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Feb 21, 2021

 Traveling: Cage or Pop Up Tent

Posted by: redhead174900
I'm planning on traveling with my glider for the first time and am looking for the best type of travel cage. Has anyone used a pop up tent for keeping their gliders in overnight? They seem easy to travel with and more spacious for them to play in but I worry they could chew through the mesh and get out. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Feb 18, 2021


Posted by: Sugar Glider
My sugar gliders is about 2 years old and last night she got out of her cage! I found her this morning and she was just dragging her legs behind her. Now she is extremely lethargic and is not eating or drinking. I have an appointment with the vet scheduled, but it is tomorrow and i dont know if she will be ok then. Please help me!
Feb 17, 2021

 Diet and constipation help

Posted by: elenafudge
Hi Im not sure if Im putting this in the right place but I have a male neutered sugar glider hes been alone since his partner passed away about a year ago and she passed because of hind leg. They were both on the same diet the last owner fed them peanut butter, dry oats, flax seed, and honey all blended and frozen with a side of peas and corn. I still fed that to him now I added a calcium powder to the batch and not given him corn since peas are his favorite. I serve this to him everyday with peas. Although was trying to give him apples, mangos, and cucumbers I saw that he was having a bit of lose stools that were very light brownish and yellow. So I stopped and continued with peas and the frozen cube. Now I see he is peeing all the time and I have not seen him poop in a while, I gave him mealworms just the other day to see if that will help. Around his privates they look a bit green I think it maybe from the peas rubbing on him as he crawls. Thank you for reading this please reply with any advice please.
Feb 12, 2021

 Cold weather

Posted by: Tshark
So in Texas right now its really cold like so cold the high on monday is 4 degrees and where i live the power goes out a ton this time of year so the problem is my sugar gliders are going to be without power and i was wondering is any or yall have suggestions for none electrical heat so far im thinking of putting their cages in a small room and lighting a bunch of none scented candles (and ofc ill be up to watch the fire) also another option is them staying in their bonding pouch on me but ik that would be absolute torture for them
Feb 1, 2021

 My sugar gliders arent bonding!!!! HELP!!!

Posted by: Qqueen.karii
I got a male and female sugar gliders over a year ago and try every day to bond them but they arent bonding. The male got neutered when I first got him. The female doesnt show any aggression towards the male but the male always trys to grab her and bite her.

How I bonded them:
I would have them in separate bonding pouches.
I would give them treats as I rub a their scent on each other with a sock.
Then I would let them smell each others tail and thats when the male tries to grab and bit the female.

Please! I need ideas to help them!

Jan 30, 2021

 Sugar glider low on calcium

Posted by: xlaraxlorax
I have a female glider named Lola, she had two joeys (Consecutively) and during this time I had taken my other gliders to the vet for a check up. When it was her turn the doc said she was borderline MBD and prescribed a calcium supplement for her. She is not liking the smell/flavor of it at all and it is making me extremely nervous because I dont want her to keep getting worse. Ive tried putting honey and apple juice at the end of the syringe hoping shed want it then, but its not working. I just recently heard about giving your glider tums when theyre low on calcium, so I was wondering how or if I should give it to her. Honestly any advice would help, Im extremely worried about her and I dont want her to get so low on calcium that she starts to get seizures. If anyone has any other products or know of the best way to give calcium to my little baby please let me know!
Jan 19, 2021

 Unneutered male sugar gliders

Posted by: hellohello
Hi! I have two unneutered sugar gliders. They have been living together with no much problems but these few days, the elder one started to make sexual advances to the younger male. I'm not sure if it's the right word but he keeps humping on the younger one when he's trying to sleep.

I'm thinking of bringing them both to neuter but due to the corona virus, I couldn't travel out of my district. I've separated them into different cages currently but I put the cages next to each other so that they won't feel lonely at night.

Before anything, when I bought the first sugar glider, I didn't know it was a male. I bought it thinking it was female. Yes, I got scammed.

Can anyone tell me which way of neuter is better and the side effects? How to take care of them after neutering them? Is it okay to neuter both of them together? Is the way I'm separating them okay? Please give me some advices. I'm scared I'm doing something wrong.
Jan 17, 2021

 Pairing gliders help

Posted by: Sully-shugie-mom
So, I have a pair of gliders that have been together for a wile now there both one year old and there a male female pair and the male is neutered
Ive had both about a year
But recently I found another little one and was thinking of expanding my colony by one male glider of corse Im going to neuter him before anything but Id like some advice on colony

Is it safe to get another male or should I wait and get a male and female pair to add to the colony
Really appreciate your advice
Thank you
Jan 17, 2021

 Suggies in Colorado Springs?

Posted by: MuchLoveXoXo
Hey everyone! Ive been looking to expand my colony of two for a while now but have been having such trouble finding another glider/s. I tried several Facebook groups but its against policy to sell animals... Anyway, thank you reading! Im fine with emails and private messages :)
Jan 14, 2021

 Re home

Posted by: Ajs729
I am in the north jersey area. I am looking to re home 3 male un-neutered bonded males . They are very docile and take to new gliders pretty well. They come from same mother and father just different litters . Healthy and young, oldest is 4 . 2 white face and one grey . They are very well cared for . I have had all three since birth . Looking for more experienced owner. They must go together , can not separate on the count they are very well bonded together . I work 12 hour days 6 days a week and I cannot give them the time they truly need anymore . If interested please email me with some information at . Thank you
Jan 14, 2021

 Neutered male messing with female please help

Posted by: Sully-shugie-mom
I have a 1 year old neutered male named Smoke and a female named Amoreena whos a month or so younger but still a year old

But theyve been living together with mostly no problems till these past few weeks Smoke is constantly trying to lift her tail and lick her parts and she hisses at him and sometimes does like a small crab and trys to hop away but sometimes he follows her and I separate them to let the poor girl eat in peace but after I put him back in he goes at it again and she sounds upset that hes doing this and I dont know what to do or how to help

So I would really appreciate any ideas

And sorry if I didnt do this right Im new here

Also Ive had my gliders for a wile now they are both bonded to me Amoreena even escapes to my hoodie sleeve when she doesnt want to deal with Smoke

I hope theres a way to help them I love them both so much and want them to get along
Dec 23, 2020

 kibble ?

Posted by: onceuponaplant
ive seen some people say that they feed kibble / pellets with their gliders diet and I want to know if I should ? I'm getting a pair in early January and have decided to go with BML, at the store they are currently on pellets, a powder mix and some fresh veggies and fruit. i plan to use the BML diet with added fruits and veggies and the occasional bug, should I add pellets to my list or take anything off ?
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