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Jan 19, 2020

 Tooth Abscess!!!

Posted by: julianeumann
A little over a month ago my sugar glider started sleeping more, wasn't able to balance, and his eye swelled up really bad. My sister brought him to the vet because I was out of town for a couple days and she claims the vet just looked at him and diagnosed him. Which worries me because I don't now if it is just in the gums or in the root of the tooth. Which I believe, determines if it is going to need to be removed or not. She also didn't drain his eye, was she supposed to? She gave us an antibiotic for three weeks, and it got all healed up as far as I can tell, but he still hasn't been very active at night he just gets up to eat. Should I just give it time? Does anyone have any advice on how to prevent it? Or any other advice?

My vet also told me to switch from the bml diet to pellets(with fruits, veggies, nectar, vitamins, and calcium as well obviously) because she says that is what caused it, all the sweet and liquid food. Has anyone who's had a sugar glider with a tooth abscess know this is true?

Dec 30, 2019

 male agression

Posted by: tiabia1313
I got a sugar glider about 6 months ago. my brother had him with a female but he chewed off one of her ears and a foot. he asked if i would take him so i did. im aware it takes a while for bonding. i also know they should be in a pair of two or more. the thing is, is he is really aggressive. im not sure how to go about having a buddy for him if he just trys to eat the poor thing. he crabs and bites me every time i go near him. im unsure of his age and if he is fixed. im assuming he inst fixed, could that be the cause of the aggression? any advice on how to go about fixing the aggressive behavior?
Dec 24, 2019


Posted by: DeeJay
My female is pregnant and everything seems to be going well with her, she is becoming more loving, more motherly and she sings to the Joey's. My males Behavior has changed quite a bit, he stays in the pouch a lot by himself and makes this continuous squawking and chattering noise, it's not quite crabbing but it's close. Is that normal?
Dec 23, 2019

 My sugar glider is ignoring me

Posted by: Eydis
I bought a new sugar glider to home. Hes 2 months old. But at home I have my old sugar glider and shes 11 months old.
At the first day my older sugar glider meet my new sugar glider and be friends with him instantly. Theyre always together. Now my older sugar glider wont play with me T-T
Please give me advice on what should I do?

Dec 22, 2019

 HELP! sugar glider red swollen anus

Posted by: winnieandbleau
My neutered male sugar glider named Bleau has a red, swollen anus and it appears to be protruded (as if its inside out). Clearly he is in pain and he is continuously trying to lick at it. He is also hissing when he does to the bathroom. This has been happening on and off for a couple months now. Sometimes it only occurs very shortly and doesnt happen again for a very long time. I feel horrible because its clear that I should have taken him to the vet a long time ago. I am going to take him to the vet that neutered him ASAP. I am extremely worried and since its about to be christmas i dont know how fast the vet can get me in. So im posting this as a cry for help. I will attach a picture of Bleaus condition on here for viewers to use as reference. My other female sugar glider has never experienced this before. This makes me think that its not diet related. I try my best to feed my gliders a well balanced diet, but i must admit that some night i feed them mainly just fruit, and im wondering if that could be the cause for his condition. Im going to make more of an effort to make sure that they get their correct food. However it makes me think that possibly diet isnt the problem because only one of my gliders is dealing with this problem. Please help! Also, im an 18 yr old girl who is not by any means rich so responses would mean a lot to me, any help is appreciated a lot.
Dec 20, 2019

 New sugar glider

Posted by: KDRedmond98
Okay, so I got a new sugar glider 2 days ago. I understand the bonding process could take a long time. I just have some questions. Im going to be start a new job in a month or two and I really need her to sleep throughout the day and not the night like she is now. Can I change her sleeping schedule to fit mine because the last thing I want is for her to get depressed and hate her life here. (Side note) Im also looking for a work from home job if anyone knows legitimate ones so I dont have to leave my baby. Besides that Im a little confused. She has only crab at me once for talking too loud. I think I got pretty lucky with her cause she seems genuinely sweet. But the thing is when I try to put her back in her cage from the bonding pouch (which Ive only done once cause my grandparents wanted to see her) she gets out of her cage and runs away from me. When I try to get her back in she nips at me and scurries off; literally is a pain in my *** and time consuming to get her back in. This isnt going to happen when were bonded.. right? As much as I would like her to explore, my room is not sugar glider proof. I have a huge tent that I plan to set up for her with a bunch of toys. Is that good enough until I move in a few months?
Dec 18, 2019

 My sugar glider wont bond to me

Posted by: Gemma_11
Hi. I have always wanted a sugar glider and we were offered one from a breeder, he was 9 months old and we were told that he would be easier to bond with and be more suitable for us. Although its been 2 months since I got him and he absolutely hates me. He bites whenever I try to hold him or touch him (and his bites hurt a lot) he will do everything possible to avoid me. Ive tried everything! Ive even contacted the breeder for help and she ignored all my messages. What do I do? Is it too late? Is he too old now?
Dec 4, 2019

 Sugar gliders eating only about a cubes worth?

Posted by: micahbear123
I have two girls who I love to death and I'm a bit concerned with how they're eating? I use a TPG diet and I like to change it up after they eat up all of their food but they haven't been eating very well lately. Their food bowls used to be about empty but now they barely eat. Could I get some advice on what I should try?
Oct 20, 2019

 She passed

Posted by: Rin Prime
My glider passed away at 2am. I held her as she died against me. Should i still take her to the cet to have them see why she died?
Oct 15, 2019

 Sugar Gliders For sale

Posted by: mcdonavan
Beautiful Twin Female and Male (intact) Leucistic Joeys available.
They are 100% het Cremeino. They come with a full pedigree.
. They are ready to leave now (at 12 weeks old)
They are fed on SGS2 diet. Food and supplement starter packs, second-hand accessories, and carriers available.
Sep 29, 2019

 Help!! My younger sugar glider is aggressive and I don't know what to do!!

Posted by: Aris Newbie
Hey, I'm brand new to this site and I REALLY need advice! I'm 14 and new to owning sugar gliders (I have two) and I'm sure I'm doing most things right, except that I can't figure out why my youngest sugar glider, Skittles, is so mean! Whenever I feed my sugar gliders, Skittles starts crabbing and biting my other sugar glider if she gets close to her. I've only ever seen her act like that about food. They still sleep soundly together in their pouch, so I don't know what's going on and I'm really panicking! My parents told me that giving up one and getting another is not an option, and that if I give up one, I give up both. They also told me that since the sugar gliders were expensive to get, if I have to give them up, they'll also give up all of the other pets that we have! (a dog and two cats) I really don't want to lose any of them, so advice is HIGHLY appreciated!!
Sep 5, 2019

 male glider help

Posted by: kelleyburton
I Have a male glider he is about 12 to 13 years old. he has almost completely lost his hair except on his head. he has no mites no infections. does anyone have any helpful advice. I am so worried about him. he has another male in the cage with him it is actually his offspring. they have been together since birth. his diet has not changed, I have done research but cant seem to find any help.

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