar 10, 2017

 Looking to adopt 2 sugar gliders

Posted by: Randomirishguy
So I've been thinking about adopting some for awhile now probably 3 or 4 years now but I'm just now to a point I feel like I can give them the time they deserve but I've just moved recently to move in with my father to help him and recently he brought up sugar gliders to my surprise he has wanted a pair I know about there diet needs cage toys supplies etc but here is my problem I'm living in Kentucky I've never lived here and I've had a few friends adopt multiple sugar gliders they lived in tx and mo they have had multiple health issues buying online or from a rescue so I'm wanting to buy from a licensed usda breeders but I just can't seem to find any that have good reviews I would like to actually go there and see them with a animal like this that requires a true bond for them to be happy I just feel seeing them in person is better then just a picture I don't like the idea of shipping them if anyone has website they could recommend that can put me in contact with a licensed usda breeders I would greatly appreciate it
Mar 10, 2017

 Female pouch infected

Posted by: Kristi
So been watching n she hasn't put her pouch back n on her own at first it looked just like wrinkled up skin now several days later looks like balloon no more wrinkles so been researching what it could b now she did have a Joey n the the pouch right b4 this happened I think the Joey died while n her pouch I'm not sure on that but I think they notice it and pulled it out and now there's no evidence of this at all there was no blood no nothing like poof vanished I can't find it anywhere so I think her n the dad n the 5 month old glider I have ate it cuz the Joey died n pouch I think it might of infected her pouch I could b wrong there's nothing else I can think of that would of infected her pouch like that one min alls good n the next not so good but now I was just wondering is there something at home u can do there's no vet around where I live I can make the drive n I will if have to but was wondering is there something at home u can do to fix it or no

Mar 9, 2017

 Can I feed my glider dried cranberrys and quick minute oats ?

Posted by: Bossco
My glider loves oats and dried cranberrys but I'm not sure if they are good for him he is a baby and he hates pretty much everything and the thing he does like he gets sick of eating them any ideas ?
Mar 9, 2017

 Help! My glider has food in his fur and I can't get it out !!

Posted by: Bossco
My glider has some food in his fur and I have tried almost everything and nothing is working , I gave him a bath , tried to brush it out and I'm scared to cut it out because it's behind his ear . It doesn't seem to bother him , what do I do ...?
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